Sunday 24 September 2023

# 1957—The Year Our Lord Pulled The Plug On Babylon The Great—The Year God's Countdown Started—The Year Global Warming Started And Natural Disasters Began To Increase: Introduction

The Watcher On The Wall—1957


Hawkeye said...

Good read Gary! Looking forward to the next and following posts on this from all your research!
As you continue on with this subject matter I'm curious if you found the connection to geoengineering with regards to 1957 and what is now called climate change. That's approx. when geoengineering (weather/climate control by man) began.

Climate change IS geoengineering and geoengineering IS most likely what caused your illness IMHO. It can not be ruled out because we all breath the same air and we are all being sprayed with terribly toxic chemicals including radioactive elements and heavy metals daily for decades. That is much more likely the cause of illnesses like yours rather then what the medical sorcerers told you...inherited or smoking cigarettes in the 80's! You stopped smoking in the 80's? Then 30 years later got COPD? No. That's not possible, something else got in your lungs. Am I wrong about this timeline? Please correct me if so, but as I read it there is not convincing evidence for that verdict against you.
Have people noticed that GW (global warming) was laid to rest and replaced with climate change now? Rarely or never is GW said anymore, it's always climate change. Chances are that word change is due to the fact that climates are changing and are changed by the application of geoengineering and that produces extreme cold in winter time every year and in places that are not supposed to get freezing cold as Gary mentioned in this post.
GW is planetary warming, even though each summer is hotter then the summer before it, the winters are also colder and more wide spread every year then the year before too. So the name change had to reflect that visible fact because warming is warming not warming AND freezing, and the warming is only noticed in summers, even though there have been plenty of news reports on weather whiplash in winter too.

Weather whiplash, caused by geoengineering, is when a said Polar vortex cold snap ocurrs and then each day afterwards temps rise noticeably until temps most times go back up to 70F in winter in the northern states. It goes from crazy cold zero degrees or worse then in just a few days back up to 50, 60, 70 five or six days!

Anyway I dislike it very much when I hear people thinking with guilt of reasons why they are sick, guilty that they caused it on themselves because that's what the medical witches and warlocks told them. Bull shit! Whatever you believe is what you become. Get it? They know that and use it regularly against us.
I too have a book load to tell about this accusation I am talking about and in your defense as well as for your benefit I will try hard to continue this info as you continue yours too and I bet ya we meet perfectly right in the middle!
Love to you always my brother in Christ!

Gary Walton said...

I love you too and I need your book on my blog too! As for the geoengineering, yes 1957 covers the actual time this sorcery began!

Doug D said...

Thank you for sharing your story Gary. Prayers for you, that in your walk with Christ you find ever more of His Light and Truth until you come home. Looking forward to future chapters. Many of us who have accepted Christ as our Savior know that our world is in profound change, that prophecy is being fulfilled as God told us it would be through His Word. The world you and I grew up in is largely gone, and it isn't coming back, Christ is.

Gary Walton said...

So true Doug, thanks . . .

Anonymous said...


Hawkeye said...

Right on Gary! Geoengineering is sorcery, yes, as is the entire "healthcare" system....and more then that too.

Through studying scriptures old & new Testament I learned so many interesting things and one is translations of original writings have not given the clear intended meanings of some words. Partially because Hebrew and some Greek words can not always be translated to be just one word in English language and partially because the translators decided that the original Greek or Hebrew words were just too damning and accusational towards the civilized more modern world. So those translators chose their own words to define what was originally written.
One such example of this is with regard to medicine, healthcare, and doctors. The original word used for those words was "pharmakeia". A Greek word. It is where we get our modern day words of 'pharmacy, pharmaceuticals and physicians'.

That word pharmakeia translates to sorcery, witchcraft, and with regards to spells and potions. Need I say more!? That is what is our healthcare system is today to a tee!

And so, what happened back then to people who went to these witches and warlocks performing their magic spells in an attempt to heal sick bodies of that time? No one got better is what happened and that is what the healing miracles of Jesus Christ are telling us! Turn to God for healing not man.

There is an excellent web site called Bible Hub that is our dictionary translator of the entire Bible. You can find what I just said there. You will never learn any of this in a church because sadly even most churches today are the synagogue of Satan. Especially all Catholic churches and also half of today's so called Christian scholars in colleges and in general who are putting out said learning DVD's or holding Bible classes that people pay to go to learn about understanding the Bible. Discernment has never been more needed then it is today to be able to know these differences in opinions and find the facts of what was originally written in warning from the authors of our Bible!

Woe to those on the wrong side of this because it is clearly written in the end of the new Testament that anyone who changes God's words will be burned up.

My point should be becoming very clear now, that when I say doctors are witches and warlocks I am NOT name calling I am simply describing what God labeled them as. Know this and realize it is truth, it should put a flame under your butt to change your ways and thinking towards your body's healthcare. I hope it does, that is my intent. If it upsets you please ask God to show you if I am truthful or not. Warning: fasten your seat belt because I promise you He will show you I am truthful and you will be shaken up before you calm down and are able to apply it all.
The promise is you will be set free from sorcery! My "book of knowledge" I spoke of above includes info on this as well as my constant complaint of geoengineering our planet, our life support system, it's all connected because geoengineering is pharmakeia for the Earth, meds to "treat" (not cure) earth's high fever (GW). I have had enough of it, Gary my dear beloved friend is the absolute last straw. I can not stand hearing and watching people, animals, plants & trees suffer terribly with terrible illness one more minute!! I am so over the bull shit lies and the killings in the name of medical treatments!

I am telling, exposing the farce as it is a huge farce.
Everyone is sick, that is no exaggeration! If not terminally sick then they are functional sick, but everyone has some ailment of some kind and that is NOT NORMAL! It's time to really wake up now folks.
"The end will not come until the rebellion ocurrs", that is what Jesus said, so lets get it going!

To be continued.....

Gary Walton said...

Bill Laughing-Bear

Dear Gary, a Watchmen on the Wall,

I read you latest post the first morning it hit Babylon, it has been in the forefront of my mind. Yes the pigs are taking over the farm and nobody seems to notice or care!!!

I met with a man after I moved down here who I'll just say lives in North America, He was excited about his new company that merges A.I. with full robotics. Explained to me how good this is for us, as all the food production companies he is working with will soon not need humans to do the total job. From farm to out the door to and to your kitchen. This will save mass money so you will not have as expensive of a grocery bill.

My thought, thats just great! If I work for yum-yum chip company and they hire him to make the complete switch, I wont have a job. I will no longer be able to afford yum-yum chips, or yucky pucky hair cream, or even those left handed swiggits! I wont have an income, or my neighbors wont have jobs either. Wow, life will be so good...

And of course as I've never rocked the boat with posting my thoughts based on TRUTH as you do also Gary. Or said a FACT about things like Satan's Spit over the phone, A.I. has never noticed me, my E-Mails never get tampered with!!! So no worries, my checking account nor yours will never blocked. So I can just call The 666 Outlet Maul, Hay, I lost my job do to my company that merges A.I. with full robotics. Can you please have a drone send me over 5 pounds of yum-yum chips. Do those left handed swiggits come in dark red with gray stripes? Oh yes, my wife needs a gallon of yucky pucky hair cream, she wants to take a shower. What do you mean I don't qualify for a senior discount? With this new micro chip imbedded in my brain I'm now the wisest man in the world, or at least that is how I identify myself now!!!

That’s it from "Living in Babylon" for now.

Gary Walton said...

No Bill this didn't arrive on my website?????????

LT said...

I thought of this how it makes us sick:
Artificial messages coming from the environment and through controlled dark portal organizations and mind-controlled people feels; metallic, abrasive, acidic, energetically burdensome, and sharp knife or blade like. Sometimes it can make you feel suddenly physically ill with headaches, nausea, or body parts with stabbing pains, and even diarrhea when you come into contact with it. AI feels sickening to the Cosmic Christ Consciousness. []

Gary Walton said...

Thanks LT