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# 1957—Chapter 1: 1957-Great Earthquakes and Great Signs From Heaven: God, Matt 24: Luke 21: And Mark 13: The 1957 Connection!

Sputnik 1 credit, Wikipedia.

Part One—Great Signs From Heaven

Luke 21:11
There will be 'great earthquakes,' famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events 'and great signs from heaven.' 
On the 4th of October 1957 a truly great sign from heaven occured, something never before seen in the history of mankind. 

An artificial Earth satellite was launched into space by the Russians. The launch was called 'one of the great scientific feats of the age and had caught the Americans very much off guard. The launch of Sputnik 1 surprised the American public and shattered the perception created by American propaganda of the United States as the technological superpower, and the Soviet Union as a backward country. The Americans together with the Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), and the Army Ballistic Missile Agency built Explorer 1 and launched it 4 months later on 31 January 1958. Before work was completed, however, the Soviet Union caught the Americans on the hopp once more when they launched a second satellite, Sputnik 2, on 3 November 1957.

“Control of space means control of the world,” Lyndon B. Johnson.

In 1957, Lyndon B. Johnson was the Senate Majority Leader and leader of the Democratic political opposition to Republican President Dwight Eisenhower. LBJ forced Eisenhower into a space race he didn't want after the USSR got the jump on the US with the launch of Sputnik 1.

LBJ had big space exploration ambitions from the get-go. In a speech to Southwest Texas State University, on May 27 (1962), he boldly claimed:
"Our very future depended on being the ones who first seized ownership of space." “Control of space means control of the world,” Johnson declared. “From space, the masters of infinity would have the power to control the earth’s weather, to cause drought and flood, to change the tides and raise the levels of the sea, to divert the gulf stream and change temperate climates to frigid.”

Little did Johnson realise back then but—God had His own plan for the world, in 1957. And much of his plan is documented.

1957, more 'Great signs from heaven.'

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 1957 just two months after the Soviet Sputnik 1 launch another truly great sign from heaven occurred. It was also something never before seen in the history of mankind. According to the Royal Observatory of Belgium, along with other observers, on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 1957, our star suddenly exploded with a record-busting, 503 sunspots, our sun was suddenly going ballistic . . .

 See the chart section below.

Credit Royal Observatory of Belgium

On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, 1957 our Sun shocked experts with 503 sun-spots, this was a crazy number of sun-spots. Our Sun was acting wild, which scared the science community at the time resulting in President Eisenhower authorising the opening of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in July 1958 to find out more.

But, the whole year of 1957 had already produced a record number of sunspots before the huge Christmas outburst, below is a clip from a report by Thomas Cragg from the Mount Wilson and Palomar Observatories.


So, what was going on?

Below is a graph from NASA's own website, “,” which appears to clearly show climate change, or indeed global warming arrived or began, not from human activity at all—but from a record-breaking burst of “solar activity” (Solar Irradiance) which suddenly and unexpectedly exploded in December 1957. The solar irradiance then imploded and carried on a downward spiral! At the same time, the temperature of our planet begins quite clearly to warm. 

In what is clearly undeniable—The graph from NASA compares the Earth's temperature, (in red), along with solar activity, (in yellow) from 1880. The graph clearly shows—that temperature and solar activity rose and fell almost identically for almost 80 years until suddenly—“Solar Activity” (Solar Irradiance) exploded and then dropped in 1957. At the same point, Global Warming begins its catastrophic rise. I have added the 1957 line.

Below is NASA's explanation of the above graph on their website

The above graph compares global surface temperature changes (red line) and the Sun's energy that Earth receives (yellow line) in watts (units of energy) per square meter since 1880. The lighter/thinner lines show the yearly levels while the heavier/thicker lines show the 11-year average trends. Eleven-year averages are used to reduce the year-to-year natural noise in the data, making the underlying trends more obvious. 
The amount of solar energy that Earth receives has followed the Sun’s natural 11-year cycle of small ups and downs [a solar cycle] with “no” net increase since the 1950s—[1957 line, added by me]. 
Over the same period, global temperature has risen markedly. It is therefore “extremely unlikely that the ‘“Sun’” has caused the observed global temperature warming trend over the past half-century.” Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech. 
Did you get that?—“It is therefore “extremely unlikely that our ‘Sun’ has caused the observed global temperature warming trend over the past half-century.” 
(Even though their own graph shows the two are connected!) However, the real fascination is the fact that the separation “just happens,” once again in the year—“1957, December!” And correlates my entire theory. 

What is incredible here is, that the year this happened was 1957! As a magnet repels, global temperature went one way—upwards and solar activity went the other—downwards, but, not until solar activity (Solar Irradiance) had that unprecedented peak in December 1957. On Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 1957, our Sun emitted a record-breaking amount of sunspot activity ever witnessed sending scientists and astronomers rushing for an explanation. 

Above—NOAA's Space Weather Prediction Center confirms NASA's graph showing sunspot numbers have dropped off remarkably since December 1957.

Below, is another graph from the Space Weather Prediction Centre and NOAA:  Once again I have added a line showing 1957.

NOAA blames the sun!

According to NOAA, weather here on Earth, from the surface of the planet and into space, begins with the Sun.
Space weather and terrestrial weather (the weather we feel at the Earth’s surface) are influenced by the small changes the Sun undergoes during its solar cycle. Remember what NASA said above—
“It is therefore “extremely unlikely that our ‘Sun’ has caused the observed global temperature warming trend over the past half-century.” 
 (Once again, look what happens after 1957 which I have marked with another line).

The four major contributions to climate change according to NOAA.

Solar Irradiance (Green), peaks in 1957 due to the record number of sunspots.
However, this is where NOAA and NASA somehow disagree. In the graph at the top of the page, NASA shows us how solar irradiance dropped remarkably after 1957. The graph above by NOAA actually shows an increase in solar irradiance after 1957?

Greenhouse gases (Purple), although slowly rising since 1880 suddenly begins to surge after 1957.

Volcano activity (Dark blue), begins to increase. More on this phenomenon later.

ENSO (The El Niño Southern Oscillation, Light blue), becomes much more erratic after 1957 as does the Northern Hemisphere Jet Stream, not shown here.

Finally, the now-familiar rise in global temperature began to surge after 1957.

There are other types of space weather that can impact and damage the atmosphere. Energetic particles which penetrate into the atmosphere and change the chemical constituents.  More on this later.

Part two—Earthquakes!

Luke 21:11

There will be 'great earthquakes,' famines and pestilences in various places, and fearful events 'and great signs from heaven.' 

 If 1957 delivered one of the great prophesies from Jesus Christ,  'great signs from heaven.'  well, 1957 was a record-breaking year on Earth too, yes, major quakes, and how! Another prophecy happened in 1957—The biggest number of major quakes, mag 6 or higher rocked our planet, coincidence?

During the Second World War, major earthquakes (magnitude 6 or higher), for some strange reason began to decline worldwide. However, as WW1 ended in 1918 our planet saw a massive rise in major quakes, (mag 6 or higher.) Jesus had warned us—“There will be great earthquakes in one place and another.” Indeed, there was. 

After WWI, major quakes continued to increase, impressively, reaching a peak of 74 in 1934. However, they began steadily decreasing as WWII approached. Why did the earth’s seismic activity decline so much during the terrible fighting of WWII?

Let me elaborate.
In 1947 just after WWII had ended just 29 major quakes, (mag 6 or higher) were recorded during the entire year which was by far the lowest yearly total since 27 were recorded way back in 1921. However, in 1950 and without any indication or warning, major quakes (mag 6 or higher) suddenly and inexplicably, more than quadrupled from 29 in the year 1947 to an incredible 138 in 1950.


By 1957 that number had increased to 204, an incredible number! The average number of major quakes (mag 6 or higher) per year, worldwide in the ‘40s was 35—In 1950 that number suddenly rocketed by almost 400%. However, this new annual increase was just the tip of the iceberg—The rise continued, in 1951 the number jumped again from 138 the previous year to 151 and by 1952 the number incredibly, had spiked again to—181. Was some kind of supernatural phenomenon causing the incredible rise in major quakes around the world!

In "1957" the total reached a crescendo and smashed all previous records when an astonishing 204 major quakes—The most ever in a one-year period were suddenly recorded.

The record stood for 54 years when in 2011 the Fukushima disaster struck.
 All data is from USGS, the graph was designed by me. See footnote.

"Great earthquakes in one place and another.”
Of course, Jesus had nailed it again and the record-busting number of major quakes corresponded with the great signs in heaven! Yes, even more, intriguing was the fact, that the record number of major quakes recorded here on Earth in 1957 coincided exactly with an unprecedented ‘explosion’ of solar activity on our Sun also in 1957 and man launching a satellite into space!

What was happening? How could this happen? Was this increase in major earthquake activity contributed to nuclear testing or was it something else—Was it another sign from heaven, another prophecy being fulfilled?
“There will be great earthquakes in one place and another.” And of course, “great signs and fearful sights from heaven.” And both in the same year 1957 and prophesied in the Bible, some 2,000 years ago? And why was this incredible coincidence never reported by the experts?

Before I finish, I want to remind you what happened 4,300 years ago to the time of the Tower of Babel when a guy called Nimrod decided to reach space (heavens back then).


Now the whole world had one language and a common speech. 2 As people moved eastward, they found a plain in Shinar and settled there. 3 They said to each other, “Come, let’s make bricks and bake them thoroughly.” They used brick instead of stone, and tar for mortar. 4 Then they said, “Come, let us build ourselves a city, with a tower that reaches to the heavens, so that we may make a name for ourselves; otherwise we will be scattered over the face of the whole earth.” 5 But the Lord came down to see the city and the tower the people were building. 6 The Lord said, “If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them. 7 Come, let us go down and confuse their language so they will not understand each other.” 8 So the Lord scattered them from there over all the earth, and they stopped building the city. 9 That is why it was called Babel—because there the Lord confused the language of the whole world. From there the Lord scattered them over the face of the whole earth.

Something very similar to Nimrod and his tower happened in 1957. But this time we actually did reach the Heavens . . . 

Thanks for reading, more graphs and more proof next week!


Footnote USGS:

This peeves me because I have been researching quakes at USGS since 2014—Historical earthquake data is constantly being altered on the USGS website, and that's official, they admit to it—According to USGS, this is because they are continuously updating earthquake data and information to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. However,—Much of the data they are altering is from as far back as 1900 and up to the 1970s, how can they find accurate and up-to-date information from events which happened more than 100 years ago?

 They go on to say, that updates to earthquakes occur as more data become available for analysis and more time-intensive analysis is performed. Additional updates are possible as part of the standard procedure of assembling a final earthquake catalogue. Well, I could understand this logic if they were receiving extra data from recent seismic events but what kind of data are they receiving from quakes which happened more than a hundred years ago?

They also add earthquakes are also sometimes 'removed' from the listing, they say these are false alarms that can occur when relying on an automated system that is trying to get the data out as quickly as possible.

Okay, but what about the hundreds of quakes which have been added? Yes, hundreds have been added.  And why would they need to change historical data anyway? Three times since 2013 have I arduously downloaded every major quake (mag 6 or higher) from 1900 to today and added the USGS data to a graph to enable an easy and perspective view of the increase in major quakes from the last 123 years. The reason I have undertaken this day-long task is that I had heard on another website, that USGS had altered its data.

You can not believe my disappointment, data has indeed been tampered with again for the third time in 9 years. In 2013 I downloaded every major quake, mag 6 or higher onto a graph from the USGS website. I did it once again in 2019 because I noticed the data had changed once more? How, and more importantly why I never got to know why, despite writing to them.

After a tip-off from Prophecy Watchers, I decided to do the whole task once more, I'm devastated but yes, they changed the data once again, this time from 2019. I found hundreds of major quakes have been added (and some taken away) from 1900 to 1976. So, once again I wrote to USGS this time I did receive a reply. . .

And here is a very dubious patronising answer from "Karen" Peterson:

Hello, The USGS is continuously updating earthquake data and information and to ensure that it is accurate and up-to-date. (From more than a hundred years ago?) Updates to earthquakes occur as more data become available for analysis and more time-intensive analysis is performed. Additional updates are possible as part of the standard procedure of assembling a final earthquake catalog. (But it will never be final if you keep on changing archive numbers from so long ago, and what data can you be assembling from hundreds of quakes decades ago?) Earthquakes are also sometimes removed from the listing, but these are false alarms that can occur when relying on a automated system that is trying to get the data out as quickly as possible.  
For more information about earthquake updates and why earthquakes are added or deleted from the earthquake maps and lists, you can visit the following websites: If you have further questions, you can contact the Earthquake Hazards Team at: 
Thank-you, Karen Peterson 

Below is the video from Prophecy Watchers who tipped me off of the most recent data change of historical records on the USGS website. The video starts at 11:50 minutes: Are Earthquakes Increasing?