Thursday 23 February 2023

This scenario would actually make the Covid-19 pandemic look like a day out at a Disney park near you. . . An 11-year-old girl in Cambodia is the latest human who has died of H5N1, the strain of avian influenza: Bird flu is mutating and has killed thousands of sea lions and pelicans as well as mammals and other species!

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It could well be the next fortune maker for big pharma and a scenario that would actually make the Covid-19 pandemic look like a day out at a Disney park near you. . .

It's the disease which has killed hundreds of millions of birds around the world already this year and we are only into February, I'm talking about Avian influenza.

But bird flu doesn't affect humans I hear you shouting! Well, it does, and if it mutates, which it is already achieved it could wipe out millions of humans.

An 11-year-old girl in Cambodia is the latest human who has died of H5N1, the strain of avian influenza which has spread around the world and raised concern about a possible threat to human health, officials say.

A girl in Ecuador tested positive last month, with another 12 people infected in Cambodia, and several people have also died from Avian Flu in China and Vietnam recently, which is extremely worrying.

The Infectious Diseases Department at Cambodia’s Ministry of Health said the young girl, who lived in Roleang village in Prey Veng province, fell ill last Thursday when she developed a cough and a fever of 39°C (102°F).“After receiving treatment at the local level, the girl started to get tired and was sent to the National Children’s Hospital in Phnom Penh for treatment,” the department said in a statement.

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The girl died on Wednesday and she was buried in her village. A few hours later, a sample which was sent to the National Institute of Public Health tested positive for H5N1 bird flu. There was no immediate word on how or when the girl was infected but villagers told investigators that an unusual number of wild animals had recently died. An emergency response team has been sent to the area.

The current variant of H5N1 has caused outbreaks around the world since late 2021, even in countries where bird flu had never been found. Since then, more than 50 million birds have been culled in Europe and nearly 58 million in the U.S.The global spread of bird flu has raised concern about the possibility of a future variant which could lead to human-to-human transmission.

It is mutating—Recent cases in mammals – including mink, foxes and sea lions – have added to those concerns.“H5N1 has spread widely in wild birds and poultry for 25 years but the recent spillover to mammals needs to be monitored closely,” WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said earlier this month. 

Tedros added: “For the moment, WHO assesses the risk to humans as low. . . But we cannot assume that will remain the case and we must prepare for any change in the status quo.”The World Organization for Animal Health (WOAH) echoed those concerns.“The current situation highlights the risk that H5N1 avian influenza may become better adapted to mammals and spill over to humans and other animals,” the agency said on February 13.

“Some animals, such as mink, may act as mixing vessels for different influenza viruses, leading to the emergence of new strains and subtypes that could be more harmful to animals and/or humans.”

The 9-year-old girl in Ecuador tested positive for H5N1 bird flu in January, making it the first such case in South America. She was hospitalized in critical condition but has since recovered. Another person died of H5N1 in China.

Earlier this month, Peru reported that nearly 600 sea lions and 55,000 birds, including pelicans and penguins, are believed to have died of H5N1 bird flu. A dolphin and a lion also died of bird flu.

 The H5N1 strain has killed thousands of sea lions and pelicans in protected areas across the country, authorities said. On Jan. 27, a hundred dead sea lions were found floating in the waters of Isla Asia, about 60 miles (96 kilometres) south of the capital Lima.

Some 716 sea lions have been found dead on various beaches around the country. Since November, the virus has killed 63,000 birds, according to government data. Peru's agricultural health agency has reported that the disease may be transmitted by migratory birds from North America. Authorities are worried as some of the species that are becoming infected are already considered endangered in the country. In Peru, there are indications that the disease is spreading among mammals of different species.

Scientists fear that close contact between sea lions and humans increases the chances of the virus being transmitted to people. Peru's National Forest and Wildlife Service has urged people to avoid approaching sea lions and sea birds on the beach and to prevent their pets from doing so. In South America, bird flu cases have been detected in Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Paraguay and recently in Argentina and Uruguay, where a sanitary emergency has been declared.

The virus has been spreading among poultry and wild birds for 25 years, but recently infections have been detected in minks, otters and sea lions, so "they should be closely monitored."Europe has experienced its worst-ever outbreak of bird flu since 2021, while North and South America have recently been experiencing severe outbreaks. The disease is well established in Asia for some time now.

LATEST DEVELOPMENT FROM KHMER TIMES2nd case of H5N1 bird flu in Cambodia confirmed

Ms Youk Sambath, Secretary of State of the Ministry of Health, has confirmed that the Ministry of Health’s emergency response team has found 12 more people possibly infected with Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) in Prey Veng province.

The Secretary of State made her statement last night,  following the death on Wednesday of an 11-year-old girl from Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N1) in Roleang village, Romlech commune, Sithor Kandal district, Prey Veng province.

This marked the first case of death from bird flu since 2014 and the 57th case in the Kingdom

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Hawkeye said...

I still don't believe it! I'm sorry, everything Gary wrote is very good, researched and well posted. It's not wrong, these things are happening, people and animals are getting illnesses and many are dying, yes. But I can not get past that word used by our so called experts who are "practicing" medicine.
The word being "virus". Everything is a virus, right? Bird flu, Covid, regular flu, a virus, every single illness that is vaccine worthy is a virus. Does anyone disagree?
OK, so if we just go with that, then the research Gary posted here to explain why birds for food must be killed and or vaccines needed to rid this flu, can not possibly be accurate.
Here's why...
A virus is defined in dictionaries prior to the year 2000 as cell excrement, dead. Virus as a "process", not a thing, and not alive, dead stuff, waste.
Dead because it is the damaged outer cell layer that died, so excreted by the cell in order for the cell to regenerate that layer, to heal. When that happens as the body is removing the dead damaged excrement, humans and animals get sick with cold/flu like symptoms, when it is all excreted and gone, you are on the mend, you get better, the cell healed.

If that damage goes beyond the outer layer and penetrates the cell nucleus, then it is cancer and or DNA damaged cells. But even cancer now in some cases is being declared as from a virus, get your vaccines! Example: women and cervical cancer. There is a vaccine for that "disease", cervical cancer, that they say is transmitted through a sexual intercourse virus. A vaccine for cancer, a disease? Since when? Since we re-named a disease a virus is since when! So then will we soon have vaccines for diseases like heart disease etc., get your vaccine?

Think about all the ailments called diseases, are they contagious? No. Is heart disease contagious? No. Kidney disease? No. Cancer? No. Dementia? No. Is autism contagious? No. They are all diseases caused by environmental toxins of numerous kinds including vaccines.
Vaccines contain toxic chemicals and heavy metals. All heavy metals are known nuero toxins and nuero toxins are called that because they destroy the bodies nuerological system, the brain. How that is considered an immune booster to stay well is beyond any reasoning. There is nothing whatsoever that documents cures through toxins, it's the complete opposite in fact!

Disease, the cell couldn't heal its diseased, usually permanent damage and by no means contagious. So, virus is not contagious. Bacteria is, virus and disease are not.
My point is, if this definition I explain is true then how does a dead layer of cell damage mutate? To mutate it must be alive. Pathogens do not jump spieces, until recently all of a sudden now they do(?), .... "they" tell us. Well "they" lie, we know they are liars.

Testing to come up with these bogus conclusions are, putting LIVE healthy cells in a Petrie dish of toxic chemicals, to determine some kind of remedy or diagnosis from the cells viral process being performed in that dish (the poison chemicals effect on the healthy cells). Healthy cells get damaged by toxins. They prove that with every lab test!

We get sick because we are exposed to toxins that damage our immune system, our cells. Not because some virus jumped in to our bodies, because our bodies are trying to remove toxic exposure via cell excrement.


Hawkeye said...

Continuing my comment.....
Look at what they said; 716 sea lions have been found dead on various beaches around the country (south america)....since November the "virus" has killed 63,ooo birds, according to government data. Peru's ag health agency has reported that the "disease" may be transmitted through migratory birds from North America. ....
Do you see it? The virus has killed....the disease is transmitted....
Well it can't be both.

Same is said for covid. What is it they say....the virus covid19 causes the disease Sars, omnicron....omnicron...., Or is it the disease covid19 causes the virus x,y,z ??
It is spin talk and it's a lie is what it is. A lie for a license to kill. There is NO virus because virus is not a contagious pathogen, it is the bodily process of removing dead cell excrement from the body to heal the body. There is however plenty of disease, BUT, disease is NOT contagious either. Disease is from cells too damaged to heal by traditional toxic healthcare methods and or because we can not remove ourselves from the element that is toxic, disease is caused by toxins. Exposure to toxic radiation, poisons, chemicals and liars.
Anything that is of God and or of God's creation is marked for termination. That's what it ALL is, it's that cut and dry!

They who tell us these lies are from their father, Satan. He was a liar from the beginning.

Disease and virus are NOT killing life, the liars are doing that and blaming an invisible boogy man called virus to hide and explain away why there is so much disease caused by their wicked ways and liar mouths.

They have numerous methods accomplishing that killing spree. Radiation man made from numerous man made things, and solar are at the top of the cause list, and the harmful solar UV radiation that is one of the kill methods is only from the sun because they killed earth's solar protection, the ozone layer of the atmosphere. The filter God created to make a solar friendly planet. There it is again as I said, killing God's creations.

Satan copies God. He wants to be God. That's what ALL happening is, Satan's attempt to kill or stop God and him be God.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks, Hawkeye, spot on as usual!