Monday 5 December 2022

An update from Hawkeye from Hurricane ravaged South East Florida State: Video proof Hurricane Ian was more than just a random act of nature! A huge setback for Hawkeye as her Canadian landlord would like her to leave her house!

Was the course and strength of Hurricane Ian just a random act of nature? Or is there much more to the story? This 3+ minute report reveals critically important puzzle pieces. Please view and share.

Dear Gary and readers of TBW: This is the email conversation that leads to the landlord bailing out of my place again. I am telling him of our conditions here. 

I feel people need to know because the news never tells any more of our horrors, and everyone acts like things are just fellow realtors for one are doing that and it makes me so upset. "Best fishing, paradise, restaurants" blah blah, no! Most are closed or washed away, there is no fishing and no clams for Christmas or later this year, also many other reasons for the reading public to hear me. 

No tourism here, no visitors, and warnings to not come here because the waters are contaminated and unsafe. We hear so many disaster stories from weather channels etc., but we never hear of how it is for survivors and from any of the people living through those disasters. 

I would like to be different and let anyone interested follow me through the painful aftermath in an attempt to awaken more people to the truth right on top of our heads. It's important and can save lives from other weather disasters that will surely come upon us all. I saw your reply to my last comment and I'm sorry to worry you. It's been hectic days still trying to recover from the hurricane and I haven't had much quiet time to myself to write to you.

I had some discouraging news also. My landlord changed his mind ....again! He is not fixing anything now and after hearing that, we had some disagreements via email.

I went into survival panic mode once again! Ugh! It's a long story but basically, the landlord freaked out over cost estimates being so high regarding replacing the desperately needed a/c and he said forget it! I complained of the heat and his broken deal made with us but all it got me was " if you don't like it you should leave". Ouch! That hurt.

I managed to negotiate to stay until the end of March and if more time is needed a new agreement has to be made, but he said he is not fixing anything, not putting new a/c in, and if anything new breaks he won't attend to it. He plans to just let the house sit here damaged with no a/c and all closed up for (his words) " a very long time". Makes no sense and he will not sell it either.

Well, it's impossible to live here in SWFL without an a/c. By end of March even if I need more time I won't be able to stand the heat without the a/c, so it seems this time I really have to move again! So depressed! I'm still without all my work too.

Anyway, I sent you an email just before this one with an attached 3-minute video that geoengineering watch made about hurricane Ian. (See above) At about, the 1:35 minute mark the radar shows the orange heating that I have talked about that steers these storms and how I see it every day on my own local radar. That orange heat you will you see is on both sides of that hurricane so it could not move away from us and could only hit us as I have been was directly steered right into us! I'm right! That is what I'm seeing! Now you can see it in this video.

The storms are moisture clouds seeded with geoengineering Chems that react to the frequencies from the geoengineering heating they induce in the atmosphere around these storm systems. It acts as a wall, the storms are attracted to water, and moisture, for fuel and so when those microwave heaters go on the storms moves away from that which is how they are steered. I see it with all weather all the time for many years. Cold fronts too.

The weather stations tell us that orange stuff is high pressure, high pressure is dry hot air, which that is but it's not natural hot dry air. Watching this video it can be seen as I described. So check it out and know I speak the truth! I attached a photo here, of my neighbour across the street being demolished, a loss from the hurricane damages.

Look in the sky behind the house being knocked down... Chem spray trail! Kind of eery don't ya think!? It's still pretty depressing here with clean-up efforts nonstop 24/7, yet you almost can't tell if any debris has been picked up. When some big piles got picked up then several more homes get knocked down and another big mouldy pile of smelly debris lays back on side of the roads.

It must be hard to understand maybe but it is as I say and we are nowhere near recovered yet and still. The Red Cross is still here and helping a lot. We still have many without power too, and homeless lives everywhere.

It's nothing I've ever experienced before and for these islands at least, it truly feels like the end of our world. I honestly don't know if we can get back up near what we were pre-storm. Too much has been lost.  Best, Hawkeye.

Thanks, Hawkeye, lovely to hear from you.

If you want to help Hawkeye and her Husband you can donate HERE in my (Gary Walton) coffee account. (PAYPAL) Make sure you mention the gift is for Hawkeye and not "Gary," and I will make sure she gets the money thanks—Gary.
19/11/22—Bill Laughing-Bear $100
21/10/22 KT—$27
18/10/22 Bill's mother, Tina Miller—$30
17/10/22 Bill Laughing-Bear—$30, Gary—$60

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Laughing-Bear said...

Dear Gary & Hawkeye,
After viewing this short video I have to ask, was this storm a wag-the-dog storm? Do they create storms that draw all eyes to that certain point so they can do something in the back ground that most will miss? What was going on the days Florida was getting pounded with our leaders, our military, our country's insanity?
Alaska will keep praying for you and those in that part of the world. Know I believe in you and hope to be able to chip in a few more dollars in the days to come.

Blessings, just me, Laughing-Bear

Hawkeye said...

Great question Laughing Bear! I too have had that thought and not just for this hurricane Ian, every other big news event has the same thinking to be applied.
This storm itself is that thinking. For example, the first mention of it in my local weather news came about a week or so before it was a system at all. I check weather news and then radar every single day always and that first mention said there was a low pressure building in the southern Atlantic waters to watch for development. So I then checked radar and guess what? There was not a cloud in sight there or near that area of concern. Nothing showed on radar and I knew at that moment we or some near by were in trouble. It took 2 days at least for a cloud formation in that area of low pressure concern to be seen on radar.
The high pressure orange heating was showing around that area indicating that area was being manipulated to allow a hurricane to form. If anyone was following this weather prediction prior to it being named and spaghetti plotted for expected impact zones, then they should remember that hurricane was not even a tropical depression or tropical storm until about 3 or 4 days before it hit us. It was held in place over the warm ocean water to help it form and strengthen, and then that same high dry pressure air steered it towards SWFL. Right up to impact! They sandwich the storm system in between the orange heat of what is called "high pressure". That is a wall to any moisture or formation of a hurricane and causes the storm direction because storm systems like hurricanes need warm/hot ocean water for fuel. When a wall of hot dry air is on either side of the storm the storm will move away from it, or stay in between the dry air where the moisture is, seeking moisture for fuel.

That is one reason I wanted to post this video on top, because what I tell can be seen in the radar images included in that video. So IMHO not only just the hurricane itself was intentionally steered to hit us but the actual formation of it was intentional, the path it took was intentional and the duration it sat on top of us was intentional!!
There are multiple reasons for the attention diversion always Bill! I'm sure you know that.
Knowing that this weather manipulation is intentional can save lives, it saved mine. Because I know that I had the opportunity to get prepared accordingly and had the necessary supplies on hand to help me and my family survive the storm and aftermath.
Soon I would like to tell my story of what I went through as I sheltered and then each day afterwards in the days without power. It was 17 days without power, 10 days without a road/bridge for emergency help to be able to get to us, 19 days without any stores open, and to date near 3 months of destruction to live through and clean up that is not over yet.
The news reported 57 dead from Ian. Coast guard friend told me the first day after the storm they pulled over 500 dead bodies out of the waters and mangroves, and they did search & rescue for over 2 weeks.
My deepest gratitude for all who reached out to help!!