Monday 17 October 2022

Exclusive! A letter from Florida: Hawkeye, Tells Her Own Story How She And Her Husband Survived Hurricane Ian As It Literally Made Landfall On Her Property! Ian Was The Deadliest Hurricane To Hit The State Of Florida Since The 1935 Labor Day Hurricane

Hurricane Ian made landfall on Pine Island Florida, with credit to NASA.

On the 26 of September 2022 at 09:35, TBW received a message from Hawkeye, one of the main contributors to this blog. The incredibly powerful, Hurricane Ian, category 4, was about to make landfall on Pine Island, southwestern Florida where Hawkeye lives—And as ever she was remonstrating at what she calls the weather makers!

It would be 17 days before we heard another word from Hawkeye. Hawkeye usually contributes and writes to TBW almost every day, ironically delivering a diatribe or rant on government weather modification, especially their power to control the path of a hurricane, and the ability to control its speed, only this time she would become a massive player in the deadliest hurricane to hit the state of Florida since 1935 Labor Day hurricane. As the drama unfolded, not surprisingly, Hawkeye went off the radar, we all feared for the worst. . .

Below is Hawkeye's message to TBW  just hours before the storm hit.

Greetings. Having trouble sleeping this weekend. We are in storm mode once again as you probably heard in news. This one is Ian, just beginning to be a hurricane this morning. So, my no storms this summer prediction got squashed by the weather makers! Lol....yes I said the weather makers, but I also said in that prediction that at any time they could simply turn off haarp and create a system but it didn't look likely as the majority pattern this year has been the heat dome of haarp cooking everything.
I consider myself pretty seasoned with regards to these hurricanes due to so much experience with them for about 2 decades now. I can read a radar better then the news forecasters because they read a script from the weather makers and I know they are controlling the weather. It's lonely to know this truth and have no one to share my real concerns with as we sit under the barrel of a gun right now aimed directly at us but still unknown to where it will target.
It's not just storm worry, it's also financial woes because work gets canceled until further notice. So lots of losses to note. My whole week is canceled! Ugh, rent is due on the 1st!

As usual it's being steered to go into some west coast area of FL. (The hurricane more or less landed on Hawkeye's head) News said big high pressure in place over the state would lift to allow Ian to steer towards us here. Yes, that high pressure is dry hot air that is a wall to these storms and that is how they steer them. That haarp microwave heat dome completely surrounds these hurricanes and directs them to go where evil men send them. Normal predicting is off the table and that is what has kept me not sleeping this weekend.

Well still too early to tell but it's going to be close if not a direct hit so stay tuned and if able I will report back so you can compare notes with the liar news! 
Scheduled arrival is unclear but estimated to be Tuesday/Wed/..maybe thursday!? know why? Because to intensify the attack they hold many or all these storms in place for a long period of time to allow growth and strength. Then they open the wall and let it ride! I'm so not kidding!

Fiona that just was in the Atlantic is now effecting Canada, same story. Many others past as well and as I have said several times....hurricanes do not stand still for 36 hours or any period of time, but now they do and people just accept it which is how I know all our leaders and that includes enforcement people go along with the bull shit conclusions.

OK, talk to ya again before we get hit.
Love to all!

And that was it, all news from Florida coming from Hawkeye at least went silent, as I said, many of our readers feared the worst! And then, 17 days later we received a message from Hawkeye. 

Listen, I just got power and internet late this afternoon. I don't even know what day it is I'm so stunned and still in survival mode. So so much to tell you and your readers but I'm also completely exhausted, it's just after 10 p.m. here and I need some sleep. I just wanted you to know I am OK and survived [H]urricane [I]an that was directly steered in to my island. Ground zero, Pine Island -St. James City, SWFL. I watched it on radar just before it hit and power went down. This was not an act of natural. We are demolished, absolutely not exaggerating. Everyone went under water on all the barrier islands, Pine Island, Sanibel, Captiva and Matlacha a quaint old historic strip island that connects the mainland Cape Coral to Pine Island is gone. Nothing remains. All buildings washed away. It's unimaginable for me still. I was stranded on PI (Pine island) for a week. No one could get to us. An experience I never thought I would encounter. I will give you my story it's a good read and still ongoing. Not done yet.

I'm still thinking wow, wow what is happening and wow, this post is for me. Tears of joy to be talking to ya again and to be alive. Some of my clients homes had 8, 10 or 12 ft of water surge. It was like a tsunami. I feel so blessed to be here to talk to you, to be so loved. Thank you, really from my heart THANK YOU for caring about me.
I will write to you again very soon.
And then, this morning—14 October 2022 at 13:08: Hawkeye continues. . .

Each day is unique and more absurd then the previous day. I honestly don't know what to do anymore. I reside in a rental owned by people in Canada. It is a manufactured/Mobil like dwelling and in an HOA community of 326 residencies. The community as a whole was pretty demolished. Many are to be demo'd to vacant land or new put up. My place was damaged but liveable and could be rehabbed but costs are very high and since literally every single building on this island needs help the demand for supplies is overwhelming and wait times starting at 6 months to 2 years!

It's a lot to explain to fully understand but trying to keep it short, I had no place to shelter to for storm so was going to go to the clubhouse in here, a concrete building. Storm really began Tuesday evening into early a.m. hours. I slept here Tuesday night with plans to get up and go to clubhouse with my cat & dog around 7 or 8 a.m. 
My husband and I separated 5 years ago, never divorced. He came here at 4 a.m. to get me out to go with him to north end of island in another concrete building with some other friends. Good thing because [the] clubhouse was 4 ft under water for 3 hours and people inside were holding their pets up over their heads for 3 hours waiting for [the] water to go down. I never would have made it through that with 2 pets. 
Hubby is a building contractor, he lost his house to the sea, so [he is] homeless. He is bunking with me. We had to get to my place on foot day after storm due to enormous amounts of debris, downed trees, power poles, boats in roads, roofs, all kinds of obstacles, because neither of us had a place to go to to leave Pine Island. Any friends on [the] mainland were damaged too or already took in others, everyone is damaged in some way. No hotels [are] available, no place to go! Fema was evacuating people by military helicopters. It was crazy! Evacuation was to Ft Myers or Cape Coral (mainland) but they had no power or water either and many there had flooding too. So we stayed on island because it was better. Imagine that!?

So we were at my place drying things, cleaning things, just to try to live in all the damage, fema took people to an arena to sleep on floors and pets got taken to another place. I said no I'm not going there. We went through some real survival times and creepy dark nights with looters and gun shots all the time. No phone service, etc. No way to let landlord know I was here for about 2 weeks. 
We offered to do the rehab work for him if he wanted to and wanted to keep it. That day is a blur on all we spoke of but mold is starting and it burns, we removed a lot of damage as landlord gave OK but with a tentative OK until pictures could be seen and all the rest involved to rebuild. Now he [has] emailed me saying he wants to talk regarding the future for this place. I think he might bail and we will have to leave...but still [we have] no place to go. All our work is/was on island but gone now with all the homes that are totaled, people had to leave. A lot more to it but that's the big concern. So prayers are needed. We lost homes and vehicles and personal possessions, landscape, history! It's all gone. You can't even imagine unless you experience this. 
I need help. Any advice would be so appreciated. Fema is giving $700. And offering low interest loans!!!? I'm a week to week income girl so not much money to relocate. It's frightening. SOS!

I'll keep writing you Gary. My story is all I have to let the world know people need help.
Walking by faith, not by sight!
Thank you.

If you want to help Hawkeye and her Husband you can donate HERE in my (Gary Walton) coffee account. (PAYPAL) Make sure you mention the gift is for Hawkeye and not "Gary," and I will make sure she gets the money thanks—Gary.

21/10/22 KT—$27
18/10/22 Bill's mother, Tina Miller—$30
17/10/22 Bill Laughing-Bear—$30, Gary—$60
Total after 2 days—$147



Dear Gary,
Is there some way that those of us who have grown to love Hawkeye can send small amounts of funding to help. I myself am a disabled veteran on a small monthly pension with little extra during these hard, dark days. and I know we would have to get things just perfect as there are those who would try to pretend they could help so they could steal needed funds. Some of us would do best if we could just put a $ 10 or a $20 dollar bill in the post, about my only option. and of course we will keep prayers going for her, her husband, and the neighbors.
Just my thoughts Alaska

Gary Walton said...

Yes Bill, of course, you can, you can pay your contribution into my coffee account, the one at the top right of my blog, make sure you right in the box that the money is for Hawkeye and I will ask Hawkeye how I can get to her. My coffee account is a PAYPAL account, there should be a way I can transfer it to her.

Gary Walton said...

And of course, if you write down that the contribution is for Hawkeye and not me, then all payments will be transparent. Thanks, Bill.

Gary Walton said...

I will see if I can set up one of them crowd funding things!


Ok friends I just started the charge to help our Dear Hawkeye during this hard time, I am nothing special,this is what I did and this is a team effort, now it's your turn!!!. I bought 10 cups of coffee for Hawkeye, friends please join me in supporting our friend with cash and "PRAYER". Thank you Gary for letting us do this, love you my Brother by another Mother. Matthew 10:42,"And whoever gives one of these little ones even a coup of cold water because he is a disciple, I say to you, he will by no means lose his reward."

Gary Walton said...

Hawkeye, I'm Laughing-Bear's Mom and my heart goes out to you and yours along with my prayers. I'm so glad you and your husband are safe. I'm grateful to my Heavenly Father for sparing your lives. May you be encouraged and strengthened. Keep writing and proclaiming the truth!!—$30
Yesterday—Bill Laughing Bear $30 and Gary$60

Total for Hawkeye after 2 days—$120

Hawkeye said...

Thank you so much Gary, Laughing Bear, and Gary's Mom for your amazing prayers, well wishes and the donations. WOW. Really so very grateful to you all. I love the Mathew 10:42 Laughing Bear!

In my last post, panicing my landlord is bailing on my place, yes that is landlord's intention, he wants to bail out of it. Took a bunch of pictures of the damage, house and surrounding landscape. Also sent cost estimates on some of the repairs that are needed to rehab, emailed it all to him. He said kindly that it was just too much needed and too much money he could not do it, there is no insurance on the home. His partner (his brother) never wanted to keep this property from day one, too risky constantly threatened by hurricanes. They inherited the property when their dad passed away 3 years ago.
On speaker phone, landlord, myself and hubby discussed his decision asking questions, what did he intend to do with it? Sell it. Sell it?! I don't think there will be any buyers anytime soon at least. I am a FL Realtor, I don't know what to expect from the market now, paradise is lost now....will we be avoided like the plague? Or will there be a boom to swipe up waterfront for pennies on the dollar due to damaged flooded out vacant properties? Why would anyone want it anymore after what just happened and almost guaranteed to happen again I wonder!?
We just have to wait and see how it all plays out. Our winter season has been cancelled this, no visitors, their 2nd homes are gone, no vacation rentals or hotels either. The islands are closed this winter. Also no info from the HOA in my community on what this park will do. Out of the 326 dwellings I would estimate probably 50% or better are to be taken down by demolition, the rest are all in need of serious rehab. Could be considered a complete loss.
We need more info on everything is what I told my landlord. We talked him into giving us through years end to gather more info and try to relocate ourselves.

I'm living in a pretty damaged home. When power came back on after about 16 days, all we got was a few lights. All appliances are broken from being under water. I am washing my clothes in a bucket in the driveway. Flat tires too often from so many nails & screws in roads. My truck is old but made it through, where we sheltered was one of only 3 spots on the island that the surge did not enter the dwelling and on landscape water did not pass the wheels. My truck is now experiencing electrical issues and I break down occasionally needing a jump start. Hubby lost his work truck full of tools, had a 2nd truck that was with mine so spared. We are the lucky ones to still have a vehicle running.
Gary, I would like to email you and attach pictures, if you like you can use my email to post it as you have done here. If there is interest of course, otherwise just for you my dear friend I have yet to meet one day.
I would love to tell of the great things God sent us also along side all the horrible stuff.
Still trying to use any fema help being offered for some assistance, there really is nothing else. Our world here has been turned upside down. No housing, no vehicles, no business, no clothes, no blankets, no hot water, no a/c, power is on/off still, tap water is a trickle....everything and anything on the floor up 8 inches to 8+ feet got wet from storm surge and is lost, salt water kills everything. All my plants died, trees, all the fish are floating dead because so much gas and oil, septics, chemicals, all went in the sea. It's an environmental disaster as well. A true life story with much to learn because it can happen to anyone and most likely will. The survival skills and prepping I did absolutely paid off. Geoengineering the earth's climate system is very real and behind this disaster hurricane as well as all the other weather disasters that have been going on globally. Don't ignore that fact.
As I get small periods of free time to write the big wobble I shall do it! Thank you always Gary for giving me that opportunity.
Big hugs to all!

Gary Walton said...

Great stuff Hawkeye, my email address is Pictures would be good, there is great interest. There should be more donations coming so whenever you need money just send me a line, and I will do my best to keep all donations transparent, but you can always check for yourself, at the top right-hand corner of the blog.
We are all rooting for you and your hubby.
Bill is not too good he has covid and is still very shaky, according to his Mom, I will keep everyone informed.
Well thanks for taking the time to write, Godbless you both xxx