Saturday 13 August 2022

We Bailed-Out The Banks Remember! Covid closed cases are 573,029,413. Of that number (99%) recovered and, (1%) died, costing us tens of trillion dollars: Yet the same people who spent the money will make sure we can't afford to keep warm, eat or pay-off our homes this winter!

Smart city dystopia, a graffiti on a wall in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro Paul Keller - smart city (dystopia)

Tens of trillions of dollars have been spent on Covid-19 since January 2020 and the money keeps on coming—However, did you ever stop and think, just why this amount of crazy money is being spent on a virus which is probably less dangerous to ordinary healthy people than the flu?

But, when you start breaking down specific facts and figures we can see lots of disturbing anomalies in the official narrative we are being fed by governments, scientists and the media. There are many lies being uncovered—Or what the politicians call 'ALTERNATIVE TRUTHS.'

According to worldometer, up to August 12 2022, there have been  594,370,282 global Coronavirus cases. From them, 6,452,533 died, and 566,576,880, recovered.

Of the coronavirus closed cases there are—573,029,413. Of that number—566,576,880 (99%) recovered, and sadly,  6, 452,533 died. (1%)

Ongoing, or active cases are at 21,340,869 of them 21,295,104 (99.8%) are in a mild condition.  45,765 (0.2%) are in a serious or critical condition. You can check these figures here

The figures are astounding I know—according to the stats, you will have a 99% chance of surviving the Coronavirus! and of the people who are sick at this very moment, they will have a 99.8% of surviving. What I can categorically prove below is the disturbing fact that an enormous number of people who didn't get vaccinated didn't get Covid! We didn't need vaccinations in the first place. And now worrying mental and physical problems are showing up in people who did get the vax and yet, we don't even know if there is a long-term danger somewhere in the future from the unproven long-term effects of the vaccines.

So why spend tens of trillions of dollars on vaccinations?

Because they want to help us, they want to protect us, stupid! Nothing is too much money if it saves just a handful of us right? Wrong. . .

If that was so, why are the same people allowing energy prices to become unpayable for millions in the middle of winter? Why are the same people allowing banks to raise interest rates meaning the same people who can't afford the energy hike this winter, could well lose their homes too? And it's the same people who are allowing inflation to rise to record levels leaving even more people to become hungry. We are in the middle of some mad experiment, or mad dystopian sci-fi movie, and thousands, maybe more are going to die this winter. And whoever is behind it, they are getting away with it! 

There has recently been an incredible spike in mental, and physical attacks on once healthy people and also a very disturbing sudden surge in adult death syndrome. Adult death syndrome is a very real mystery, normal healthy people, often top sportsmen and women suddenly die for no apparent reason. Since Covid-19 lockdowns and vaccination mandates, adult death syndrome appears to have snowballed worldwide.

Other health problems have been linked to the vaccinations, such as sticky blood, which can cause various health issues including strokes. Pericarditis and other heart issues are rising, and many women are complaining of horrible, extra-heavy period problems. If these health issues are showing up now, what does the future hold for many people, we can't imagine because we just don't know, and the experts don't know either because the vaccinations were rushed through!

‘There are a lot of people asking questions.’ Eva Vlaardingerbroek speaks to Mark Steyn about the ‘very strange’ rise in health complications among younger people. 

An explosion of tics and Tourettes in kids and teenagers!

Much to my surprise, tics and Tourette attacks are surging at an incredible rate amongst kids, not just here in Holland, or the West, but worldwide and no one seems to know why. The tics-attacks and Tourette attacks on children are very much a part of a massive decline in mental health amongst kids since the Covid-19 epidemic began in March 2020.

Watch young super-fit Premier footballer Pascal Struijk lose control of his eyes (tics attack?) in a football interview yesterday! (Start video at 2:00 mins)

Last September there was a Westernised push to get the kids' vaccinated and quickly. The real truth is covid deaths in children are extremely rare and no healthy child under the age of 5 has ever died of the virus. A small number of kids have died, unfortunately, but they had underlying sickness problems.
Once again, vaccinations for young children began last autumn, with The White House telling governors to start preparing for child vaccinations as early as last November. Why? The Coronavirus doesn't kill kids!

So why are the 'experts falling over themselves to get us all vaccinated? Many of us worldwide are super sure some kind of skullduggery is going on but we can't quite put our finger on 'WHAT?'

The graph was sent to me this week by my dear friend Dr Carol Rosin, they are staggering and should give the reader a clear understanding of just why 'they' needed to get us all vaccinated and why just why the Omnicom variant was released last autumn.

Ok, why is the graph symbolic I hear you thinking—Ok, Niger and Australia are two countries with almost the same number of citizens—26 million to be exact. Australia is westernised and Niger is a poor African nation. Now look at the disparity in Covid cases and remember, they both have 26 million occupants.

Now let's look at the same graph but this time vaccination numbers!

Wait, shouldn't the graph read the other way round? A mammoth disparity! Only 12% of 26 million people had the vaccination in Niger. 84% of people in Australia had the vaccination and millions became sick! Now, how is that possible? The undeniable disparity is even more insane when you read the stats. Niger has less than 10,000 covid cases and just 300 deaths from a population of 26 million, pretty good going don't you think?

Australia of course reads just like any other Western country—Almost 10 million cases and an incredible total of 63 million vaccinations and boosters! Why-Oh-Why are we taking this stuff?

Back in March 2022, I wrote an article on how Africa, the poorest continent in the world has done remarkably well with its battle with Covid-19, below is a clip:

The current global situation of Covid-19 today (29th 11, 2021) Note, the stats don't lie, the above (CSSE) shows Covid-19 in the West more or less running out of control, but look below at Africa, the second biggest continent in the world is "NOT" following the Covid-19 narrative, the disease is and has been for the last 2 years relatively stable. We can't have that now, can we?

There is one country though in Africa which followed the same pattern as the West and has had terrible problems from Covid during the last 2 years. Even so, South Africa has enjoyed a walk in the park when compared to most of their western neighbours. For instance, South Africa is way down at number 45 on the world list of Covid total cases, (stats supplied by CSSE 30 November 2021) at 2,961,406 with deaths sadly at 89,797, more than 3 million people have been vaccinated which is totally out of sync with the rest of the continent where vaccinations haven't yet taken off, not surprisingly. 

What is the new Covid variant, Omicron and where did it come from? The World Health Organisation, (WHO), and the Centre For Disease Control And Prevention, (CDC) are claiming "Omicron is attacking the young." A New mantra-"Come and get your BOOSTER NOW!" As you probably know the Omicron variant derives from South Africa and has the world in total panic back in Nov 21. However, the reality of the new strain according to the South African scientist who discovered Omicron is quite mild and has resulted in no Hospitalisations in South Africa!

However, Omicron exploded across the mainstream media in such a way to make us believe the variant was actually worse than Covid itself. The real reason Omicron was being touted as a killer, is a two-pronged attack on Africa and the West simultaneously. Firstly the second biggest continent in the world, Africa has done rather well during the Covid pandemic, if you didn't know.

Africa the continent has a population of 1.37 billion people, that's a whole lotta people. Since Covid-19 began, Africa as a continent has suffered just under 9 million cases (1 million less than the UK) and sadly, 222, 740, deaths, (up to Nov 2022) however, when you consider South Africa, an affluent and westernised country, they had the lions share of continental African Covid numbers.

Covid in reality has hardly affected this remarkably, poor continent. South Africa suffered 3 million cases and almost 100,000 deaths from a population of 60 million. If we take those numbers away from the rest of the continent, we can now see, once again, the staggering disparity in statistics. 

By November 2021, the continent of Africa had suffered just 122,000 deaths from a population of 1. 31 billion people, which is absolutely incredible when you consider the chaos it caused in Europe and the US... 60 million removed which is the population of South Africa and 100,000 deaths.

When you consider, up to Nov 2021 the US has had almost 50 million cases and a very gruesome 778,000 deaths, all from a population pop of just 335 million, just 1/4 the population of the African continent.

Late last year, The World Health Organisation, (WHO) brazenly used the Omicron variant as a means to vaccinate the whole of Africa, claiming the new variant was spreading too rapidly and Africa as a continent had to be protected from it and the West had to come up with the funds to vaccinate them, however, they obviously are doing rather well without the vaccine.

If the African continent is vaccinated, covid cases will rocket, just like in the West and other parts of the world. Below is a clip from a couple of "experts" giving a rather vague statement on a press release, see what you think. According to the BBC website Nov 2022, Jonathan Van-Tam, Chief Medical Officer of England praised South African scientists for their "excellence" and the 'transparency' of the authorities there - for bringing Omicron to the world's attention at the earliest possible moment. The variant was first identified there last week. Which scientists? What authorities? Where is there?

Earlier another BBC statement from Dr June Raine: Any "new vaccine" will only be 'approved if it is safe' - Raine Speaking about the possibility of a new vaccine to target the Omicron virus variant, Raine says that no new vaccine will be approved unless quality and safety standards can be met. One minute later Dr June claimed: That booster jab data shows no new safety concerns, the chief executive of the MHRA medicines watchdog, says ensuring the continued use of existing vaccines is a priority. 

(Hmmm), so what she is really saying, is there will be no new vaccines because we are going to continue with the old ones... Waite a moment, if Covid has re-invented itself into, let's say a flat-screen tv, surely the original vaccines are now old black and white analogue televisions? A new Omicron jab is "months away!" Meanwhile, the head of Moderna today warned it will take months to develop an Omicron-fighting vaccine. While the panic level intensifies over the Omicron variant and all over the UK, if we peel away the madness, slowly-60,000 crowds are still watching football, without masks, rugby games too, pubs, clubs and restaurants are open and retail madness 2021 is on course to break all records. Speaking today in the Daily Mail, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan had some rather interesting advice for Brits in the lead-up to Christmas: "If you are standing up and not drinking wear a mask!" Pretty cool advice there—doesn't Covid bother you when you are sitting down drinking?

17,371 deaths at the cost of 400 billion Pounds Sterling!

A Freedom of Information document surfaced in the UK earlier this year, submitted by Dr John Campbell. The document shows the true number of Covid-19 deaths in the UK from March 2020 to January 2022. These are only Covid-19 deaths with no other underlying disease in the victim. At this point, I would just like to inform you, that the UK government spent almost 400 billion Pounds Sterling dealing just with Covid-19 up to January this year. . . 

Remember during the two years since Covid-19 became a pandemic—Just in the UK—Millions of kids have had their education damaged. Millions of adults and pensioners have been left in some kind of depressed state. ‘100s of thousands of small and medium businesses have been closed down. We have endured lockdowns, travel bans, mask and vaccine mandates along with sanctions and our freedom are taken away. Why?
Because we were told by a “mind-boggling” entourage of so-called experts, that Covid-19 would be a repeat of the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic which would kill vast numbers of people. The graphs and info above have shown that statement to be utter tosh, wouldn't you say?

The UK has a population of almost 70 million people—Every year around 700,000 Brits die. . . The total number of people who died in the UK from March 2020 to January 2022 from Covid-19, was a mere—“17, 371.”—Less than 10,000 covid deaths a year folks. While the government was spending nearly 400 billion on Covid-19 and just 17,371 real Covid deaths, other people with debilitating diseases, cancer, heart patients, lung liver and kidney problems were put on a waiting list and now face the prospect of dying before the backlog is cleared. 

These figures are from official UK national statistics, so it would be reasonable to say, the same kind of figures is almost certainly the same for other “advanced” western countries!

If you needed proof we have been duped during the last two years, here it is. I know families have lost loved ones and they have my deepest sympathy but—It’s not hard to see, whether the government is inadequate or the whole thing has been some kind of a scam!

Stay safe


Coronavirus 2022 


Hawkeye said...

On subject with your great post here Gary!
To add to your info for proof of scam read these:

Realizing there are/have been so many alt news reports of the c19 vaccine ingredients and findings through autopsies etc., the expose-news link is one of the best I've seen and seems quite accurately true, a very probable dot connector to behaviors, illnesses, and deaths occurring now and since this c19 vac roll out. Adds much consideration to Gary's recently told run in with youngins tic-attacks...tourettes disease.
Report subject matter: vaccine ingredients....
Findings-predominantly metallic elements unexpectedly detected in doses from Astra Zeneca & BioNTech/Pfizer & Moderna:

*Alkali metals - (cesium, potassium)
*Alkaline earth metals - (calcium, barium)
*Rare earth metals - cesium, gadolinium)
*Transition metals - (cobalt, iron, chromium, titanium)
*Mining group/metal - (aluminum)
*Carbon group - silicon
*Oxygen group - Sulphur

Some I recognized, some needed defining. Common thread, "metals", heavy metals, every one is a heavy metal substance. Upon a search for defining, each one is ALSO a paramagnetic metal. "Extremely"reactive. Atomic. Electropositive. Excited by frequencies. Highly toxic.
Heavy metals are in ALL vaccines. There is NO safe amount I don't care what the talking heads tell you, no amount is safe. Heavy metals ARE KNOWN NUERO TOXINS. NUERO TOXINS. That means toxic to the numerological system in the body which includes brain health and brain function. That is your proof connection to tic attacks most likely Gary!
Magnetic and excited by frequencies. Hmmmm, conductive to what then? Means there is a control aspect to it. Beit purposely or as an effect (cause & effect), it exists. Think on it and logic should kick in!
So, a jabbed brain is magnetically conductive to frequencies, effected by frequencies! It is a changed brain and RX drugs on top of it and (alone do the same) really kick things in to high gear with behavior abnormalities.
Cesium (cesium) atomic#55, extremely reactive radioactive metal. Moving at rhythms (frequencies) faster then microwave energy as it is excited by microwave energy also. Geoengineering frequencies are microwave transmissions.

I would concur that it is highly UNlikely any of this is coincidence or unrelated. It really explains so much. Yet, doctors are baffled as to why all of a sudden since c19 vacs there is sudden adult death, or a huge increase in heart illnesses including stroke victims etc. etc. AND continue to push these vaccines on their patients!!
Knowledge to endure! Knowledge removes fear. Fear is not from God, get it!? .

Hawkeye said...

I love this post! You tell point blank what needs to be unveiled....if our government leaders care so much then why is there no funding help for basic needs of survival? Why instead are we robbed through price increases and lack of essentials so substantial that many can't meet their needs? And why are the same rulers that claim to want you well and safe spraying us with harmful toxins on a daily basis and lying about doing it when we can see it with the naked eye?
Why people trust them is beyond comprehension. The parallel in all this is the apocalypse upon us now, the unveiling which in essence is the knowledge increasing as written in the Bible.

The thing that needs highlighting most are the ingredients in all worldly medicine/vaccines, they are toxic poisoning to our bodies and our pets bodies, not medicine. Neurological toxins, cancer causing adjuvants, debilitating diseases, are NOT FROM NATURE, not naturally occurring, instead are caused by the medines and vaccines and blamed on nature! How can we be sure of this? Read the ingredients! Duh! You put inside your body a known nuero toxin then yea, chances are you will develop a numerological disease.
The other point is, no cures! None. Not one. Your issue is only managed never ever cured and not only not cured but more disease is added to your body!

We all know this yet too many ignore it. Every TV commercial for big pharma poison meds tells you of the horrific side effects it could cause. Most are worse then the illness you receive the meds or vacs for. Why would anyone take a daily pill for RA (as example) that tells you it's side effect is lymphoma cancer? RA is terrible yes, but cancer is worse. This is medicine? NO, it is insane!
Global warming/climate change/geoengineering....damaged ozone layer/atmosphere. Same theory as above. You put poisons in the air/atmosphere then yea, it will get sick. It's so simple. Lack of ozone protection is evident without any science whatsoever, just eyes and logic can confirm it.
If you ever bought sun screen lotion it tells you this truth. UVA/UVB protection. Right in bold print as their advertising reason to use their product. Well that translates to UVA/UVB solar radiation is getting through our ozone layer, if not then why do we need that protection?
The solar UV scale is simple to understand:
So then it also means we are half way through the solar uv scale right now and the next two steps are unliveable. Maybe UVC will be added to sunscreens, but XRAY there is no lotion for that. And maybe people can spread chemicals on their skin and deflect some of that harmful UV radiation but insects, birds, plants, trees, our cats and dogs, etc etc cannot! Without them and a liveable environment humans will cease to exist. So what's the point to lotion up if there is no food, water, or life sustaining anything?

These are such easy simple examples to understand how many bull shit stories people are told and believe in when the truth is clear as a bell ringing. I'm trying to shake you to wake you up!

Good read!
Thank you Gary!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks for the wonderful input Hawkeye! Sorry for the mutual 'back-slapping (cheesiness),' but it's true!

Phineas said...

Thank you, this is much appreciated. I haven't been telling anyone they are stupid. Pretty much letting them find out for themselves. With a delusion like this, research has shown that contradicting the false belief actually strengthens the false belief as a reaction against truth. People have to believe they discovered this all by themselves to maintain their ego.

Gary Walton said...

I think I understand!