Thursday 30 June 2022

Photo Of The Day—A wonderful snap of Tropical Cyclone Two, off the coast of Aruba yesterday: Sent in by my dear Sister In Law Petra, from the Dutch Antilles

Sent in by my Sister In Law Petra, from the Dutch Antilles

A wonderful snap of Tropical Cyclone Two, off the coast of Aruba yesterday—The Tropical Storm is a fast-moving, low-pressure system that is expected to make landfall over Nicaragua tomorrow. The National Hurricane center no longer predicts the storm will develop into a hurricane.

Stay safe Petra xx

Photo Of The Day


Stingray said...

tks for post

Laughing-Bear said...

Gary, that picture kind of looks like the air in my cabin when I cook. Well at least it used to look that way until i learned not to start cooking then go sit down in my lazy boy recliner for a couple of minutes and then fall asleep. Yep can you say well done!!!

Blessings, Just Me in Alaska

Gary Walton said...

Hahaha, I can imagine

Hawkeye said...

Funny words from Alaska above!... but, that photo is really not so funny. Those clouds are truly black and unusual. Held in that area by the frequency energies associated with geoengineering, called haarp. I watched it on radar as it could clearly be seen under that orange heat dome that steers all moisture now, not nature, man is doing it. Jet stream(s) are all broken now, can't be fixed.

I wasn't going to comment on this until now finding some daily news reports that brought me back to think of this post, seeming to be possibly connected, so here are my findings to show you and your readers Gary, that so many things going on have deep rooted connections.

Today, 7/5/22, a reported "test" is said to be occurring.
Keep it in mind for possible weird news reports following...
CERN, a scientific acronym for some really demonic shit in the name of science! It's a facility in Europe, Switzerland area, that houses the largest man made machine known on earth and it is a proton particle smasher pistol like gigantic gun (17 miles long!) machine, just recently upgraded (over the past 3 years) to be even stronger then its previous super powers. Incredible energy power being used here folks and one has to wonder, what the hell is wrong with these "men/women" who do this and or are curious enough to do this! That and the usual distraction from it causes the reported suspected things going on there.

This technology is in search of what they say is the God particle, by searching for dark matter!?? Dark matter is not the God aspect of things, its the opposite. Trying to dis-prove God's existence and creation of earth and prove the big bang theory.
Here is a good link with 3 short video's of info that people should know of.

(Seemore has expanded and moved to more reporting on ( ' ' )

If you are reading this now, it's very possible that is no accident, it is God wanting you to know of this. So please then check it out!

IMHO, that links info., this black storm cloud post, and the geoengineering, it's all connected. Like all else, the malice we are enduring has many tentacles of agenda and no one thing happening is just one thing. Cover, distraction, liars, and the truth are all intertwined in most everything in these end of days. What will come from this facility test and what has it already caused?

On a side note but related, noticing precipitation on daily weather radar checks is really disappearing. Huge reduction in global cloud cover consistently for at least a month or so. In summer? Weird, but propaganda news has written about a day soon to come where we lose clouds from all the "climate change" (which is the cover name for geoengineering). Just thought you should know.

Gary Walton said...

Cern was fired up yesterday, for the first time in over three years: Three new 'exotic particles' were discovered connected to the God particle—Higgs Boson. . . Who knows what they are letting into our world?????

Gary Walton said...

Could the mystery of dark matter finally be revealed? CERN's Large Hadron Collider is smashing protons together at a rate of a BILLION per second in attempt to unlock the secrets of the universe
The Large Hadron Collider broke a record when it hit 13.6 teraelectronvolts during its restart - a tera electron volt is equivalent to 1,000,000,000,000 EVs
Scientists are examining the Higgs Boson and how it interacts with other forces
Dark matter, which accounts of 26.8% of all mass and energy in the universe, still remains a mystery to scientists
The work at CERN over the coming years will give us insights into how the universe formed and how it is still evolving

Hawkeye said...

The work at cern is not for any good in this world. Those words you wrote Gary, about giving us insight and the implicatio that science is doing this for our good is a pattern of spin talk they use for all their malice in the name of science! The iconic statue that is standing in front of the cern business center, representing their organization, is a demonic figure that represents destruction, just for one point to my opinion of this science fraud.
Well I came back to follow up, strange news during or after cerns July 5th test...., the Georgia guidestones exploded the next morning. Is it significant? Was it criminal, on purpose, or by earth forces? Unknown right now but it qualifies for strange news after cern blows another big hole in our atmosphere in the name of science for the good of the world! Don't you think?! Stay tuned folks, more to come for sure!