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CDC Foundation is not a government entity and has many conflicts of interest: The agency does what it is supposed to do – promote and advance the interests of its stakeholders. It is most infamous for funding the Tuskegee Experiments that deliberately left black Americans with syphilis


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CDC Foundation is not a government entity and has many conflicts of interest

CDC Foundation is not a government entity and has many conflicts of interest

March 23, 2021 (updated May 20, 2021)

ATLANTA — The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (“CDC”) is an advertising agency for pharmaceutical companies. That may come off as some grandiose pronouncement meant to gather clicks and attention. But the agency does what it is supposed to do – promote and advance the interests of its stakeholders.

There is nothing impartial, objective, or neutral about the CDC and its sister agency, the National Institutes of Health (“NIH”). Doctors and scientists who have dedicated their entire existence to medicine and saving lives are being decertified, censored, and discredited by the CDC for presenting peer-reviewed evidence that is contrary to the COVID-19 agenda. Media that do not tow the doomsday COVID narrative are also censored. Search “The COVID Blog” and “COVID Legal USA” without quotes in any search engine besides Google. We come up first or second. Now do Google. The censorship is blatant and obvious.

COVID Legal USA is working towards getting the COVID-19 propaganda machine in federal court. The only way to break through this well-coordinated propaganda machine is with rules of evidence and rules of procedure. The CDC is the propaganda arm of this entire agenda. So we’ve decided to attempt litigating these matters (mandatory shots, faulty COVID-19 testing, statistics, non-emergency authorizations, etc.) in a court of law. It’s a tall task. But we already have several causes of action to bring colorable claims against the CDC.

We’ll be working on it for several months before action is commenced. We also understand that facts are now “conspiracy theories” to mainstream media, social media, and the CDC. Regardless, here is what the public needs to know right now.

History of the CDC

The Communicable Disease Center was established as a branch of the U.S. Public Health Service on July 1, 1946, in DeKalb County, Georgia. It took over the offices of the wartime U.S. agency called Malaria Control in War Areas (MCWA). The Rockefeller Foundation worked in close collaboration with MCWA, similar to how the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation is today with the CDC, National Institutes of Health, and Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The Communicable Disease Center changed its name to the National Communicable Disease Center in 1967. It was renamed Center for Disease Control in 1970. The “s” was added to make it Centers for Disease Control in 1980. Congress changed the name to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in 1992. But the agency kept the acronym CDC. Keep the year 1992 fresh in your mind.

U.S. Public Health Services has existed in some form since 1798. It is most infamous for funding the Tuskegee Experiments that deliberately left black Americans with syphilis untreated from 1932 to 1972. Dr. John Cutler, a U.S. Public Health Services scientist who was involved with the Tuskegee Experiments, was also responsible for deliberately infecting 696 Guatemalans with syphilis to observe them.

Today, U.S. Public Health Services is divided into 11 divisions of the Department of Health and Human Services. Two of those divisions are the CDC and the National Institutes of Health. The CDC was headquartered in unincorporated DeKalb County/Druid Hills, Georgia before Atlanta annexed it into the city in 2018.

History of the CDC Foundation

The National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (colloquially “CDC Foundation”) was created by Section 201, subsection 399F of the Preventative Health Amendments of 1992 (H.R. 3635). It was passed by Congress and signed into law by President George H.W. Bush on October 27, 1992. There are several important provisions of the law related to the function and purpose of the CDC Foundation. Subsection (a) reads:

The Foundation shall not be an agency or instrumentality of the Federal Government, and officers, employees, and members of the board of the Foundation shall not be officers or employees of the Federal Government.

Subsection (b) is as follows:

‘(b) PURPOSE OF FOUNDATION- The purpose of the Foundation shall be to support and carry out activities for the prevention and control of diseases, disorders, injuries, and disabilities, and for promotion of public health.

Then there is Subsection (c), the all-important Endowment Fund:

‘(1) IN GENERAL- In carrying out subsection (b), the Foundation shall establish a fund for providing endowments for positions that are associated with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and dedicated to the purpose described in such subsection. Subject to subsection (f)(1)(B), the fund shall consist of such donations as may be provided by non-Federal entities and such non-Federal assets of the Foundation (including earnings of the Foundation and the fund) as the Foundation may elect to transfer to the fund.

CDC attempts to separate itself from CDC Foundation

The CDC has a webpage specifically stating the disclaimer that it and the CDC Foundation are independent of one another. That’s like saying Google and Youtube are two different companies.

The CDC is a quasi-government agency at best. It presents itself as a government agency because it receives billions in tax dollars every year. But it also receives funding from private corporations and organizations with vested interests. There are no specific restrictions, other than an ethics code, enumerated in the law related to CDC Foundation endowments. For those unfamiliar, unrestricted endowments mean that the funds are “meant to be used for operations or programs that are consistent with the wishes of the donor(s).”

Therefore, the CDC became compromised in 1992 with the passage of this bill that allows private funding for an alleged government entity through an “independent nonprofit.”

CDC Foundation donors

The CDC Foundation website says its primary function is “collaboration between CDC and philanthropies, private entities and individuals to protect the health, safety, and security of America and the world.” This agency can no longer exist under the guise of a neutral government agency.

We’ve covered the fact that the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation gave $13.5 million to the CDC Foundation in 2013. But that’s just the beginning. The Gates Foundation gave the CDC Foundation $46.7 million in 2014, $5 million in 2015, $11.3 million in 2016, etc. As of March, the Gates Foundation has given $2.3 million so far to the CDC in 2021. You can see all Gates to CDC contributions here. Further, only the United States government gives more to the World Health Organization than the Gates Foundation. Thus Gates is essentially orchestrating (and funding) this entire COVID agenda.

Bill Gates is on record, many times, saying that the global population “does not have a choice. Normalcy only returns when we’ve vaccinated the entire global population.”

More on the Bill Gates “conspiracy theory”

Mainstream media dismiss the truth about Microsoft’s body activity data apparatus as “conspiracy theory and disinformation.” However, the patent documents are public for anyone to see. These documents, along with the synthetic mRNA patent documents from 2017-2019 that are also readily accessible, can and will be presented as evidence in a federal court.

Further, the CDC Foundation’s other donors are a who’s who of pharmaceutical companies and big tech firms. Bayer, Facebook, GlaxoSmithKline (which merged with Pfizer in 2018), and Merck are just a few of them. The CDC Foundation had a partnership with Johnson & Johnson as recently as 2018 to allegedly monitor diseases in Sierra Leone, Uganda, Vietnam, and other less fortunate countries. Pharmaceutical companies sell drugs, not cures and public health. And the relationships are a revolving door. Former CDC chief Julie Gerberding left her position in 2009 to become President of Merck’s vaccine division.

The CDC, NIH, and Dr. Fauci are not impartial, trustworthy sources of information and advice. That is not conjecture. That is based on the tax-exempt money trail and facts herein.

CDC Foundation nonprofit history

Note, we emailed three media contacts and three board members of the CDC [Foundation] for comment before publishing this story. Though all of them read the email, none of them responded. Thus we’ll present the story and you can decide for yourselves.

The National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Foundation) was first formed as a Georgia nonprofit on October 26, 1993, one year after H.R. 3635 was signed into law. The agency had renewed its nonprofit registration every year until it was dissolved on September 10, 2010, for failure to file its annual registration. The CDC Foundation was reinstated as a Georgia nonprofit on April 22, 2011. Thus there was a seven-month period where no CDC Foundation existed, and any donations received during that time were likely illegal.

Nonprofits are required to register in most states where donations and other funds are collected. Only five states require limited or no registration for nonprofits to collect funds in their jurisdictions. For instance, the National Foundation for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC Foundation) has been registered in Alaska since at least 2017. But there are no further records of registration in Alaska before 2017. In contrast, the California CDC Foundation registration dates back to 2010.

Tax-free slush fund and wasting tax dollars

All of this money being brought into the CDC via the “CDC Foundation” is tax-free. The agency’s 2019 IRS Form 990 says the CDC Foundation received $252 million that year alone from this endeavor. That’s on top of the tax dollars the CDC receives. The CDC’s operating budget has averaged about $7.2 billion per year since 2016. Its budget was $10 billion in 2008 before Congressional investigations found that the agency wastes millions and spends lavishly.

For example, the CDC spent $106 million on a visitor center, $5.1 million on audio-video integrations, $18 million on a video production studio, and $1.7 million to “fact-check” television shows like “ER,” “Grey’s Anatomy,” and “House.” The CDC spent its AIDS and HIV Prevention fund in 2007 on erotic writing, a drag queen contest, and a San Francisco workshop called “how to flirt with greater finesse.”

CDC is a for-profit business, not for the common good

There is peer-reviewed evidence that the CDC grossly inflates COVID-19 deaths by upwards of 90%. It must do this to satisfy its stakeholders. The CDC only loosened its arbitrary six-feet “social distancing” rule to three feet in schools after numerous complaints by school districts across the country. Both Pfizer and Moderna are now saying the THIRD dose of their mRNA shots is necessary for immunity. A transcript from a conference attended by Pfizer executives on March 11 regarding this third dose announcement tells you all you need to know:

And factors like efficacy, booster ability, clinical utility will basically become very important, and we view that as, quite frankly, a significant opportunity for our vaccine from a demand perspective, from a pricing perspective, given the clinical profile of our vaccine.

And again, the CDC is listed on the Dun and Bradstreet corporate directory.

We don’t know exactly when we’re commencing litigation against the CDC and the federal government. We’re still narrowing down the claims and researching. It’s a lot. But the only way to hold this dangerous organization accountable is with set rules of evidence and procedure. No more monopolized media and big tech social media platforms disseminating the CDC’s narrative. It’s time to take action. Wish us luck.


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Hawkeye said...

Excellent post Gary! Absolutely fantastic is the information here....the truth.
To you and your friend that sent you this link, bravo! Thank you!

Truenobleman. said...


Truenobleman. said...


Hawkeye said...

Adding to " some more naked truth" for your readers and you Gary. Anyone seen this side of the news reports yet?


Can we say this news link information qualifies to be a signal that what is written in the Bible as the mark, to be able to buy & sell, is beginning?...(buy & sell translation: to be able to eat!) Ha ha, and we "thought" the covid thing was done!? Not!

Gary Walton said...

Wow, makes you wonder, just like Wuhan two years ago—do they know something we don't know, the authorities I mean? Is something else about to be unleashed?

It's time to get your money back from the banks, it's not earning you anything anyway. Stock up with tin foods, flower, rice, pasta, and other carbs. Although I fear, this will only get you so far I'm afraid!

It's astonishing to say but I truly believe we are entering the 7-year tribulation period.

Time to stop sitting on the fence and choose your leader.

Buckle-up folks!

Hawkeye said...

Here is another interesting link to connect more dots! Two short video's everyone should take a look see. After you watch them, think about the c19 injectable ingredients (graphene), note in BBC video the young girl said she still needed her hand set.....
Rappaport put out a post today about no evidence, no proof, no studies done or in the works, to prove the spike protein is indeed in the ingredients and or in a contagious virus. His point was how do they know their product is working as claimed when there hasn't been any tests done to see that s protein inside bodies. Claim is, inject the spike protein virus to make your cells produce that same spike protein to create immunity. Right?
OK, so said spike protein is causing the adverse effects and worse. Spike protein is a toxin. Blah, blah.... if there is no virus then there is no spike protein contagious virus and so probably not in the product at all. We do have proof graphene et al is in the product and known as a hard nuero toxin.
*What's graphene used for?
*Ever heard of piezoelectric material?
*Ever visit geoengineeringwatch and learn of sky spraying ingredients proven thru ground testing?
Look into that! A unique affiliation you might find to this link'sinfo., the definition of piezoelectric, geoengineering ingredients, and the vaccines. Wow to this too Gary! Wow, the more I learn the more it fits exactly to what Jesus said regarding these end of days...."those days will be shortened, for if they were not no flesh would remain".... you know why? Because flesh is human, people are becoming Trans human. Get it!?
Yes, the final 7 is upon us absolutely! Too many things fit. Wow.

Hawkeye said...

Oh dear, just came back to catch up on comments and see I stupidly left out the link I told you all to watch! Sorry guys...


There are 2 short video's in this link to watch, learn, and understand what is unfolding in this world full of malice.
One is from an actual BBC TV show aired in UK. The other is from financial economist advisor Neil McCoy Ward, also in the UK.

Apologies for my error of omission on this link.

Anonymous said...

Another way to show that the CDC is NOT a part of the government is that is has a Dunn&Bradstreet number.
This number is for Corporations NOT Government Agencies. Dnb has made it hard to find with the search function on their site. However using an exterior search function, the number is at:


I used this evidence to show the ENORMOUS Conflicts of Interest of many of the parties pushing the VAXX to those that would listen. Your article will add to that evidence. Much of which has vanished from the Web including Archive.org. So be careful you don't get thrown down the Memory Hole!

Gary Walton said...

Wonderful info from everyone thanks—No worries Hawkeye...

Hawkeye said...

Great point and info in the comment by anonymous regarding the dnb#. Good job!
I would like to show (add) everyone that not only is the paperwork & money trail very telling but so are the words this masked agency (cdc) uses.

They "act" (actors/actresses "act") as if they are government-al.
Words are telling us the truth but they imply to us it means opposite. Their vaccine product(s) contain "anti-bodies" those are the main focus sell factor ingredient,the soldiers in the potion that will battle the virus intruder when it enters the body, right? Everything is antibodies, that's pretty much their push to take the jabs and also a treatment proceecdure too.
Look at that word carefully and ask yourself why would a cure ingredient be called "anti" "body".?!

Anti - used as a prefix in our language to denote being "against" the word it preceeds.
Anti Body is saying against the body, not for good of the body, against it! So then how is it that anti-bodies in vaccines are the good fighters to attack an intruder virus when the word itself says it will attack the body, not help it!? Need more convincing of this word game! Ha ha, the additional ingredients that accompany the anti- body ingredient. Read the ingredients....yes indeed they say "anti-body"!! In fact they scream it.
Do you get it? Pay close attention to their words! Huge pattern there, in all things. Words matter alot! Don't dismiss them.

Melly said...

what if 10,000 people on the same day go to their personal banks and try to get a withdrawal of $10,000. In my opinion it would be chaos. Don't give up and don't get angry and violent, just wait patiently, if you get a check or a cashiers check, go to that bank on the check if possible, i was personally held up for a week for my check to clear b/c I did not go to that bank on the check so it would have been faster, every bank and lending want to verify everything. Fraud and scammers are everywhere. The banks are trying to cover their asses. This was a FYI blog, God bless us all. Amen