Thursday 30 December 2021

Submission Accomplished! A list of new of tech jargon is launched into our everyday subconsciousness by the US Department Of Homeland Security including: Mass Fatality Tracking System (MFTS) and Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRDs) to name just a couple

DHS, image public domain.

Since January 2020 the world has had to become (almost overnight) savvy with a whole boat-load of new abbreviations, so many, that quite often I lose my chain of thought when trying to read and digest new information. Many of these abbreviations  and jargon are associated with the Covid pandemic. If you don't know your 'LFTs to your 'PPEs then you will no doubt be-feelin' me! To coin a phrase.

Submission Accomplished!

As our world becomes acclimatised to the "Great New Reset," and people are increasingly becoming "easy" with the "vacs-booster" mandates,  a whole new language of tech jargon (rolling around my neural network) will be launched into our everyday subconsciousness befitting a dystopian George Orwell novel.

A document has come to my attention from no other than the "US Department Of Homeland Security" showing a list of 11 new topics, "abbreviations" for small business who would want to review topics and ask clarifying technical questions regarding the topic requirements applying for working contracts in the DHS's "new technology" field, ie, A1 (artificial intelligence),  RFID chips and tracking systems, all the up-and-coming- new stuff.

The document actually lists 11, (SBIR) Program released topics for the new Small Business innovation Research (SBIR) 22.1 Pre-solicitation, so the small businesses and applicants can be up to "SPEED!"  

The document was released last month on  November 22, 2021 and gives a rather dystopian view of what is to come in the dark days before us...

S&T Public Affairs, 202-254-2385

Washington – The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Program released 11 topics for the new Small Business innovation Research (SBIR) 22.1 Pre-solicitation. During this period, small businesses can review topics and ask clarifying technical questions regarding the topic requirements.

“The topics span a broad range of homeland security needs that give small businesses the opportunity to partner with DHS and turn their ideas into effective solutions,” said Dusty Lang, DHS SBIR Director. “I encourage all innovative small businesses to review the topics in the Pre-Solicitation to better understand our research and development needs.”

Full topic descriptions for the titles listed below can be viewed at Technical questions should be directed to the technical point of contact for each topic, listed in the 22.1 SBIR Topic Areas document. Small businesses have until 5:00 p.m. ET on December 14, 2021 to submit their questions.

(Added by Gary Walton)

The DHS topics in the 22.1 SBIR Pre-Solicitation are:

  • DHS221-001 - Automated Artificial Intelligence (AI) Distress Alerts and Monitoring (Automated-"increased speed" by robots to distressed alerts and monitoring)
  • DHS221-002 - Rapidly deployable countermeasures at protected perimeters and structures (This one speaks for its self... Rapidly deployable countermeasures at protected perimeters and structures at concentration camps?)
  • DHS221-003 - Non-Invasive and Real-time Detection of Counterfeit Microelectronics (To protect personal vaccine status and ID verification and a vaccines integrity, they need to know they have the right guy!)
  • DHS221-004 - Broadband Push-to-Talk Interoperability Platform (PTT encrypted communications for censorship of the internet and personal sent files, email, etc) 
  • DHS221-005 - A Step Towards Agent Agnostic Detection of Biological Hazards (to build, a God-like (agnostic) algorithm to detect and stop the threat of future biological hazards)
  • DHS221-006 - Streamlined Airport Checkpoint Screening for Limited Mobility Passengers (Speeding up the current mess at airports, a need to detect quickly vaccination status of individuals trying to leave or arrive: Spoiler alert you won't be coming or going without a vaccination!)
  • DHS221-007 - Mass Fatality Tracking System (MFTS) (No need to explain this one, they will need to know just where the dead are!)
  • DHS221-008 - Next Generation Semiconductor-Based Spectroscopic Personal Radiation Detectors (SPRDs) (Hmmm? Radiation from what? 5G, EMP, vaccines or WWIII?)
  • DHS221-009 - Field Forward Diagnostics for Select Agent List Toxins (This one is for Hawkeye! A sky full of toxins)
  • DHS221-010 - Wearable Detector for Aerosolised Chemical Threats (same as above!)
  • DHS221-011 - From Port-Side to Pen-Side: Low Cost Detection/Diagnostics for High-Consequence Transboundary or Nationally Reportable Animal Diseases, Particularly Those with Zoonotic Propensity (the next one is already out there, so they say. African Swine Flu, Bird Flu, Bat Flu, The Bubonic Plague, Ebola, it's a question of when not if)

The DHS SBIR Program is a competitive contract awards program to increase the participation of innovative and creative U.S. small businesses in federal research and development initiatives and to increase private sector commercialization of SBIR-funded solutions. To learn more about the program, visit: or contact

Interested small businesses can register for the Deconstructing SBIR: What’s New in 2022! webinar on Wednesday December 1, 2021 at 2 p.m. ET. During this live webinar, attendees will hear from the DHS SBIR Director about how small businesses can participate in the program and how technologies developed through SBIR can support DHS component technology needs.

For more information on S&T’s innovation programs and tools, visit:

Thanks to Pastor DJ

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Hawkeye said...

Wow, good find Gary! The truth, those devices recommended by DHS will give us proof it IS there yes, good idea government!

It's kind of funny this list from DHS, #080- personal radiation detectors and #010- wearable aerosolized chemical threat detectors....ha ha good one! They will shoot themselves in the foot if those devices truly do become available for public purchases because if people wear those devices each day they will be beeping in warning all day rendering most places to close and send people home due to the massive amounts of those two detectable threats going on in real time now and every day forward. Geoengineering will finally be exposed then as just that element never ever acknowledged contains high levels of aerosolized chemical threats and radioactive ingredients like barium just to name one.

You can look at this news 2 ways, one is in fear or two is in a happy surprise. Bring it on evil doers please! There is only so far they can go regardless of what dystopian BS technology to track and control that they come up with because at some point, seems like now, their lies and tricks will be exactly what turns them all in to expose the massive corruption and poisoning that is actually front and center over all other things going on in this cruel world.
So glad to see it starting to show up!

Hey man I'll take two of each please and will keep hard copy notes of daily readings to bring to the judge at the criminals court hearings!! Hooray and bravo! We got them now folks.