Tuesday 30 November 2021

AFROPHOBIA! Omicron stinks to the high heavens! The variant will be used to vaccinate 1 billion unsuspecting Africans and South Africa is the stepping stone, while the West is shouting: "Fight Omicron, Get Your BOOSTER NOW!"

The current global situation of the Covid-19 today (29th 11, 2021) Note, stats don't lie, above (CSSE) showing Covid-19 in the West more or less running out-of-control, but look below at Africa, the second biggest continent in the world is "NOT" following the Covid-19 narrative, the disease is and has been for the last 2 years relatively stable. We can't have that now can we?

There is one country though in Africa which followed the same pattern as the West and has had terrible problems from Covid during the last 2 years. Even so South Africa, has enjoyed a walk in the park when compared to most of their western neighbours. For instance South Africa is way down at number 45 on the world list of Covid total cases, (stats supplied by CSSE) at 2,961,406 with deaths sadly at 89,797, more than 3 million people have been vaccinated which is totally out of sync with the rest of the continent, see below. 

What is the new Covid variant, Omicron and where did it come from?

The World Health Organisation, (WHO), and the Centre For Disease Control And Prevention, (CDC) are claiming  "Omicron is attacking the young." New mantra-"Come and get your BOOSTER NOW!"

As you probably know the Omicron variant derives from South Africa and has the world in total panic. However, the reality of the new strain according to the South African scientist who discovered Omicron is quite mild and has resulted in no Hospitalisations in South Africa! Full story

Until now only 1,000 people have caught the new variant, however Omicron has exploded across the main stream media in the last few days in such away to make us believe the variant is actually worse than actual Covid itself.

The real reason Omicron is being touted as a B movie destroyer, "The Killer The World Forgot" is a two pronged attack at Africa and the West simultaneously. Firstly the second biggest continent in the world, Africa has not done too badly during the Covid pandemic, if you didn't know. Africa has a population of 1.37 billion people. 

Since Covid-19 began, Africa as a continent has suffered just under 9 million cases (1 million less than the UK) and sadly, 222, 740, deaths, however, when you consider South Africa, an affluent and westernised country compared to the rest of the continent have suffered 3 million cases and almost a 100,000 deaths from a population of 60 million. We can now see the staggering statistic of only 122,000 deaths from a continent of 1. 31 billion people... 60 million removed which is the population of South Africa and 100,000 deaths.

When you consider, the US has had almost 50 million cases and a very gruesome 778,000 deaths, all from a population pop of 335 million, just 1/4 the population of Africa.

Ok I'll get to the point, I listened to the latest news statement from the World Health Organisation, (WHO) today. They are brazenly using the Omicron variant as a means to vaccinate the whole of Africa, claiming the new variant is spreading too rapidly and Africa as a continent has to be protected from it and the West has to come up with the funds to vaccinate them, I don't have a problem with that, however, they obviously are doing rather well without the vaccine, thank you very much.

If this continent is vaccinated, covid cases will rocket, just like the West and other parts of the world. Africa is not at this moment at the "The Great Reset! Let's build back better!" party but believe me what I heard today on the news, they sure will be!

Prong attack number two-BOOSTERS!

Yes, folks, the cry today on most front pages of the western media is: "Fight Omicron, Get Your BOOSTER NOW!"

Below is a clip from a couple of "experts" giving rather vague statements on a press release, see what you think?

According to the BBC website today, Jonathan Van-Tam, Chief Medical Officer of England praised South African scientists for their "excellence"and the transparency of the authorities there - for bringing Omicron to the world's attention at the earliest possible moment. The variant was first identified there last week. (All a little vague and not at all transparent don't ya think?  Which scientists?  What authorities?  Where is there?

Earlier another BBC statement from Dr.June Raine: Any "new vaccine" will only be approved if it is safe - Raine Speaking about the possibility of a new vaccine to target the Omicron virus variant, Raine says that no new vaccine will be approved unless quality and safety standards can be met.

One minute later Dr. June claimed:

Booster jab data shows no new safety concerns, the chief executive of the MHRA medicines watchdog, says ensuring the continued use of existing vaccines is a priority.

(Hmmm), so what she is really saying, there will be no new vaccines because we are going to continue with the old ones... Waite a moment, if Covid has re-invented itself into, let's say a flat-screen tv, surely the original vaccines are now old black and white analogue televisions?

A new Omicron jab is "months away!"

Meanwhile, the head of Moderna today warned it will take months to develop an Omicron-fighting vaccine.

While the panic-level intensifies over the Omicron variant and all over the UK, if we peel away the madness, slowly-60,000 crowds are still watching football, without masks, rugby games too, pubs, clubs and restaurants are open and retail madness 2021 is on course to break all records. Speaking today in the Daily Mail, the Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan had some rather interesting advice for Brits in the lead up to Christmas: "If you are stood up and not drinking wear a mask!" Pretty cool advice there don't ya think?

As a pop-star once sang: "Time sucks on a cigaret." He also sang "We got five years!" 


Bill Laughing-Bear said...

Great job Gary,
The facts show the truth but they do not want us to see them? Are they thinking about all the money the World Bank will save if they kill off Africa? As they have not been able to disarm America do they feel they can skirt the problem of those people by having them get the JAB, yep kill the American with no shots fired?
I look at this and as wonder is this a classic case of wag the dog? Well lets all have a super panic because the older brother cares for us and will take care of us, all you have to do is sell your soul to him and get the poison.
Just my thoughts and again thank you for your excellent sounding of the alarm from the top of the wall, may you be blessed!!
Just me in Alaska, Bill Laughing-Bear

Gary Walton said...

Cheers Bill

Fantastic to hear from you directly!

Stay safe buddy

Hawkeye said...

I saw info yesterday that said Australia (I think that was the country) has pre-paid orders for covid vac's for 7 years forward at a rate of 2 jabs per year totaling 14 more boosters to be administered! Can you imagine, first it was 8 boosters planned, now they are saying 14. OMG. I dont know how so many are still standing after 3, what in the world will 14 look like!!?
They are seemingly pushing get the jab cause a new monster spike ball is coming.....but in the same sentence is "scientists are working to make new serum for the new varry". So get a booster that doesnt work? Why dont people ask that question? Weird! In the grocery store this weekend the lady check out proudly said she was "good", got all 3 shots as she spoke through her mask. I asked her when is this store going to release you guys from those masks? (Only mandatory for employee's, 95% of patrons are without masks here).
She said, oh probably never, but I'm good, got all 3 shots. So I said, then what did you get them for if you still cant ditch that mask? She did not answer me and looked as if she had trouble understanding that question. No kidding it was very weird!

I try so hard to keep an open mind and be very aware of brainwashing news, but with each passing day this pandy continues to look more and more sinister and suspicious. I'm sorry, but it just does.
Seems fishy to me that a country with one of the lowest case data numbers for covid illness is now where a new scariant has emerged from......right after a new shot is "approved", once again.

Trying to see patterns to discern what is truth.
Gee, shortly after jabbing a new wave always hits the world....? Hmmmm.
What else fits? Well, africa is poor-er then most nations, so techno is behind there. Think 5g. They have next to none and they have next to no covid. Hmmm. Many have pointed that out and yes that is the case, but is it related? Hmmm.
My good friend is experiencing blood clotting issues, she just got her 3rd jab that I begged her not to get. She has pre-existing heart problems and auto immune disorders. After 2 jabs she took a fall and messed up her knee. One month now and still her knee is swollen terribly and hard as a rock. She saw her dr for it, had blood tests done too. Numbers say her blood is clotting, dr said he never saw anything like what was occurring in her knee. Cause, clotted blood hard as a rock in her knee. She was complaing about it, on the phone with dr., she said the test results must be worse because she had been eating a lot of salad lately! It must be that damn vitamin k from too much spinach doing this to her blood! What!? I told her it is also a said side effect from the vac, she got mad and said NO it isnt! It's the vitamins.
Do you see the thinking here, how do you break through that to help your friends? Well it told me her news choices have never mentioned these now stated facts of adverse reactions to this snake oil vac.

Reasons why suspicions fly!
Thanks for the opportunity to vent!

Gary Walton said...

You surely are welcome!

sophie said...

I can't imagine why they would bother worrying about Africans being vaccinated unless they think there will be too many left after they zap the rest of the world.If covid is so deadly then why not let it run rampid and kill us off?

Yes Hawkeye you cannot argue or change a brainwashed person.The liberals watch mainstream news and thats where they get brainwashed.They will come up with any ridiculous answer to a proven fact that is against the liberals.Its proven to only take 2 weeks to brainwash someone,imagine.They may even use subliminal messaging.They can't think for theirself anymore and get easily confused.It would take months to get them back to normal and you can't argue them back,its a waste of time.They wear masks because thats what their told to do.I wonder if they will turn against us (unvaccinated) I think so.I had covid ,bad,so now I have natural immunity thankfully.Stay safe all,our Lord will soon be here.

john said...

It is truly staggering as to how so many people have succumbed to this mass psychosis, the pandemic is one of paranoid hypochondria.
I've got to the stage now where I find it all quite amusing. I have done a lot of research in the mortality stats for my county of Dorset in the UK. To summarize;
1. There have been no excess deaths in comparison with the last five years.
2. Weekly deaths at home are up 286%, with no peaks or troughs, with less than 2.5% being Covid related.
3. Burials and cremations are on a par with the last five years.
4. Purchases of Midazolam were up 60% in 2020.
5. Presentation of case load by the authorities is deliberately misleading.
6. My local council FOI team are starting to withhold information.

I could go on, but you get the picture. It's actually been great fun trying to trip them up.

All the best,

Gary Walton said...

Good ole Dorset eh? Hahaha, well, who would've thought? Stay safe John!

Hawkeye said...

Following up...
Today, 12-3-21, three days after Gary posted this, news stories on this new scariant are so different then the linked "full story" article included in this post. Couldn't resist this chance to point that out and add my takings on it.
First most relevant point was reported on google news and 2 local news stations here in FL, they said, the first case was a FULLY VACCINATED PERSON"! Today on google news links it said 171 cases so far in 24 countries, 3 in Spain and 2 of those 3 were FULLY VACCINATED. Majority of cases, fully vac'd!

The link Gary provides is daily mail, it says like 1000 cases to date. Big typo from 171 to 1000. What!?

These reports say this new varry are vac'd people and next sentence is get your shots/boosters to protect you. The current boosters or 2nd shots taken are looking to be 40% UN-effective (said the news reports) for new varry's.....but go get the jab. Does this make sense? No. WTF is wrong with people!!??

Just had to get that out because many nations are announcing more enforced mandates against "unprotected" people named as un- vac'd, yet they say fully vac'd started all this and are majority of new cases. I'm wondering if there are any sane brains left that hear this double talk? Please reply if so! Lol....
I said it before and will say it again, vaccines cause variants just like anti-biotics cause variants and are deemed ineffective from OVER USE. That's why new anti-biotics are constantly being made......hey, it's the same with this vac, constant new formulas are being made. The same is true for vaccines OVER USE. This used to be pretty common knowledge.....
This is a pandemic of poisoning and mutated synthetic fixes causing bad health to never end and/or that never gets cured by only chemical remedies out there. Its poisoning! Poison causes diseases, not germs. Think!
Covid is a disease....?.... or is it a pneumonia like flu.....?.....which is it?! Because no vaccine prevents or protects against disease, vaccines are said to be immune protection from germs or parasites even though their ingredients say otherwise!
Every single vaccine contains chemicals and heavy metals, among other horrible shit. My friends daughter is a nurse and argued with me in defense of this covid vac regimine. I told her this ingredient fact and she replied yelling back at me (get this) "there is no proof vaccines cause autism or any other nuero brain disorders", none she said. I told her she was wrong, heavy metals ARE KNOWN NUEROTOXINS. That is your proof! She went silent. Pretty scary when a nurse talks like that. Thanks for hearing me out!

sophie said...

Hawkeye ,listen to the video from Carol Rosin. explains everything.So unbelieveable what they have done.I am so happy God has protected me from this hypnosis.