Sunday 29 August 2021

Could there possibly be an alternative way to protect ourselves from Covid without having to rely on dangerous, untested and not fully understood vaccines? Well, there could well be, they are being studied now! "Losartan," Solnatide, Avipdadil, and Dipeptidase.

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Yesterday, I stumbled onto a YouTube video from a very interesting man, Jerry Kroth, Ph.D. Now Mr. Jerry Kroth, Ph.D., just may have found an incredible defense against Covid-19 without having to have the vaccine, which would be absolutely incredible. However, there are two caveats that come with his information which will send alarm bells ringing in many heads who read this post further. One of the caveats is he has discovered his information from a "crop-circle?" So, for the people who have now stayed and are going to read on let me tell you I have posted Jerry's ground-breaking video below.

Ok, here we go, most of this stuff is way over my head: The Covid virus consists of spike proteins. Inside these spike proteins is something called SP8, which was also found in the Sars virus and had a "positive" immunological function. It now turns out that the SP8 epitope found in the Covid spike protein does indeed have a "positive" immunological function just as the Sars virus. It has a name too, (VLNDILSRL) and is located at positions, 958-966, which means nothing to me but I have added the info anyway. So according to Jerry, the Sars spike glycoprotein is fully present in the Covid spike glycoprotein sequence too.

What does the 8 stand for in SP8 found inside the spike protein? According to the experts, the 8 stands for Amino Acids, which make peptides that make protein. Now, this is where the video becomes very interesting. Peptides are being studied to target the virus in the US and Europe. These "peptides" are, "Losartan," Solnatide, Avipdadil, and something else called Dipeptidase.

I take "Losartan," for a heart condition and I have a very bad lung problem too and because of medication, my immune system is almost non-existent, since Covid broke in 2020 I have had pneumonia and several severe lung infections but no Covid, thank Goodness, I am now looking into the Losartan connection thanks to Jerry Kroth's video and have come up with some surprising results on Google search. Below is just a couple of finds...

Angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) and COVID-19

The downregulation of angiotensin-converting enzyme 2 (ACE2) has been shown to cause local RAS dysregulation. This can subsequently lead to pro-inflammatory, pro-apoptotic, and pro-thrombotic effects and, ultimately, COVID-19-induced cytokine storm.

Scientists have hypothesized that selective AT1R antagonism by angiotensin receptor blockers (ARBs) can aid in reducing COVID-19-related lung pathology. ARBs achieve this by rebalancing the Ang II/angiotensin (1-7) ratio and by indirectly promoting Ang II-induced activation of AT2R.

Recent studies have found that C21, which is an antagonist of AT2R, improved respiratory function in the hospitalization and mortality rates of COVID-19 patients. Notably, during the initial phases of the pandemic, the use of ARBs was limited owing to concerns over their possibility to increase its viral load, due to ACE2 upregulating effects. Further research has since proven that this is not the case and experimental and clinical studies on ARBs in COVID-19 are well underway.

In recent in silico studies, Losartan, which is an ARB, was shown to change the structure of ACE2, thereby affecting its binding with the receptor-binding domain (RBD) of the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein. Losartan was also found to reduce inflammatory responses that would otherwise lead to acute respiratory distress and change the atomic configuration of SARS-CoV-2 PLpro.

The new study

In the current study, scientists examined the ability of Losartan to inhibit the deubiquitinase and deISGylase properties of SARS-CoV-2 PLpro. The authors also examined whether Losartan was capable of preventing viral replication in pre-and post-infected Vero E6 cells.

Losartan was first incubated at various concentrations with SARS-CoV-2 PLpro and a peptide substrate, which contained interferon-stimulated gene product 15 (ISG15). The results of this experiment suggested that Losartan could be interacting with certain elements of PLpro that are capable of accommodating peptide and Ub-like substrates. The inhibition rate of Losartan was 2.3% when tested against Ub-AMC and 6.9% against ISG15 cleavage. More here

Coronavirus Treatment: Losartan Might Help Us Combat COVID-19 Symptoms

Experts worldwide are experimenting with drugs to treat COVID-19. Those at the University of Minnesota have been testing if the blood pressure medication Losartan can prevent coronavirus infection or reduce the symptoms.

Since there isn’t a potential vaccine or treatment yet for the highly contagious respiratory illness, patients have to only rely on supportive care for now.

The generic blood pressure medication might ultimately help doctors fight back against the spread of COVID-19. The scientists are trying to determine whether Losartan can prevent severe symptoms and perhaps even prevent the rapid multiplication of the virus within a patient’s body, Reuters reported.

Losartan, also available under the brand name ‘Cozaar,’ blocks a specific cell receptor that the coronavirus might exploit. Preventing the deadly virus from binding to cells could significantly alter the patient’s recovery time and can also help curb the spread of the pandemic. However, we need to ensure that the drug works this way, BGR mentioned.

By far, only those exhibiting symptoms have been tested and lockdowns and quarantines have been advised to even those who appear healthy. Without any information pertaining to who has or has not been infected, such measures aren’t really sufficient to prevent COVID-19 from wreaking havoc.

Therefore, scientists have been experimenting with new drugs such as the blood pressure Losartan and the malarial drug hydroxychloroquine to find out if they can help prevent infections or reduce recovery times. Trials, currently, are underway and we might get the results within weeks. More here

A potential protective role of losartan against coronavirus-induced lung damage: Cambridge University Paper

This crop circle appeared three weeks ago. Prof Jerry Kroth attempts to decode it in consultation with a biologist, microbiologist, and virologist. The crop circle shows appears to show the virus at a magnification of 12 million and features an enlarged spike protein magnified 100x greater than that. The elongated spike protein displays either 8 amino acids or a peptide which microbiologists refer to as “Sp8” in the scientific literature. This is a spike protein found in SARS which has an unusual positive immunological function, and it may have that function in Covid-19 as well. In other words, the crop circle appears to be proactively suggesting remedies and appears one step ahead of contemporary science.  The body of the virus displays 3 small circles likely the three letters of RNA, while the larger 3 circles may represent nonstructural proteins (NSP) This may be an extraterrestrial communication, although that it may have been created by human circle makers is also discussed. Prof. Kroth has made this white paper available for other crop circle scholars (and intrepid scientists) in hopes they will further decode this amazing structure and expand the knowledge base while this global pandemic is raging. To buy the book directly from Amazon go to For more information, to contact Dr. Kroth, or to buy the book go to [Note Youtube censored a piece of this presentation about spike proteins, but I think you can still understand the talk without it—a copyright fair-use issue it seems and I lost that battle.] Flash: for those who have already watched the video, you may be interested to know a chief scientist for Novavax, who wrote to me and acknowledged that their vaccine under development is targeting Sp8!

Thank you Jerry for your wonderful video.


Anonymous said...

CD8 cells?

Gary Walton said...

Oh yes, of course, I have missed that, I watched the video but didn't grasp what he was saying, thanks,

Hawkeye said...

I have heard some doctors say covid is a vascular disease.....but it's a respitory-flu.....? Coronavirus causes the disease covid19.....? Flu is not a disease. Crop circles, extraterrestrial beings.....come on guys, there are no aliens!
Blood pressure meds to treat covid? Well if it's a vascular disease then that seems sort of fitting, but, blood pressure meds to the rescue? They are rat poison!
The meds offered to us by this system of toxicity chemicals they call medicine, are just more poison in the body. No cures. It's one big reason so many are sick. You take one pill to lower your blood pressure instead of eating foods that can do a better job at lowering it, then all the listed negative side effects from that "medicine" give you a few more illnesses and back to the dr for another chemical pill to address the side effects.....then more side effects and more dr visits and more RX's.....hello!! If you had no health insurance what would you do? Curl up and die? Or would you do some research and then go to the grocery store or the health food store? IMHO, health ins is the number one killer we have.
Virus is dead not alive.
If you are immune compromised do not take the vaccine and eat food that boosts immune system functioning.
I believe in nature not man. Garlic is the best medicine and works better, (zero negative side effects), better then any damn med out there.

The answer to all of it is, do not use any chemical potions. Ignore the crop circles. Strengthen your faith in God and make your number one priority be to get better at hearing and obeying the Holy Spirit! That's your cure all. All meds are poison. All. Get off them.

That is what's wrong. There is too much radiation, toxins, and lies in our lives 24/7. If you do not eat good food you fall ill from the environmental toxins that our insane world leaders have allowed us to be exposed to. But they say they want you well - take the vaccine as they spray us with more poison! They are liars!!

You can not treat poisoning with more poison. The problem is simple, no one eats good. Most are on several toxic RX drugs. Every breath is full of sky fall out from geoengineering, nuclear experiments, factory exhaust, vehicle exhaust, etc etc. Gee, without a strong immune system we all get sick. That's it folks. Poison is your virus.

Gary Walton said...

Well first of all, without this Losartan I would be in a wooden box. You see, I had a heart trauma in hospital, the surgeon tore my main artery during keyhole surgery, "yes I was awake." Blood began filling my heart sack stopping my heart from pumping. The surgeon had to go through my ribcage with two large needles to release the pressure. I was seconds from death and awake. He managed to empty my heart sack from the blood which was killing me. He then put me into a coma and inserted two plastic tubes through my breastplate so they could keep taking the blood out of my heart sack. I was awoken three days later, much to my surprise I was still alive but... not really kicking. The two tubes which had punctured my breastplate and heartsack caused a terrible infection and the scares tightened and thickened my heartsack which prevented my heart from being able to pump properly. I had to stop work and this is why I spend so much time on this blog.

My dear friend, garlic, much to my annoyance will not help my condition, it sure helps clean my blood, I will give you that. Without Larsotan I wouldn't be here, annoying you. As for the crop circles, the Bible is full to the brim with supernatural events, we have "good angels, and fallen angels, either of these could I am sure, easily of made this crop circle and I do believe, I obeyed His Holy Spirit by posting this article. Thanks as ever for your input, even though today you was shall I say, a little wide of the mark xxx

Hawkeye said...

Seems you missed my point Gary, if you were not exposed to such enormous amounts of poison on a daily basis and over your entire life, and if during that time you were in the know of all food ingredients you were injesting, then it's very high odds you would not have been in there for that surgery in the first place and so no need for the chemical med that seemingly saved you. Also, the need for that med sounds like it was completely unrelated to whatever put you in that surgical situation as it was a surgeon mistake that forced the need for it.
If, if if, from the day we all pop out our heads in to this malice world, if they didnt jab us in the first 5 seconds of life with a dozen chemical and heavy metal injections called vaccines, and if as we grew up we were taught truth about our food, and if we weren't forced to drink fluoride water, and if the air was clean as it was made by God, etc etc etc., you never would have been under that knife in the first place. That is my point, and now with all that under our collective belts we begin to be learning do we rid all that shit from our bodies and get clean?
I am right but go ahead and make fun, doesnt bother me one bit. I feel sad from your responce though because the truth is not to be mocked. Best to you and good reporting!

Gary Walton said...

Not mocking, I'm glad to have your input, truly, and your friendship, keep on keeping on!

Hawkeye said...

Thanks Gary. Ditto!!