Thursday 17 June 2021

The crazy season is up and running ladies and gentlemen. After one of the coldest May's on record on both sides of the pond, the heatwaves and wildfires are back. temperature in Death Valley, California, on Wednesday, was 126 degrees F, 52.22 deg C

Over the course of twelve hours on June 14, the GOES-West satellite captured this GeoColor imagery of brownish-grey smoke plumes rising from the Telegraph and Mescal fires in southeastern Arizona.

The crazy season is up and running ladies and gentlemen. After one of the coldest May's on record on both sides of the pond, the heatwaves and wildfires are back. Massive wildfires are burning in Arizona, California, New Mexico, Utah and Montana. The last three summers have seen record-breaking wildfire seasons in the US with each season beginning earlier and ending later.

The Telegraph fire in southeastern Arizona is currently estimated at 165,740 acres.  This fast-moving, dynamic fire has prompted numerous evacuation status alerts.

The Pinnacle Fire, South of Phoenix is estimated at 15,801 acres. Fire weather conditions have been extreme, resulting in active fire behaviour. Night shift crews have been working through the night on improving constructed fire lines. The fire continues to grow due to the availability of fuels and rough terrain that limits safe access by ground forces. 

The fires in the South West are not been helped by an intense and record-breaking heatwave that continues to roast the American West, AccuWeather forecasters are calling for the highest temperature to occur on Wednesday at the lowest point in North America: Death Valley.

The forecast high temperature in Death Valley, California, on Wednesday, was 126 degrees, with an AccuWeather RealFeel® Temperature of 129. Death Valley is the record-holder for the highest air temperature ever recorded on Earth, a sizzling 134 degrees Fahrenheit in 1913. A high temperature of 126 degrees would be within 10 degrees of that world record. 

Death Valley is certainly living up to its name as AccuWeather forecasters are cautioning that "most outdoor activity is potentially life-threatening" in such extreme heat. AccuWeather National Reporter Bill Wadell is headed to Death Valley and will be reporting from there on the network later on Wednesday.

But Death Valley is hardly the only location experiencing searing heat, and many others have stamped new marks in the weather history books, and some more records could still fall, according to AccuWeather meteorologists. 

Forecasters say this current heatwave won't just be remembered for its intensity, but also for its duration.

As the Westcoast of America suffers an almost unbearable heatwave that is likely to last at least another 10 days, the highest temperature ever recorded here on Earth may have been beaten yesterday. A temperature of 130F (54.4C) was recorded in Death Valley National Park, California on Sunday. If the temperature is verified by the US National Weather Service it will be the highest temperature ever reliably recorded on Earth.

The hottest temperature reliably recorded on Earth was 129.2F (54C) - also in Death Valley in 2013, however, a higher reading of 134F, or 56.6C a century earlier, also in Death Valley, is disputed. Back in late July 2020, Death Valley recorded a temperature of 128 deg F, (53 deg C).

In Western Europe after a very chilly May has enjoyed wall-to-wall sunshine in June with many days hitting the mid-'30s Centigrade around 95 deg F in many parts.

Credit, Earthwindmap.

Spare a thought for Oman, a temperature of 50 deg C, 122 deg F was recorded there on Monday.


Anonymous said...

As a global warming sceptic, my question is there any absolute proof this warming trend is man made or is it a normal weather cycle that has occurred naturally over the course of earths existence?

Hawkeye said...

Anonymous I must say your question is terribly irritating and ignorant. How can you ask this? Do you not feel the sun burning and pinching your skin? Are these extreme temps not extreme enough for you? Is it man made or natural just takes the cake! OMG, open your eyes! Do you not see planes spraying the skies constantly? If no then look up dammit! Natural, is sky spraying natural? No.

Do you ever consider the enormous amount of radiation being spewed daily upon your body? All those cell towers, 5g, 4g? Do you really think TX can go to minus zero temps naturally at the same time FL directly across the Gulf from minus zero temps is 85 degrees? Natural???? Lol......
or how about a hurricane cat 4 or 5 that stops still just a few hundred miles off the coast of FL for 2 days then makes a serious northern turn after standing still with 140 mph winds for 2 days? You think that is natural? If so then check out of the human race please.

This is why we are doomed! Gee wiz it doesnt get anymore annoying then that question you asked!
The answer to your question is there is not one natural weather event now or for over ten years. Not natural, absolutely man made dude!

Gary Walton said...

It was so cold here in Europe in May I genuinely thought they had gone ahead with one of their mad-cap schemes to cool the planet, it was abnormally cold for the time of the year and then boom... June arrives and the heat replaces the cold almost overnight! Strange days indeed.