Thursday 18 March 2021

"Unlivable!" The expected mass exodus is beginning: In the last six months more than 12 million people have been displaced with 80% of these displacements were caused by weather disasters: In 23 days of January 2021 Indonesia suffered 185 disasters

Credit International Red Cross

The expected mass exodus is beginning. A new report reveals more than 12 million people have been internally displaced around the world since September 2020 mainly due to climate and weather-related disasters. In just 6 months, 12.6 million people, more than the population of Belgium have been displaced around the world. In just 23 days during January 2021 Indonesia suffered 185 disasters including two major earthquakes, seven volcano eruptions with a further 3 showing activity, as well as deadly tornadoes, landslides and floods killing and injuring thousands and displacing many more. These figures released two days ago by the Red Cross show just how desperate life is becoming for many people around the world thanks too increasing extreme weather events.

Kuala Lumpur, 16 March 2021  The new report reveals 12.6 million people have been internally displaced around the world in the last six months mainly due to climate and weather-related disasters, according to data available through the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre.

The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) report, Responding to Disasters and Displacement in a Changing Climate, comes hot on the heels of a record-breaking 26 climate-related disaster response operations launched across Asia and the Pacific in 2020.

Helen Brunt, Asia Pacific Migration and Displacement Coordinator, IFRC said:

“In just the last six months, there have been 12.6 million people internally displaced around the world and over 80 per cent of these forced displacements have been caused by disasters, most of which are triggered by climate and weather extremes. 

“Asia suffers much more than any other region from climate disaster-related displacements. These upheavals are taking a terrible toll on some of the poorest communities already reeling from the economic and social impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. In just 23 days of January 2021 Indonesia suffered 185 disasters including two major earthquakes, seven volcano eruptions with a further 3 showing activity, as well as deadly tornadoes, landslides and floods killing and injuring thousands and displacing many more. TBW

COVID-19 has complicated the provision of humanitarian support to displaced communities, with greater space needed when evacuating, along with increased safety protocols. Longer term support is also more complicated for people with shattered livelihoods.

“We are seeing an alarming trend of people displaced by more extreme weather events such as Typhoon Goni, the world’s most ferocious storm last year, that smashed into the Philippines. Three storms hit the Philippines in as many weeks, leaving over 3 million people destitute.

“We need greater action and urgent investment to reduce internal displacement caused by the rising risk of disasters. Investing much more in local organisations and first responders is critical so they have the resources needed to protect lives, homes and their communities.”

The report analyses climate-related displacement as well as a post-earthquake response across eight countries, examining response by National Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies in coordination with governments and other agencies. The research finds that displacement disproportionately affects already marginalised and at-risk groups including women, children, the elderly, people with a disability, migrants and refugees.

When disasters destroy villages and entire neighbourhoods, the report shows that people also face long-term housing, land and property issues. Women and children are also confronted with increased risks of violence due to climate-related displacement.

“Investment in long-term solutions is urgently needed before disasters force more people away from their homes, livelihoods and communities,” said Ms Brunt. The figures come from analysis of publicly available data provided by the Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre.

Nothing sold to us can be more pure or more valuable than what is, “freely,” available, which is a clear indication as to the proof of creationism as opposed to evolution and gives us a clear indication why we have found ourselves hurtling toward calamity in 2021. Human or any other life form has “NOT,” evolved into a natural selection of the survival of the fittest. On the contrary, our world is on the verge of collapse for everyone, not only the weak but the powerful, rich and fat alike. However, despite mind-blowing technological advances mankind has not been intelligent enough to see this simplest of deceptions. For many thousands of years mankind has been seduced and sold into different groups of nationalism, governments, organisations and religious groups. But all these groups throughout history, even the most incredibly powerful have all been “inherently wrong eventually.” Why? Because their ideals were always in the interest of the few and not the many. From Donald Trump to Chairman Mao, Adholdf Hitler to Vladimir Lennin, Right-wing to Left-wing, Capitalism to Communism, Catholics to Protestants, Sunnis to Shiites, Popes to Imans, the Roman Empire to the British Empire, they were all ideas sold to a unsuspecting bystander.

When God created Adam, he was given a “free choice,” follow his heart, freeing him for eternity in paradise, or selling it, for a lie, condemning himself and the human race to death, incredibly he bought the lie...The rest of course is history.

The World's Dilema 

I read somewhere (I think it was a quote from “The Four Horsemen”) that to really understand something is to be liberated from it. Yet, how can we liberate ourselves from our vain attempt at global progress which has, in all intents and purposes, destroyed the very place we live in? The very word progress means a movement towards a refind, improved, or desired state. Incredible dvances in technology have gradualy destroyed the very place we are trying to improve!

Indeed, our world is in a state of collapse, an implosion has occurred on a scale unimaginable just a few years ago. It is now well known among experts and many once doubting sceptics that without doubt if we continue on our current path we will lose our home and everything in it. It is now an undeniable fact, mankind’s environment is collapsing just as fast as its society. Planet Earth’s resources are dwindling at an alarming rate. Animals, plants, fossil fuels, minerals, water, air and soil are all diminishing at an unsustainable speed while the world’s population is increasing. We will shortly have a situation where nearly 8 billion people will be trapped on a dying planet with no food to feed them and, “Superman” will not be coming to the rescue. If our natural world can no longer support our basic needs then our civilisation will quickly descend into chaos, which of course we are now beginning to see around the world.

David Attenborough said in a recent video on the BBC; “The World’s population is facing the biggest threat to its security mankind has ever faced, the stability of our entire world is at risk.” “We are a single global species whose greatest threats are shared and whose security must ultimately come from acting together, in the interest of us all.” “Recognise the moral responsibility that wealthy nations have to the rest of the world and put a value on nature that goes far beyond money.” “We may find, for the first time in human history, know what it feels like to be secure.” 

Sir David is a well meaning, caring gentleman of course but he is part of the problem. His soothing words feels like he is placing a sticking plaster, delicately on a children's amputated arm when he says; “We may find, for the first time in human history, to truley know what it feels like to be secure.” Ladies and gentlemen, we ain’t gonna be secure anytime soon, in-fact, we are hurlting toward hell in a supersonic handcart! 

The sad truth is, in thousands of years of history, mankind has never once pulled together, so sadly David Attenborough can believe whatever he wants but history suggests “acting together in the interest of us all,” has never happened and likely never will happen, I'm sorry for being so scinical but that's the way it is. As for the moral responsibility wealthy nations have to the rest of the world, just look at how wealthy nations treat their own poor citizens! You would think the Covid-19 Pandemic along with the rest of our planet's problems would have finally taught us a lesson and brought nations and their people together. However, the opposite is happening. For example, the West is more divided than ever. In America and Europe, the people's trust in their own governments is extremely devided. Democracy is in tatters in the US with Left and Right-wing supporters unable to work together. On the global scene, Western governments bicker constantly with their Eastern counterparts while tensions mount toward another World War with Israel and The Middle East likely to be the trigger. Poverty and food insecurity are beginning to hit hard around the globe. Millions of jobs have gone which will surely be followed by peoples homes.

A“useless society”

On top of the chaos a “useless society” is growing and gathering stregth, angry at their inability to find work and support their families. They are the victims of the “near future” when the “next pandemic to hit the working-class” will be AI technology which will take away the last manual jobs humans still have. Factory work, truck drivers, taxi drivers, bus and train drivers, construction workers and many more. 

Incredibly, 1% of the world's population owns more than half of the money in the world and rather than helping the less entitled they are looking to "cash-in" even more and have become more powerful than governments. Governments and politicians are busy lining their own pockets, banks are grossly fraudulent. Yet our banking system, fat and bloated from an 8.5 trillion-dollar bailout in 2008, paid by the very people who now need their help are sharpening their knives ready to carve up more profits when thousands, maybe millions of people are evicted from their properties after falling behind in their mortgage payments due to covid and the grand “RE-SET!”

Tech giants have also become more powerful than governments, some of these tech leaders have developed a “Messiah complex” and are driven to changing the world with dark and dangerous ideas. If democracy is killing the poor, well, state socialism is protecting the rich. While there should be enough for everyone, the rich are being fattened up by the undernourished. For the few,,, plundering the poor has become a way of life. 

Unlivable Hell-Hole


Untold millions of people are being displaced along with billions of animals, lost every year due to wildfires, drought, heat, cold, floods, disease, neglect, over-farming and natural disasters and while the experts keep telling us we can stop the slide if we work together. However, the problem just keeps increasing dramatically every year. Many billions of birds are dying around the world. Billions of fish have been overfarmed and are not being replenished which is causing a knock-on effect in our oceans causing other fish and mammals and seabirds to die of starvation. Crops are failing around the world for the same reasons mentioned above plus, soil erosion. Millions of farms are going bust due to Covid-19, pest and disease invasions and extreme weather events. To make matters worse, we are beginning to see huge populated areas of the world which are becoming impossible to live in, areas which for years have been heavily populated and teeming with life and vegetation. But now, for certain parts of the year at the very least, have become "unlivable," due mainly to extreme climate events such as wildfires, droughts, flooding hurricanes.

At the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020 we saw almost the entire Eastcoast of Australia on fire and totally unlivable, followed later in the year when the entire Westcoast of the US was also on fire followed by an incredible burst of hurricanes in the Atlantic which caused huge swathes of the Gulf to be unlivable in late summer of 2020 and then the incredible winter of 2021 which brought Texas to its knees along with many other States. Ladies and gentlemen, there are two common denominators during these extreme weather events, the deaths of thousands, sometimes millions of animals and the total collapse of so-called modern infrastructure which cannot cope with these extreme conditions and were never built for the kind of carnage in the first place. Life as we know it is beginning to shut down.

The population of mammals, birds, fish, amphibians, reptiles, insects, bees and butterflies have seen an incredible decline of almost 70% since 1970. Just stop here and wonder! Can you imagine if 70% of humans had died since 1970 with the rate increasing? Well, I’m sorry to announce this but, it is about to happen to us in the “VERY NEAR” future and we can’t stop it and it will happen very quickly too, yes we are seeing it now, our cities are becoming unlivable at least for parts of the year due to extreme weather events and our fragile infrastructure, which cannot cope just when we need it. Why? Because we have left it too late to stop the decline. Hard to get your head around it, isn't it but we can’t argue with the facts.

Gary Walton

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Bob said...

Dear readers,
This is it in a nut shell.
Please read Deuteronomy 28 vs 47-48

Unknown said...

Every human society to ever exist has collapsed for the exact same reasons..Those reasons can be boiled down to greed and misusing our technology by embracing a culture that is human centric, rather than life centric...we depend on healthy ecosystems to exist..Ecosystems don't depend on us to exist, meaning the health of biodiversity should be the most important priority of humans..Evolution has provided us with the ability to be self aware and complex, but we are not above the laws that govern all of life, but we think we are..Our technology can help us delay the consequences of our exploitative actions, but it's temporary..Our technology is temporary..we can have civilizations, but they must put the health of ecosystems first, over our desires, and what is possible to create..Just because we can create something doesn't mean we should..Our role on earth should not be that of a ruler or conquerer, but should be as a guide or role model that sets the standard of how a self aware, intelligent life form should act to benefit and promote biodiversity...

Unknown said...

Humans removed themselves from the evolutionary process, when they created a culture separate from nature..You can't really evolve to what's killing you, it doesn't work that way..Which is why we have addictions and genocides, mental health crisis..You will not find these issues among indigenous cultures that still live that culture, in balance with nature...As I've visited and studied these cultures all over the planet...There are none of those issues and these people are genuinely the happiest people on the planet and live completely in balance with nature, and are destroying absolutely nothing....

Anonymous said...

You are absolutely right. As soon as a culture accepts a money system rather than is one unit=a family all equal all interdependent as God created us, they belong to devolution. Evolution is unselfish=the stronger love protect and provide for the weaker.
Money system=the most selfish/narcissistic, who think themselves superior but are devolving into psychopaths (the image of satan) rule by a money system, whereby they dominate over the more weak and helpless those who don't print the money, and make them slaves to that system. When the stronger dominate and control all below them, it is the opposite of evolution=you get devolution and that is when everything turns to %$#@. The selfish can only destroy everything they control=they are like satan=in his image one power only=destroy as in the wars they need to take back all from nations all of the slaves acquired wealth/money/property and own everything, so the slaves must start over from the bottom again. Coming soon this will happen on a global scale. They planned this from day one. You all worship the antichrist and their money system, none of you are evolving=getting to heaven, instead you live in the delusison that hell is heaven (money systems) and evil is good.
Your too stupid. It is all a test. You will never get anywhere, but down as long as you leave the oneness= and have a money system of slavery of S&M, bondage as SLAVES. You are all stupid slaves. Eat the apple, "you will be Gods" your more stupid now than ever before.
Earth is marked by PYRAMIDS=symbol of HELL/devolution lower, as warning=KEEP out. You will never be visited by higher beings, angels until the earth is swept clean of the EVIL DESTRUCTIVE SELFISH people who lie to you and tell you the money system is GOD and they are to be be idealized and are your model=when you make yourselves into the image of satan=worshipping the antichrist. Now they own the planet=all God gave you to share equally as a family in oneness, the NWO. It is a test. You chose evil over good, you chose the antichrist (bankers/finance/billionaires/freemasons)over Christ. Do you really think there is inequality or division or selfishness or MONEY SYSTEMS of slavery to it in HEAVEN? You are backwards=devolving and soon you will never have the opportunity to ever evolve again. Because the final end of this test is coming. You can't serve 2 masters. Choose God or MONEY. Money is the BEAST system=the digital ID2020 is the mark of the beast. Choose money and get HELL for all eternity=devolve forever in HELL permanently. Or get rid of the money sytem and live as you did before it arrived as they do in heaven=LOVE=PEACE+ONENESS as families/tribes where all are EQUAL=no money=no inequality and you will be visited by angels and Jesus will come and teach you to evolve forever. I don't beleive you have it in you to do that.
Here is an overview of the test: You are given the job of slicing the pie into 6 pieces one for everyone, you return from the kitchen with the plates, PROUD that you gave yourself the biggest piece. Failed test, or you give yourself the smallest piece because you would not like yourself if you did anything selfish. You past the test.
You will all fail this test, the final test. You will all fight in his final global WWw=take the mark just for a bigger piece of pie. I know how you are. You worship the most selfish and narcissistic among you=you think psychopaths (Biden and Trump and all your elite & leaders are your saviors. You are stupid slaves, disgusting. You are an offence to your own creator. You are an offence to God and all that is holy. Those your worship/the antichrist HATE you more than you will ever know, until they take you with them to Hell for all eternity=by 2023=the final judgement, the end of the test.

Melly said...

Hey Gary & readers, is anybody getting a message saying "the connection to this website is not safe"?

Gary Walton said...

It happens all the time Melly, the readers have gotten used to it over the years, Google alone have stolen 56 million hits from me...