Thursday 18 February 2021

Second spectacular eruption within 48 hours lights the Sicilian night sky as Europes largest volcano as Mount Etna spews ash and gas 2000 metres into the Italian sky cancelling flights to and from Sicily. (Spectacular Videos)


The Etna volcano on the Italian island of Sicily has put on a spectacular show, spewing fire and ash in the air after an explosion on the volcano's southeastern side. Local media and social media users shared photos and videos of the event that showed a huge smoke cloud rising from the crater and lava flowing down the slope.

No injuries or damages were reported. According to the news agency Adnkronos, the lava flow had reached an altitude of 2000 metres. The airport in Catania temporarily ceased operations due to ash in the air. The Ansa news agency reported that a column of smoke and ash had risen more than a kilometre into the air, making it unsafe to fly. Ash rained down on houses, streets and balconies across the city. It's not uncommon for Etna, which is 3300 metres tall, to erupt. The volcano in eastern Sicily is considered a UNESCO world heritage site.

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