Sunday 4 October 2020

‘It’s like a graveyard’: VIDEOS show mass death of sea life at Far East Russian tourist hotspot; surfers complain of toxic burns: Scores of octopuses, crabs, starfish, sponges, sea urchins, and other marine animals had washed up ashore.

Hordes of sea creatures have washed up at a popular tourist beach in Kamchatka after surfers complained about suffering from eye burns. A probe has been launched as tests show increased levels of petroleum products in the water.

Kamchatka is a large peninsula, in Russia's far East, which juts out into the Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Okhotsk. 

The first signs that something was wrong at the picturesque Khalaktyr beach, a popular tourist and surfing spot, became apparent when people started to develop symptoms after taking a dive in the ocean. “For weeks now, all surfers have been experiencing eye problems after coming back from the water,” Yekaterina Dyba, an administrator at a local surf school, wrote on social media on Thursday. She added that the swimmers felt “a decrease in vision,” as well as fever, nausea, and a sore throat.

Many shared personal stories. “I had the same problems with my eyes. Yesterday I was diagnosed with a first-degree corneal burn. Eye drops and ointments were prescribed, and I felt better [afterwards],” one local wrote online.

Two days later, shocked beach-goers discovered that scores of octopuses, crabs, starfish, sponges, sea urchins, and other marine animals had washed up ashore. “It’s like a graveyard here,” one person was heard saying as he filmed a thick layer of carcasses covering the sand. 

A task force has

 been set up to tackle the situation.

Poisoning of water in the area of Khalaktyrsky beach in Russia's Kamchatka region, according to preliminary data, was caused by oil products leak from a commercial tanker. The ownership of the vessel has not yet been established, a source in the emergency services of the Far East region told TASS on Saturday. "According to preliminary data, a commercial tanker followed the sea route along the beach with a leak, which was eliminated but led to a spill of oil products containing phenol.

The vessel's ownership has not yet been established, a search is underway," the source said. The source added that "this area of the Pacific Ocean has active routes of sea cargo ships." It was reported earlier that an excess of phenol and oil products was found in the coastal zone near Khalaktyrsky beach, where, according to local residents, a massive stranding of sea animals was seen on the shore.

Later, phenol and oil products were identified in three more areas of the Avachinsky Bay in the Kamchatka region. The Russian Investigative Committee began a procedural check of information about the mass death of sea animals on Kamchatka beaches.

Eco disaster | Mass death of sea animals, toxic smell & yellow waters plague Kamchatka RT


Hawkeye said...

Give me a break! POISONING in the ocean waters there is from oil leaks! What!?? Lolololololo.....ok. Just discount the enormous radioactive leaks that are and have been spilling into the oceans, all the radioactive fallout from geoengineering spray in the skies globally, forget about the thousands of nuclear bombs detonated in the oceans, atmosphere and under ground. Dont count the deadly rocket launches putting up all the microwave satellite technological bull shit that is trying the atmosphere and allowing massive amounts of harmful solar radiation to hit our bodies, dismiss all the poison fracking and any other poison pollutants, it's just an oil spill.
When does the media go to jail!? When does the public wake the F up????!

Gary Walton said...

Mystery unfolding...

This was just posted on Reuters; MOSCOW (Reuters) - Conservation group WWF said on Monday that unexplained toxic pollution off Russia’s far eastern coast was likely caused by a highly soluble substance as officials played down the scale of the problem and suggested it was not manmade.

Greenpeace raised the alarm last week over what it said looked like an ecological disaster off the coast of Kamchatka region, reposting images of dead sea life washed up on the coast. Surfers said they fell ill after getting into the water.

On Monday, Greenpeace said activists had found yellowish foam on the ocean’s surface in several places and dead sea animals in one location, and that the water was murky.

“A slick, or rather some kind of volume as it’s not only on the surface but also deep down, is moving along the coast,” said activist Vasily Yablokov.

Alexei Knizhnikov of the WWF said the pollution did not look to be the result of an oil spill.

“It’s very likely to be highly toxic contamination by a very soluble substance because organisms on the seabed were also affected,” he said.

People who got into the waters off Khalaktyrsky beach complained of sore throats, worsening eyesight, dry eyes, nausea, physical weakness, vomiting and fever, Greenpeace said.

Natural Resources and Environment Minister Dmitry Kobylkin said initial tests of water and land samples showed no evidence of elevated levels of oil or oil products and played down the scale of the problem.

“You asked what the scale of the disaster is - for us, there is no scale of the disaster. No one has died, no one was hurt,” he was quoted as saying by RIA news agency.

“I was talking to the guys - eight surfers wrote they received cornea burns of the eye, but in fact this can be treated with eye drops. This is not a severe burn,” Kobylkin said.

He added the pollution did not appear to be manmade in origin.

Dmitry Lyasov, a surfer, said many people at a local surfing camp had fallen ill after getting into the water.

“I didn’t vomit, but dozens have done, and then they had fevers of up to 38 Celsius and body pain. And I’m now seeing double. I had good eyesight, but now after seeing a doctor I’ve been told my sight has got worse.”

Gary Walton said...

Actually, Kamchatka is not a million miles from Fukushima.

Hawkeye said...

There is war over there now too. Armenia area being hit with banned cluster bombs. Just happens that the place being bombed is a very Christian nation. Well as far as this ocean die off situation goes, it has been in line exactly with the uptick in geoengineering. That uptick began about 2010-ish and has continued heavy since then along with the environmental uptick in die offs. Not a coincidence, a result from a cause!
The foam mentioned seen in this report is geoengineering ingredients. Surfactant is used in that spray along with many other horrible ingredients. I see that foam shit even here in our waters in the Gulf of Mexico. Before I knew of geoengineering I used to wonder what the heck that was. The high northern areas, closer to the arctic north pole, are being geo'd the heaviest as that is where the ozone hole(s) is and that is where the temps are rising fastest on the globe. So that is where most of it goes and not just sky spraying but ocean geoengineering also is taking place big time now and has been for 3 or 4 years according to the web site ice911 dot org. Have you looked at that site yet? Is it still up? I saw it a couple of years ago but haven't been back since.
They brag about how man is altering that ocean area with fake ice, made from nano and micro silicas....micro plastics anyone....because of no more sea ice to reflect sun. As I said before, no mention of the word geoengineering but what they are doing IS geoengineering the arctic ocean. we have these "mysterious" die offs and health issues from being in that water. They know damn well why, but will never admit it. These environmental groups like Greenpeace also know but deny it, wont address it and so they are worthless liars!

If you can get a weather satellite view of the earth, notice the north pole is always heavy geo sprayed cloud cover compared to the rest of the globe. It is visible on satellite radars just like the steering of rain systems is visible on radar. They use hot dry high pressure to steer moisture systems. I've told you this before. It appears as dark orange/reddish blobs and they are always there. Right now it is being used to steer Delta in to TX. Before that, TX was covered in that HARRP orange crap for a long time through out this summer. That is intense microwave frequencies energies doing that, burning like a screen burn the atmosphere.
Geoengineering is the single most dangerous and harmful element in this world next to a nuclear fallout situation. It also contains radioactive contaminants among a laundry list of other terrible things. There is a book out that I found in my library called, "Ionizing the Sky". Quite the read! Very scientific so not an easy read. But a read nonetheless and geoengineering is very multi faceted. It is turning the atmosphere into an antenna. Energies!! Screwing with earth's magnetic energy. Humans contain magnetic energy. Wildlife contains magnetic energy. All life forms have magnetic energy in them. Let your mind think about that.
It's extremely significant and number 2 killer of this world.