Tuesday 15 September 2020

Connecting the dots... The Swinging 1960s and The Roaring 2020s; the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning: Christmas 1957 our sun goes ballistic worries experts: Two prominent scientists suddenly die: NASA launched: The Space Race Begins: Climate Change arrives.


In many ways, the 1960s was a precursor to what is happening to the world in the early stages of the 2020s. The term "the Sixties" is used by historians, journalists, and other academics in scholarship and popular culture to denote the complex of inter-related cultural and political trends around the globe during this era, we are of course addressing the same issues today BLM, Antifa, MAGA, White Supremecy to name just a few.

Some use the term to describe the decade's counterculture and revolution in social norms about clothing, music, drugs, dress, sexuality, just look at the LGBT movement of today and the sexualising of schoolchildren and the #MeToo movement. Still, others used it to denounce the decade as one of irresponsible excess, flamboyance, and decay of social order, we have had enough social order decay in 2020 to last us a lifetime.

The decade was also labelled the Swinging Sixties because of the fall or relaxation of social taboos that occurred during this time, but also because of the emergence of a wide range of music; from a folk music revival to the Beatles revolution to the introspective lyrics of Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. New music today, Rap but with similar lyrics, rhythmic and rhyming speech still asking the same questions by the repressed poor people on the streets as what was asked back in the 60s. This decade will surely be labelled the Roaring Twenties as we head toward the 2030s

Norms of all kinds were broken down, especially in regards to civil rights and precepts of military duty. Commentator Christopher Booker described this era as a classical Jungian nightmare cycle, where a rigid culture, unable to contain the demands for greater individual freedom, broke free of the social constraints of the previous age through extreme deviation from the norm. Wikipedia

The 60s was the beginning of the end, or the end of the beginning of our historic journey as human inhabitants of this world, let me explain. Around 1960 apart from all the social and political changes mentioned above, suddenly our planet began to warm up, natural disasters began to increase, our climate began to change and there was an increase in seismic and volcanic activity around the globe, it was as if, a trigger had been pulled. Oh, I almost forgot, a frenetic, wild and uncontrolled space race had begun too.

Of course, the changes were too small to notice back then but the clock had clearly started ticking, our fate was sealed. And now with the aid of 2020 technology, we can see with the help of stats, graphs and archives when our world began to change forever and it was undoubtedly around 1960.

But what happened back then in the 60s pales into insignificance as to what we can expect this decade 

Today NOAA released a statement claiming the summer of 2020 was the hottest ever on record for the northern hemisphere. Incidentally, this is not unusual any more, the last 5 years have been the 5 hottest years on record and 2020 will almost definitely top the list at the end of the year.

As I type this post, there are six active tropical systems spanning the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans. 5 named storms—Paulette, Rene, Sally, Teddy, and Vicky—in the Atlantic. In the eastern Pacific, Karina is churning up the waters with experts claiming this year's hurricane season will be one of, if not the worst on record.

If that is not bad enough, the entire western coast of the United States is suffering its most devastating fire season ever along with fires popping up in Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming, all of the fires due to tinder-box conditions excessive heat and high winds. However, we are told not to worry, Mr Trump said: "It'll start getting cooler, you just watch... I don't think science knows actually." Really Mr Trump?

Europe is currently "enjoying" one of its latest heatwaves ever with temperatures today expecting to rise to around 36 deg C, 95 F in many parts of Holland, Belgium and Germany in parts of France, Italy and Spain the mercury is expected to be around 40 deg C, 104F. Periods of our so-called pleasant summers in my neck of the woods, North-Holland are becoming unbearable, we regularly hit temperatures in high 30s C, high 90s F and we even cross 40 deg C, 104 deg F occasionally. That might not sound too bad to someone who lives in Phoenix for example but Holland has very high humidity making the temperatures feel even warmer. 

Australia suffered its worst-ever summer earlier in the year when unprecedented wildfires burnt almost a quarter of Australian temperate forests, killed or injured 3 billion animals and destroyed 60% of their summer crop output.

The Horn and Eastern coast of Africa, along with parts of the Middle East, Arabia, Indo Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal, China and Japan have had a torrid year of unparalleled rainfall, thousands have died along with untold millions affected. Locust plagues termed by experts as Biblical have struck poor countries from Africa, Arabia, India Pakistan Bangladesh and China and Paraguay, Brazil and Argentina in South America.

Syberia witnessed an ongoing heatwave with vast areas of out of control wildfires and high 30 deg C temperatures which lasted for three months. A big chunk of Greenland's ice cap, estimated to be some 110 square kilometres (42.3 square miles), has broken off in the far northeast Arctic which scientists say is evidence of rapid climate change. A vast swath of vital wetlands is burning in Brazil, sweeping across several national parks and obscuring the sun behind dense smoke. Preliminary figures from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, based on satellite images, indicate that nearly 5,800 square miles (1.5 million hectares) have burned in the Pantanal region since the start of August. We cannot put the toothpaste back in the tube folks. 

But that's just the weather, in 2020 a new horror arose from the darkness, Covid-19 which has infected almost 30 million people and killed (we think) a million people. Covid stats. It's awful I know but the infected and unfortunate dead is just a sideshow. The real offshoot from this is billions of hard-working people will lose their jobs around the world. We are seeing the knock-on-affects already here in the West. Millions of people, suddenly jobless, moneyless and in many cases homeless. I was waiting for my wife in the supermarket car park last week when a poor old guy walked past me pulling his entire belongings bundled on to a trolley, he was distraught and crying, suddenly the realisation of 2020 hit me like a freight train.

We are seeing civil unrest like never before in many parts of the world, the US is a melting pot of hate and anger at the moment but can I ask you this, what will happen there when the folks begin to feel hunger and the money has gone? Mouths will have to fed and the US is not renowned for looking after the needy. We are looking at an explosive situation of unparalleled consequences, an unrivalled situation which would make the French Revolution look like a walk in the park! All the guns, all that hurt, all that anger, coming together in one big bad bust-up! No lives will matter then, it will be every man for himself.

There is no coming back from this, Russia, China and Iran are already swirling above the US like sickly vultures and believe you me, they will strike and they will strike hard. And the broken world superpower will only be able to look on, as will its allies the UK. It will all be over, the American dream will have become the American nightmare. 

Now back to where this all this began, back to the 60s

Connecting the dots: Christmas 1957 our sun goes ballistic worries experts: Two prominent scientists suddenly die: NASA launched: The Space Race Begins: Climate Change arrives.

  • Millions of tons of toxic particulates thrown into the atmosphere during the last 60 years
  • The number of sunspots witnessed on the Sun during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 1957 (503), alarmed scientists
  • Rockets punch a hole in the ionosphere dumping massive amounts of particulates into our atmosphere
  • Harry Wexler warned in 1962 that rockets are burning holes in the ionosphere, destroying the ozone layer, and modifying weather on a global scale
  • He warned chlorine and bromine were destroying the ozone eventually disrupting the jet stream which in turn would cause world-wide weather chaos such as we are witnessing today. 
  • Global temperatures begin to rise in the early 60s

Millions of tons of toxic particulates thrown into the atmosphere during the last 60 years

Every time a space shuttle was launched, the solid rocket boosters released 240 tons of HCl gas, 26 tons of chlorine gas, 7 tons of nitrogen dioxide gas, and 304 tons of aluminium oxide into the atmosphere. The resulting hydrochloric acid dissolved eight inches of concrete on the launch pad during a Space Shuttle launch, raising the concentration of hydrochloric acid in nearby lakes to 3 M, producing massive fish kills in the ocean, and destroying the paint on cars. Leading chemists to believe that HCl is a major contributor to the holes in the ozone layer. SCRIBD

The Space Shuttle made 135 space flights during its 30-year career, which is more than 41,000 tons of aluminian oxide 3, 510 tons of chlorine gas, 945 tons of nitrogen dioxide gas and 32,400 tons of HCI gas thrown into our atmosphere and that is just the Space Shuttle, throw in Gemini, Apollo and Saturn missions etc, the Russian Space exploration, India and China, the thousands of satellites launched into space, thousands of sounding rockets, (NASA's airborne researchers) add to this more than 2,000 nuclear weapons tests and you begin to imagine the damage mankind has done to our atmosphere, the ionosphere and the ozone layer

The firing of rockets into space coincided with an event on our Sun which left the science community at the time very worried. The USSR launched Sputnik 1, the first artificial satellite in space in October 1957, followed by Explorer 1, the first satellite launched by the United States. A month earlier, something happened on the 24th and 25th of December 1957 which defies logic, defies physics, our sun went ballistic. The story begins with a report from SAO/NASA data system (ADS). Thomas Cragg wrote:
During 1957, observations of the Sun were made at Mount Wilson Observatory in Washington on 310 days of that year. Not since 1941 have solar observations been possible on as few days in one year as in 1957. 
The total number of sunspot groups observed at Mount Wilson in 1957 was 855, the largest number ever observed in one year. The previous record was 633 in 1947.
SAO/NASA data system (ADS) claimed, "without question, we are witnessing the greatest sunspot activity ever recorded." SAO/NASA Astrophysics Data System (ADS)
The period described above was solar cycle 19, the nineteenth solar cycle since 1755 when extensive recording of solar sunspot activity began. Solar cycle 19 lasted 10.5 years, beginning in April 1954 and ending in October 1964. The number of sunspots witnessed on the Sun during Christmas Eve and Christmas Day 1957 (503), alarmed scientists so much at the time, that an International Geophysical Year was declared at the peak of this solar cycle to bring the Russian and US scientists onto the same page after the cold-war silence. Curiously, President Eisenhower went on to authorise the opening of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) in July 1958. The Space Race Began. Two days after the United States announced its intention to launch an artificial satellite, on July 31, 1956, the Soviet Union announced its intention to do the same. Sputnik 1 was launched on October 4, 1957, beating the United States and stunning people all over the world. In 1958, NASA first observed that changes in the solar orbit of the earth, along with alterations to the earth’s axial tilt, suggesting solar activity was responsible fluctuations in our planet's weather. In the year 2000, NASA did publish information on its Earth Observatory website about the Milankovitch Climate Theory, revealing that the planet is, in fact, changing due to extraneous factors that have absolutely nothing to do with human activity. But this information has yet to go mainstream, see the report on Earth Observatory Coincidently, Milankovitch died in 1958. The maximum sunspot number observed during the solar cycle was 503, on Christmas Eve and Day 1957 (the highest on record). Intense red aurora displays frightened people in Europe on 11 February 1958 and were visible from many US cities as far south as the 40th parallel. This geomagnetic storm caused a radio blackout over North America. Aurora displays were visible over New York on 13 November 1960 and 1 October 1961.

We are launching rockets into space all day and every day around the world. Every time these rockets are launched they punch a hole in our ionosphere dumping massive amounts of particulates into our atmosphere. The problem here lies not with airlines who, indeed, do spray toxic substances (aluminium and barium) into our skies, however, the amount is minuscule when compared to the incredible amounts dumped into the atmosphere by space agencies and the satellite service. 

In the early 60s, JFK, and Lindon Johnson realised they had to find a way to control the sun's power affecting the weather here on Earth, Johnson apparently had more sinister ideas and wanted to use the weather as a weapon. A prominent scientist at the time, Harry Wexler who was on JFK's team warned the US government in 1962 that increased pollution from rocket exhaust was doing terrible things to the atmosphere, however, the military intervention made sure the experiments continued, attacking the ozone layer over your enemies nation was appealing to the military. 

Harry Wexler warned the government that chlorine and bromine were destroying the ozone eventually disrupting the jet stream which in turn would cause world-wide weather chaos such as we are witnessing today. Wexler died suddenly in 1962 before he could release his findings to the public. Magnetosphere modifications began almost immediately. (Spaceweather modification) They have been shooting up the atmosphere ever since
The ionosphere, Van Allen belts, and upper atmospheric winds are invisible. Solution: Dump chemicals in space and suddenly the invisible can be studied: visibly with telescopes, optically with lasers, and electromagnetically heated with high-powered microwaves (ionospheric heaters) to modify space weather. Aluminium (TMA), Barium, Strontium, Sulfur Hexafluoride (SF6), and Lithium have been dumped in space to study and modify space weather for over sixty years and nobody knew. Harry Wexler warned in 1962 that rockets are burning holes in the ionosphere, destroying the ozone layer, and modifying weather on a global scale.The year following his death W. W. Kellogg from the RAND Corporation suggested expanding the use of sounding rockets to do just that: modify global weather. Wexler’s prescient work between 1958 and 1962 “On the Possibilities of Climate Control” reminds us that we are not the first generation to be involved with or concerned about geoengineering.

Wexler's warning.

“The subject of weather and climate control is now becoming respectable to talk about.” So began Harry Wexler in his speech “On the Possibilities of Climate Control,” given in early 1962 to technical audiences in Boston, Hartford, and Los Angeles. Wexler, who studied meteorology at MIT and served as Chief of Scientific Services at the US Weather Bureau, supported his claim by citing, among others, President John F. Kennedy’s recent speech at the United Nations proposing, “cooperative efforts between all nations in weather prediction and eventually in weather control” and the State Department’s urging of “early and comprehensive study in the light of developments in outer space of the possibility of large-scale weather modification.”

Wexler assured his audiences that he was concerned not with the long and the checkered history of cloud modification leading to more-or-less localized precipitation influences, but with planetary-scale manipulation of the Earth’s shortwave and longwave radiation budget that would result in “rather large-scale effects on the general circulation patterns in short or longer periods, even approaching that of climatic change.”

These effects, details later, included increasing world temperature by several degrees by 2 detonating up to ten H-bombs in the Arctic Ocean; decreasing world temperature by launching powder into an equatorial orbit to shade the Earth and make it look somewhat like Saturn and its rings; and notably, destroying all stratospheric ozone above the Arctic circle using a relatively small amount of a catalytic agent such as chlorine or bromine. Wexler was interested in both inadvertent climate modification, such as might be created by rocket exhaust gases or other pollution, and purposeful effects, whether peaceful or hostile. So remember it was Wexler, about 50 years ago, who first claimed climate control was “respectable.” Wexler died suddenly in 1962. Harry Wexler on Geoengineering and Ozone Destruction 

A new horror weapon discovered a way as to affect the electrical behaviour of individuals’ own brain activity!

In 1976, A new weapon, the natural waveguide between the ionosphere and the Earth could be used to propagate very low frequency (VLF) radiation through it in such a way as to affect the electrical behaviour of individuals’ own brain activity

But perhaps the most exotic form of geophysical warfare concerns tampering with the electrical behaviour of the ionosphere. Techniques for disturbing radio communication by “punching holes” in the ionosphere with nuclear explosions have been long discussed. So, too, have proposals for opening up lethal windows in the ionosphere to let in the short-wavelength ultraviolet radiation which is known to damage biological systems, causing skin cancers in man and damage to crops. What is new, is the suggestion that the natural waveguide between the ionosphere and the Earth could be used to propagate very low frequency (VLF) radiation through it in such a way as to affect the electrical behaviour of individuals’ own brain activity.
New Scientist Magazine 1976
Weather Modification History

Global temperatures begin to rise in the early 60s

What is waiting for the US and UK in Bible prophecy? Ezekiel was commissioned by God to watch over them and they were blessed with power and glory but in the last days, it is very clear to see the once mighty and powerful countries are just observers of the plunder coming before the day of Jehovah!

What is really happening in the US this year, is there a reason behind the insanity? Is there a way of knowing where the country is going and how the insanity will end? A pamphlet written by Herbert W Armstrong many years ago appears to have the answer. After an incredible journey of wealth and power, promised by God more than 4,000 years ago Tarshish and her young lions, England, America, Canada Australia and New Zealand will simply look on as the mighty Gog threatens to destroy their ally and friend Israel in the last days

The United States and Great Britain in Prophecy

To find out the answer we have to go back around 4,000 years to when a man called Jacob was born, who later was given the name Israel and is regarded as a Patriarch of the Israelites and so is an important figure in Abrahamic religions, such as Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Jacob first appears in the Book of Genesis, the son of Isaac and Rebecca, the grandson of Abraham, Sarah and Bethuel, the nephew of Ishmael. Jacob is said to have had twelve sons by four women, his wives, Leah and Rachel, and his concubines, Bilhah and Zilpah, who were, in order of their birth, Reuben, Simeon, Levi, Judah, Dan, Naphtali, Gad, Asher, Issachar, Zebulun, Joseph, and Benjamin, all of whom became the heads of their own family groups, later known as the Twelve Tribes of Israel. More here

When the Jews entered the Promised Land, the12 tribes settled in a different region and eventually the tribes split into two kingdoms. The southern kingdom was called Judah and consisted of two tribes, Judah and Benjamin. The remaining 10 tribes formed the northern kingdom and were called Israel.

In 721 BC, the Assyrians conquered Israel, the northern kingdom and deported the Israelites to an area north of the Euphrates River between the Black and Caspian Seas. (2 Kings 17). The Ten tribes who were deported never returned to the northern nation of Israel after their captivity.

The Lost Ten Tribes Of Israel

According to Mr Armstrong, The knowledge and identity of the descendants of ancient Israel are revealed by a close examination of scripture and secular history. Are the ten lost tribes of Israel linked to the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand? Ezekial was commissioned by God to be "the watchman" for the house of Israel. (Ezekial 2:3; 33:7). However, Ezekiel's commission was not to be the watchman of his own people and his generation, which was the house of Judah, the southern kingdom or the northern ten tribes of Israel which had been conquered by the Assyrians 120 years earlier, no Ezekiel's commission was not for Israel of his day but for the ten lost tribes of the north and their future. 

God wanted Ezekiel to sound the alarm, to warn the lost tribes of future calamities which would take over them and they would be unaware of their fate. Jehovah takes no pleasure in the death of the wicked, no he wanted to warn them, giving them the responsibility of their own fate, (Ezekiel 33: 9-16). Ezekiel's warning was for end-time Israel. (Ezekiel 4: 3). In fact, we are told that the warnings were for the time near the Day Of The Lord. (Ezekiel 7:19;13:5; 30:1-3; 38: 1-29). 

Tarshish and the young lions

The prophecy in the book of Ezekiel, Chapter 38, is an actual warning of an attack on Israel in the future, from a group of nations led by someone called Gog,  who comes from Magog. Magog is said to be North West of the Caspian Sea, there are just two countries North West of the Caspian Sea, Kazakhstan and Russia. Gog is the head chieftain, (leader) of Meshech and Tubal which according to Wikipedia is a Japhetite tribe (one of the ten lost tribes). However, the Indo-European group is no longer known as "Japhetite", the Hamitic group is now recognized as paraphyletic within the Afro-Asiatic family. Among Muslim historians, Japheth is usually regarded as the ancestor of the Gog and Magog tribes. According to Delilah Ann Gill, Ghayin, (Hebrew) later shortened to G, is a twisted rope or a twisted dark goat horn thus it is Gog: Dark and Twisted:

Ezekiel goes on to say Persia, Ethiopia and Put are among the coalition, Persia is modern-day Iran, (Iran's leaders despise Israel and would dearly love to wipe it off the map) and Put, which is thought to be Lybia. In verse 8, Ezekiel mentions the fact, that after many years of being left desolated, the inhabitants of the land (Jews) have been restored to Israel and will be living in peace and security at the time of the attack. Part of this prophecy was established in 1948 when the Jews regained their land after they had lost it 2,000 years earlier, however, they are obviously not living in peace and security at the moment but just this month a surprising peace deal has been reached between Isreal and the United Arab Emirates, who became the third Arab country to make peace after Egypt and Jordan.

In Ezekiel 38: 11, he claims, the coalition will invade the land of unprotected settlements to take much spoil and plunder. Ezekiel 13 claims, Sheba and Dedan and the merchants of Tarshish and its "young lions," (this phrase is a Hebrew idiom meaning the nations that have come out of Tarshish) will say to (Gog), "are you invading to get much spoil and plunder?" " Have you assembled your armies to carry off silver and gold?

Sheba and Dedan are what's now called Saudi Arabia and they are allies of Tarshish and its young lions. Tarshish is almost certainly the UK and was mentioned in the Bible as far back as Genesis 10. Tarshish translates to the "Tin Isles." Tin was needed in ancient times to make bronze, tin has been mined in Britain for thousands of years, something not mined in great quantities anywhere else in Europe. The “merchants of Tarshish and the young lions thereof” are the offshoots of Britain from their Empire days, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Britain ruled the oceans and used their ships to connect the world with ocean shipping roots which are exploited today by its "young lions, " The mighty US among others. Full story 

Why do I think Tarshis is The British Isles?

Tarshish is mentioned in the prophecies of Scripture as having an important role in the last days. Usually, reference is made to “the ships of Tarshish” or the “merchants of Tarshish”. If we can locate Tarshish in the ancient world we can identify Tarshish in the last- days prophecies

Psalm 72: 10. The kings of Tarshish and of the isles shall bring presents: the kings of Sheba and Seba shall offer gifts. In September 2019, scientists made a breakthrough discovery by identifying tin ingots found in Israel as being originally from Cornwall. The ingots, which date back to around 1,300BC, were discovered at shipwreck sites and a sunken village off the coast of Israel from a time that Phoenician ships dominated the Mediterranean.

Others have also pointed to the role Britain had in aiding the return of the Jewish people to their historic homeland: “Surely the coastlands shall wait for Me; And the ships of Tarshish will come first, To bring your sons from afar, Their silver and their gold with them, To the name of the Lord your God, And to the Holy One of Israel Because He has glorified you.” (Isaiah 60:9). Cufi.org

A promise to Abraham

In Genesis 12: 2-3 God promises Abraham a great nation and tells him he will have a great name and he will be blessed. God also told Abraham, I will make your descendants as the dust of the earth, Genesis 13:14-16. And in Genesis 15, Abrahams descendants would be like the number of the stars. Abraham would go on to have two sons, his first son Ishmael was born from his maidservant Hagar and the Arab nations take their origin from Ismael's sons. Abraham then had a child from his own wife Sarah and they called him Isaac. Many years after Jehovah's promise to Abraham he reconfirmed them to his son Isaac.

The beginning of Israel

Isaac and his wife, Rebecca had two sons, twins, Jacob and Esau. In Genesis 28:13-14, Jacobs descendants would spread abroad to the west and east and to the north and south and that Jacob's seed would be in of the families of the world and they shall be blessed. We see here the inheritance God promised Jacob was to encompass more than just the lands of the middle-east but the entire world. Jehovah changed Jacob's name to Israel and he went on to have 12 sons, the original ancestors of the twelve tribes of Israel. Two kingdoms would derive from the twelve tribes of Israel, Israel in the north consisting of ten tribs and Judah in the South consisting of two tribes. Judah's descendants in the south were promised a line of Kings culminating in the King of Kings the Messiah. Joseph's descendants in the north were given the promise of national greatness.

As we read earlier Israel in the north was broken up by the Assyrians and its people captured and taken to a place between the Black and Caspian Seas, which was probably eastern Turkey or northern Iran. years later Judah in the South was captured and its residents took back to Babylon but some of them returned to Judah after Babylon was conquered by the Persian's, the ten tribes of the north never went back, they headed north, ultimately to northwestern Europe.

The Birthright Promises Are Fulfilled.

Mr Armstrong writes; Seven prophetic times, 2,520 years went by from the time of Samaria's fall, (the capital of Israel in the north), in 721 BC. This brings us to 1800 AD and the time according to scripture, Abrahams descendants would begin coming into the possession of the birthright promises. Mr Armstrong goes on, the remarkable story of English speaking nations that unfolded after 1800 is astounding (and once again proved that Tarshish and her young lions were the UK, US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, added by Gary Walton).

England Emerges.

After the war of the roses which ended in 1485, a stable government under the Tudor dynasty of Henry VII ruled England and brought them out of the dark ages. Over the next century, the tiny nation began to develop into a sea power. By the end of the 1800s, Great Britain had amassed the biggest empire ever known. The small Islands ruled over a quarter the worlds land, "the sun never sets on her Empire". The most powerful company of nations, the British Empire and the greatest single nation, the US, emerged right on schedule fulfilling God's prophecy to Abraham. With Australia, New Zealand and Canada Great Britain came into possession of some of the richest agricultural land on earth. 

The rest, as they say, is history, Ezekiel's warning goes unheard, God's desire for repentance, not punishment will never happen, the US and UK are morally in tatters, sin is rampant and both countries are heading for a fall, England, of course, lost her empire and America is slowly relenting power to China

Two declining powers

The prophecy in the book of Ezekiel, Chapter 38, gives us actual insight into the two declining powers in the last days. What is interesting to note here is the fact that Israel's staunch allies of today, the US and the UK appear not to be able to defend Israel from the Magog coalition who merely ask Gog in a weak response, "are you invading Israel to get much spoil and plunder?" "Have you assembled your armies to carry off silver and gold?" A polite, meek diplomatic protest rather than a threat of retaliation. The US and UK have clearly lost their "Super Power" status in the future and can't come to the defence of Israel? Have today's problems brought the country to its knees in the future? Ezekiel 38:13.


Country Codger said...

You act surprised about the tin ingots. Most of the tin for the bronze sea built for Solomon and also many other things came from that area and Wales. Joseph of Aramathea was a tin merchant and his nephew Yeshua (Jesus) went with him on more than one journey. The Gaelic of that area is a derivative form of Hebrew.

Also, the Bat Creek Stone, which was discovered at the turn of the 19th to 20th centuries is a land claim in paleo-Hebrew claiming the land for Judah @800 B.C. Also, don't forget about the Los Lunas Decalogue (or Ten Commandments) carved into stone in paleo-Hebrew and many other things that indicate how far and wide that the Hebrews explored.

Please note that Yeshua (Jesus) did not come for a "church" but rather for: Mat_15:24  And He answering, said, “I was not sent except to the lost sheep of the house of Yisra’ěl.”


Gary Walton said...

Thanks, Country Codger, I had missed that

Anonymous said...

Your articles are deep and make us think except this article where you quote Armstrong and his doctrine on the US and Britain in prophecy. While Armstrong was alive he preached that his church was the true (Christian) church. This led many outsiders to categorize his church as a cult. As his church transformed and splintered after his death many are still adversely affected decades after his passing. As a former member of his church, I ask that you please research his writings to see what I mean. Here is an outstanding website for such research: https://exitsupportnetwork.com/site-map/
During these high anxiety times people try to make sense of what is going on in this world. There are those who seem to explain what is happening but it doesn't necessarily mean that they are right or should be followed, like Armstrong.