Saturday 12 September 2020

"Climate changed" Washington Gov. Jay Inslee: 36 dead with dozens missing: America's West Coast is ablaze, more than 100 wildfires raged uncontrolled from California to Washington state incinerating entire towns: Eerie orange glow seen as far away as the UK

Earthwindmap showing dangerous, cancer-causing PM2.5 particulates covering the entire western coast of America with weather conditions set to blow the particulates across the whole country eastwards. 

Huge swaths of America's West Coast are ablaze or in cinders as more than 100 wildfires raged largely uncontrolled late Friday from California to Washington state and beyond, incinerating entire towns and killing at least 24 people. More than 500,000 people in Oregon - more than 10% of its population - remained under some level of evacuation protocol as fires in the state destroyed thousands of homes and burned hundreds of thousands of hectares.

The Oregon Convention Center in Portland has been transformed into a shelter for evacuees. In southern Oregon, an apocalyptic scene of burned residential subdivisions and trailer parks stretched for kilometres along a highway - a scene mirrored in parts of California, where the governor gave a blunt assessment. "This is a climate damn emergency. This is real and it's happening. This is the perfect storm," California Gov. Gavin Newsom said. "What we're experiencing right here is coming to communities all across the United States of America unless we get our act together on climate change."

More than 68,000 people are under evacuation orders in California. Thick smoke and haze blanketed much of the region, triggering health warnings and prompting officials to urge residents to remain indoors. In Oregon's most populated region, helicopters dropped water and fire retardant on two fires that threatened to merge. Oregon Gov. Kate Brown said Friday dozens of people are missing in Jackson and Marion counties.

In California, the largest fire in the state's history is burning in the Mendocino National Forest, about 190 kilometres northwest of Sacramento. "This is not an act of God," Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said Friday. "This has happened because we have changed the climate of the state of Washington in dramatic ways." He said the land burned in Washington in the last five days made it the state's second-worst fire season. In addition to beating back the wildfires, authorities are now challenged with fighting misinformation on social media sites that the fires were ignited by arsonists from far-right and far-left groups.

The FBI said Friday it has investigated some claims and so far has found them to be untrue. Meanwhile, meteorologists said California's wildfires are responsible for the orange glow in the sky that people across the United Kingdom woke up to on Friday. Meteorologist Simon Lee told The Telegraph, "Meteorologically speaking, in the last few days we have seen a very strong and straight, west-east, jet stream, flowing across the North Atlantic from North America to Europe, which has undoubtedly helped rapidly and coherently transport the aerosols from North America."

Climate and fire scientists have long anticipated that fires in the U.S. West would grow larger, more intense, and more dangerous. But even the most experienced among them have been at a loss for words in describing the scope and intensity of the fires burning in West Coast states in September 2020. Lightning initially triggered many of the fires, but it was unusual and extreme meteorological conditions that turned some of them into the worst conflagrations in the region in decades. Record-breaking air temperatures, periods of unusually dry air, and blasts of fierce winds—on top of serious drought in some areas—led fires to ravage forests and loft vast plumes of smoke to rarely seen heights. Credit NASA.

The worst air quality in the world covering the entire western coast

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Hawkeye said...

Good job posting this Gary! Not a peep of it on any local news stations or msm national news! It is incredible and that Oregon governor sounds like he is ready to turn on the climate engineers soon! (Hoping...!). What he said is very telling but most people probably didn't even catch it because brains are so damaged now. "THIS IS NO ACT OF GOD. THIS HAS HAPPENED BECAUSE "WE" HAVE CHANGED THE CLIMATE OF THE STATE DRAMATICALLY".
Did you all catch that? He is spot on correct and I think he is subliminally trying to tell you "we" are changing the climateS with geoengineering.
That spray program's ingredients in those chemical disbursements are flammable, in fact highly flammable due to being nano sized particles of which that process increases dramatically the incinerating concentration levels, once it falls to the ground and remains there cooking in the heat and absence of rain it is a ticking time bomb just waiting for a spark to ignite it!. So any tiny spark will set the place ablaze and cause intense fires never before seen, and as described to be now. It is a perfect fit if you acknowledge what is really going on above our heads constantly and for many years!

It is so sad, watching this and knowing truth and no one seems to care to face the damn truth and go after these lunatics controlling climates and weather conditions! Even without fires California's forests are dying from just the toxic fallout of this geoengineering project. That's why there are so many dead trees for fuel.
Dane the site owner of geoengineeringwatch dot org has begun a series of short videos titled, Into the Wild, where he resides too and documenting the death of the forests. Streams that used to flow are gone. There is next to no wildlife at all in what's left of those forests. No birds, no insects except for the invasive beetles taking what's left. No bears, nothing, the silence is deafening!

I highly recommend taking a look and spreading the word just in case some brains awaken it might help us to continue to try to expose the evil that has destroyed our environments!
P.S. Thanks so much Gary for posting that great video about the 2 witnesses! I really enjoyed it and always as you, are so fascinated to learn more about the Biblical scriptures meanings!!
Keep on keeping on my friend. Dont ever stop posting the truth! Theres a crown in Heaven waiting for you!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks for the that Hawkey... How can you not be hearing about this back home? Unbelievable! Go to Dutchsinse here:

He seems to think he has found evidence of some kind of energy beam related to the fires, interesting stuff, however, he is so excited about his find he is not making much sense, haha, it's worth a look.

shaymus said...

There is no climate change. The earth is rolling 180° on its side everyday. The jet stream is all out of whack. They can't even predict the weather anymore. The induction heating from the bow shock is making the plates move.

Anonymous said...

Hawkeye, you write exactly what I was thinking - the WA governor Inslee is getting on to the real cause of the West's burn down. This is not an act of God," Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said Friday. "This has happened because we have changed the climate of the state of Washington in dramatic ways."

The California Governor on the hand is still pretending this is all is due to climate change which we the people will need to fix - which means, we the people will lose our last freedoms while he and the other power-hungry, greedy morons keep fighting the people and nature. "What we're experiencing right here is coming to communities all across the United States of America unless we get our act together on climate change."

This man pretends that climate engineering programs haven't been run with devastating results for the past decades with ever worsening impact on the planet. Dane Wigington from gave him relevant information years ago and this --- still pretends these fires have nothing to do with these illegal climate engineering programs to which we haven't consented, and which are still sold to us as "conspiracy theories."

The governor of CA as many other politicians have to be impeached and imprisoned with their handlers for the illegal acts they have been committing on the people and this planet.

Hawkeye said...

Thanks Anonymous, and a big AMEN! I notice talk like that said by the Oregon governor often from many of these politicians and presidents. I do believe it's no coincidence either, it is subliminal. They give clues a lot. One that sticks in my mind is from Trump one or two winters ago, he said on Camera after a record cold freeze and snow in the mid west and as he was mocking global warming/climate change : ' this is a VIRTUAL blizzard, (grinning) and we sure could use some of that global warming they say is happening.'
A "virtual" blizzard....dictionary defines virtual as not real. Software created. Get it?! There are plenty of other adjectives he could have used to describe that blizzard but he chose the word 'virtual' because he was giving a clue and or mocking you for not understanding the use of that word as put to that storm system.
One other example I'll tell you of was right before Trump won the 2016 election, his competition Miss Hillary, feeling the pressure of losing votes to Mr Trump, she said on camera desperately trying to get your attention:" I can stop hurricanes, if you vote for me". Does anyone remember her saying that?! She said it alright, yea, so how is that Hillary? Geoengineering is how!

We who are awake can easily catch these subliminal confessions, but sadly the majority of populations dont even hear it. I'm sure this is a big part of the dumbing down by means of brain poisoning and why it is happening. Utterly amazes me how they are succeeding through this deception means! For me, I remember the day I fully woke up and it was seeing for the first time a plane spraying the sky as I was walking out the door. Stopped me dead in my tracks and my world forever changed that day ten years ago! I believe they call it shifting. The awakening is a shift, like waking up in a new reality in a seconds time! A blessing that flipped my whole world upside down!

A blessing I wish for humanity but realize too many by free will have their minds closed and shall never receive this blessing.
Pay attention to these leaders words. They are telling you some twisted truth!
Thanks again Gary and I will check out your link.
(Right now feeling the effects of tropical storm Sally and it's pretty strong! Winds are strong and rain has been falling hard since last night so about 8 hours of straight down pours and still going! These storms are definitely getting stronger and worse every time. It's being steered right now towards LA next and will become a hurricane as it moves towards them. The steering is seen on radar easily when you know truth.)

Gary Walton said...

Stay safe there in Florida Hawkey

Anonymous said...

Vehicles with NO PLATES spotted in fire areas of Oregon. Also, drones with flame throwers recorded torching Oregon. Go to website People up in arms about it

Melly said...

God bless us, ask for salvation thru his son Jesus Christ. Time is shortening to be saved by God's grace thru faith in Jesus as the son of God before the 7-yr. tribulation/wrath of God upon this earth & it's inhabitants.