Saturday 11 July 2020

China is the latest country to join the ever-growing list of countries being devastated by locust invasions stretching 3 continents including: South America, Africa the Middle East, Arabia, Indo Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar all struggling to control trillions of locusts.

The forestry authority of Pu'er city in Yunnan province of south-western China issued a disaster control warning Thursday after the insects started attacking crops in local farmland. Credit The Daily Mail

China joins the list

If you thought the locust swarms around the world were over because it is not mentioned on MSM anymore, think again. The 2020 locust invasion just keeps on growing. China is the latest country to join the ever-growing list of countries being devastated by locust invasions. Swarms of yellow-spined bamboo locusts have destroyed about 26 square miles of fields in Pu'er after raiding the city from China's border with Laos, the local government said.

The Pu'er forestry authority yesterday issued an early warning, predicting a potential locust 'disaster' in China's southern border regions after the spread of the pests 'accelerated'. The authorities identified the insect to be yellow-spined bamboo locust that inhabits in south-eastern Asia. The locust is the main pest of China's bamboo-producing regions as it devours all the bamboo leaves in its paths while killing off the commercially valuable stalks. Pu'er government said in a notice on Thursday: 'The invasion of the yellow-spined bamboo locusts from abroad is accelerating. We can detect new clusters invading every day.' The large infestation of the pests is also possibly spreading to nearby counties and pose a risk of damaging agricultural crops, the officials warned according to a report by TDM

South America becomes the third continent after Africa and Asia to succumb to locust plagues. 

'Astonishing' huge swarms of locusts are sweeping through farmland and ruining crops in South America making it the third continent this year to succumb to locust plagues. Short-horned locusts,  capable of devouring the same amount of crops as 2,500 people would each day are thought to have arrived from neighbouring Paraguay recently. The swarms are heading toward the large metropolitan area of Sante Fe. Lanteri community president Pipo Garcia described the swarm as "astonishing" and said he has never seen anything like it. The swarms are expected to move into Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina.

Africa the Middle East, Arabia, Indo Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and now China struggling to control trillions of locusts.

Nepal joins the list

Just last week, locust swarms reached Nepal along with massive swarms enveloping much of East African with swarms now charging toward West Africa. Other swarms from Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Kenya and Ethiopia are expected to migrate westwards through Sudan, Chad, Niger, Nigeria, Mali and Mauritania as the unprecedented invasions continue to devour everything in their paths. TBW

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2 chronicles 7:13 13 “When I shut up the heavens so that there is no rain, or command locusts to devour the land or send a plague among my people,