Thursday 9 July 2020

Ball Of Confusion: Why do nearly all the people I talk to know of no one who has Covid-19 yet 12 million people have the virus and 550,000 of them have died? And where did all the hate suddenly come from as if it were also a virus?

Credit, COVID-19 Dashboard by the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU) Showing the incredible rise in Covid-19 cases in the US.

Yesterday, 210,000 new cases of Covid-19 were registered around the world which is extremely worrying bringing the total to over 12 million people. 550,000 of them have died from the virus, however, the most startling statistic was the new record total recorded in the US. Tuesday's total of more than 60,000 new cases blew away the old record recorded last week by more than 5,000 cases.

The US just passed three million cases, according to the Center for Systems Science and Engineering (CSSE) at Johns Hopkins University (JHU). The death toll stands at 132,362. Here in Holland, we have just passed 50,000 cases, however, only 17 million people live here so it's not surprising we have a lower count. I walk my dog every day so I meet many other people during my walks and the most surprising thing is, only three people I have spoken to since the Virus became a pandemic know of anyone who has had the virus. In six months only three people? I find that quite amazing.

A Dutch guy delivered our new sofa yesterday, now this guy lives in Amsterdam Southwest and has worked through the pandemic and delivers all over the country and he didn't know of anyone who had contacted the virus, he actually told my he didn't believe there was a virus, that the whole thing was some kind of scam? My sister lives in Leeds in the UK, a city of more than two million people and she doesn't know of anyone who has had the virus neither?

Now, I'm not saying there is is no Covid-19, 500,000 deaths is an awfully large number of unfortunate people, what I'm trying to say is, why do nearly all the people I talk to know of no one who has the virus. So I ask you, the reader to please leave a comment on my blog, Facebook or the Twitter feed and let me know just what is going on out there.

Since the virus was announced on New Year's Eve, 2019 the world has quickly spiralled into a ball of confusion, hate, spite and violence have exploded to unprecedented levels with the US on the verge of another civil war. Just ten minutes on your Facebook timeline or Twitter and will shock you into believing the world has actually lost its mind. In my twelve years of blogging, I have never witnessed anything quite like it. Evil is out there and it appears to be muting like a virus infecting people with hate and it's downright scary and I fear for the future

The first seven months of the most important decade in the history of mankind has been an unprecedented time of disasters and events which have literally shocked the world. Jesus said; "Now learn this illustration from the fig tree: Just as soon as its young branch grows tender and sprouts its leaves, you know that summer is near." Stay safe out there wonderful people.

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Anonymous said...

Noel Wilson
Hate and conspiracy theories are (unintended) consequences of lockdowns. Public trust has been destroyed. Everybody is angry and frustrated. We should’ve stuck solely and unequivocally to the science and avoided any measures that curtailed basic freedoms and rights. Now, we see the price and it’s an ominous one.

Anonymous said...

Linda Satterfield Booth
A friend works in one of our smaller hospitals...She had told us it wasn't as bad there during the original scare...Last week someone came into the ER and died in the ER...Maybe folks are hiding out in their homes...Afraid of being taken away...

Anonymous said...

Karen Mc Neil-Marko
We don't know of anyone in our area...sometimes I think the world governments are testing us to see how fast they can shut down the world and how long it will take us to rebel. something smells in Babylon

Gary Walton said...

I agree but you can't invent half a million deaths, Karen

Anonymous said...

Liberty Monroe Presley
I know 3 people who died suddenly within the last 2 months, ages ranged between 40 years of age to 60 years of age, one died of a stroke in his sleep, one of a heart attack and one of sudden liver failure. None were considered Covid.

Anonymous said...

Diane Fergie
You write the best articles, thank you. I agree that the world is losing its mind! Reading some posts and comments just blows my mind. The thing that concerns me is the accuracy of the numbers. When someone tests positive in my area they retest at two weeks and then every few days until one tests negative. These tests are counted each time so someone could test 5 times positive and then it looks like 5 people tested positive where the only one did five times. It bothers me that this is not counted as once positive rather than 5 times. Seems like the numbers are getting stacked. Oh dont get me wrong, the numbers are staggering and to lose that many people are so tragic but it seems unfair in their counting process.

Anonymous said...

Mickey Marko
We don't know anyone either...we are in a seniors lodge and make sure we stay on top of the news...thank you to all who are responding

Anonymous said...

Donna Fry- Reeves
I asked that very question on FB, how many do I personally know or they personally know. A few Knew of someone...but all symptoms were mild. I wear a mask when I'm out and about as I am at my elderly parent's house several times a week...but I honestly don't think this is much worse than the flu.

Anonymous said...

Sandra Evans
One of my cousins in his 40s got it, developed pneumonia but after a hospital stay, he recovered. Another cousin’s wife, who is a nurse, got it, but she recovered. She is also young in her early 30s.

Anonymous said...

Liberty Monroe Presley
When you haven’t visited your local grocery store in a month bc you need to watch your grandkids bc the daycare center is closed bc of positive Covid test. You are kind of excited bc one you haven’t been out in a month and two bc you just need to see some familiar friendly faces, but as you walk in you immediately realize “ your not in Kansas any more “ you look frantically at each face but nothing, then your eyes lock for a moment to that one familiar face she gives you a weak smile and nods then quietly continues her duty’s. You make a circle through the stillness, walking down each aisle and slowly absorb the impact of what is happening, you head towards the exit with nothing in hand and pass by that once chatty familiar face she doesn’t even look up to say goodbye 😢 you just want to fall down on your knees and cry but you put one foot in front of the other. Now that’s one hell of a test

Atb said...

Yes you can, when you attribute every death for every reason as a covid death. They've been doing this for months. If someone dies of a heart attack etc..they put on the death certificate as dying of covid.

Weez said...

One reason may be because people are not required by law to tell anyone they have Covid or any disease. Covid has a stigma attached to it, so most people will keep mum, their families likewise. Sometimes you cannot avoid others finding out, but most times you can. I, too, know of neighbors and acquaintances recently passing away suddenly, apparently from other causes. But now it is known that Covid is causing lots of sudden deaths from stroke, heart attack, diabetes, kidney failure, etc. You name it—Covid does it.

Jaded Flower said...

The fatality rate is almost zero for the 45's and younger. CDC itself came out on it's website saying if you've had the common cold chances are you'll test positive and this would hold true for influenzas. The more you test the more cases will show that's just the nature of it, of course there is a high rate of false positives and multiple tests counted as new cases per individual. Another obvious error with reporting is "cases" doesn't mean anything; are they in bed with fever, in hospital, completely asymptomatic and feeling great. This is why virologists and epidemiologists are most concerned with fatality per population. It was always fever is the sign you are contagious, viruses do not transmit from asymptomatic carriers; that is more indicative of bacteria. Viruses are technically not alive with just RNA they don't replicate on their own, bacteria are alive with DNA and replicate about every twenty minutes, for many species.

There's so much wrong with this scenario, a total takeover of the individual and basic freedoms. This is psychological warfare and torture.

Anonymous said...

Heidi Graham
Yes, so in 2 months, worldwide deaths increased from 46,000 to 550,000. That's a 1200% increase in 2 months. That's huge and shows that it's gaining momentum. It generally takes 10 weeks time, from when a person gets infected to when they die AND it can then take several weeks for death records to be submitted. These numbers are just going to go up exponentially because the people that are infected right now have not died yet. The deaths we see now are from people that were infected in April and May

Anonymous said...

Heidi Graham
I had it in March. My O2 sats dropped to low 80's, but I was holding out at home as long as I could because I'm a single mom and I was afraid they would keep me. Luckily I slowly started to improve, but the shortness of breath was terrible. I think you're right about people staying at home. People in the hospital weren't allowed visitors, even family members. And if you get bad enough, they put you into a coma and ventilate you. The worst of the sickness lasted 28 days, and both my 15-year-old son and 21-year-old daughter got it, but their symptoms weren't even 1/4 as bad as mine thank goodness

Anonymous said...

Chris Wiley
Here's my story. March 2nd, taking a dance class at the jubitz truck stop in Portland Oregon. A guy coughed a gnarly cough in the direction of Lynn Bryan, the assistant dance instructor. I stepped back 10 or 15 ft like I've done throughout my entire life, not wanting to get sick. I thought to myself, I wonder if that guy just got Lynn sick. I also thought, I wonder if that guy just killed Lynn. 12 days later then became Oregon's first covid-19 death. Was that the cough that did it? I'll never know.
Regardless, that hit very close to home and has left me very aware and cautious of covid-19.

Green Sleeves said...

I thought it was very fake, then around june 26th, i developed shortness of breath and heart palpitations, i then got a fever, then a cough, with a horrific headache one day, the fever and heart palpitations went away, the cough lingered. I then got symptoms of a stomach flu but that went away after a few days. My husband got a cough around the 2nd, on the the of July, he took off for the drive or walk he enjoyed daily. he came back home and seemed afraid. He said "everything" felt off and weird. Since that time, he has gotten 24 hour a day aches and pains, a cough also. he lost his appetite and seemed to lose his drive to do anything. This morning, he had neck pain on his left side of his neck. I awoke with neck pain on the right side of my neck. He just wants to sleep or stay in bed now. He is my rock so I am very worried of this change in him i have never seen before. Once in 1999 he had pneumonia and a collapsed lung. He had difficulty breathing and had to have his lung operated on to drain it. He is much worse now than then i think. He said the red horse of the apocalypse started riding on the 4th of July. I don;t know about that but the oddness of this "sickness" . Today, he had no appetite at all. He has been in bed for about 5 days with no desire to take his normal daily walks. He is in constant pain. I was convinced the whole CV was either fake or just caused by the 5G only now, I feel as if its physical and spiritual. I think that is also the reason adults are the ones mainly effected and not children because of the innocents of small children compared to adults. Please, pray for my husband and I. My son and daughter got sick but it effected them very mildly if it was the same thing. It was more of a stomach bug for them.
I do not feel as the mask is any protection against this, whatever it is. We are not fighting flesh and blood but evil in high places.
We must all pray against this illness. Stay strong in your faith. We must be afraid not of the death of our body but of losing our life and our soul.

Gary Walton said...

I absolutely agree with everything you have written, Green Sleeves. I do hope your rock recovers and I will surely pray for you two and I thank you for sharing this.

Hawkeye said...

Bravo Gary!!!!!!!!
About time that question is asked in public! I agree completely and green sleeves comment is absolutely relevant and true. IMHO this is poisoning not an invisible germ. I see others wrote of sudden deaths they have witnessed in younger adults and with no warnings or prior issues. I too am seeing the same. Just two months ago after talking to my next door neighbor outside I went back in to clean and minutes later heard a scream from my neighbors wife. I ran back outside to see what was wrong and saw her husband who I was just talking to slumped over in a chair dead from a sudden heart attack, age 71.

Last year another one, 56, just dropped dead in his house after work, heart attack and he had no illnesses took no meds just dropped dead one day. Right after him, maybe 3 months later, another friend same thing. She was around 60, died suddenly of stroke. She was a big exercise person with no medical issues either. Dead. I can go on and on unfortunately, even animals, my friends dogs recently were at a beach playing in an out of the water and all of a sudden began vomiting. They rushed to a vet and dogs were given activated charcoal meds. That is given for POISON. Then short time later my other friends dog was poisoned and died in days.

This pandemic is no dam virus that lurks on surfaces, it is poison of some kind I am convinced and I was shown so. I am so glad you asked this question Gary, where are all these covid virus sick people?! Yet any other illness, like asthma attack or panic attacks are being said to be the virus. It is impossible because virus is dead cells, so it cant possibly live on any surfaces. They are changing history, deleting truth, erasing genuine medical education knowledge and forcing more and more poison in to our bodies.

The word virus is Latin. Literally translates to mean POISON. That's it, but try to look that up. It ain't out there unless you have text books from 1980 or earlier. Frauci needs to go to jail with Bill Gates and all their vaccine nonsense.
Dont comply. Take off your masks and breath. Eat organic non gmo food. Heal yourselves and get off those toxic meds. Defund these health monsters and let nature take them down. It's all up to us, not them!

Gary Walton said...

Thanks, Hawkeye, nice to have you back, good input as always. thanks for all the wonderful input folks, stay safe out there.

Anonymous said...


Certificate Of Vaccination

“These are the people pushing the COVID-19 (Certificate Of Vaccination ID-19) scamdemic.”

“Remember, the Dutch Royals have always been high-ranking Nazis such as the founder of the Bilderberg group Prince Bernard of Lippe-Biesterfeld, Beatrix’s father. It is they and their Nazi camp followers like Bill Gates who are behind the push to replace cash with digital money. People will have to accept being microchipped in order to access their digital wallets with free government support payments, NSA sources say. The microchips will allow for complete and permanent control of the global population by the Satan worshipping Khazarian Mafia.”

Larry said...

Facts are being gathered by sober thinkers. We now know that if you are not in the older chronic categories then Covid19 should be mild to moderate. If you are In the younger than 65 and healthy group, but have type A blood, you are 30% more likely to have severe problems and 50% more likely to need oxygen. If you have Type O blood, it is the opposite. I know someone 50 years old with type O blood that had Covid19 and only had a slight fever and loss of smell and taste for awhile.

Sultanbev said...

500,000 deaths in 7.8 billion people is 0.006%, so that's the likelihood that any one person will know of one person that has died of CV19. Perspective please.

I don't know anyone that has died of it, both me and a friend had wierdly similar persistent symptoms back in Oct-Nov 2019, so we may have had it. My partner's hairdresser had 3 customers die of it within a week. Her neighbour works at a care home where they had 4 cases the other week, since then the number infected in our town has doubled.

Stock said...

President of Ghana Reads Out The "Rockefeller Plan" --

Lock Step Into The New World Order
stock here. We published this 6-29-20, A YouTube of the Ghana President reading out a document supposedly smuggled out of the Rockefeller Foundation. Its at the bottom.
My original video has been disappeared, I wonder what "reason" YouTube used? I have it downloaded into my computer embedded in the Doctor Jensen video.

There is also a 2010 Rockefeller document, 54 pages, which describes the role of technology and philanthropy in shaping the future world.

Anonymous said...

Last month Dr.Judy Mychovich put out a 3 part series called "Plandemic" It can be found at . Very compelling info. John Hopkins University can not be trusted after they participated in Bill Gates 201 Corona Virus Pandemic drill in November 2019. I do not no anyone who knows anybody with this Covid-19. The 80% of the Chinese who died and had autopsies were found to have blood clots in their lungs and other organs. See "Take Back Your Power". Radio Frequency Radiation causes blood clots and a litany of other adverse biological symptoms that weaken our immune systems. The Satanic Globalist Pedophiles have declared War on Humanity and Nature. See for all the documents that prove this like the 1954 document called "Silent Weapons for Quiet War" = Vacines, GMO's, Radio waves, Micro Waves, Milometer Waves, Blue Light, Glyphosaye, Fluoridated Water etc. As Hawkeye mentioned it is imperative we eat organic non GMO foods, learn how to detox heavy metals, pesticides, plastics etc. God's creation Mother Earth/Nature provides everything we need to detox everything. One source of detoxing healers is the Sophia Heath Institute which is run by Dr Detrick Klinghardt and Dr Christine Schafner. Silica binds Aluminum, Selinium binds Murcery. Nano Zeolites bind with most every thing toxic as does Carbon 60, Chlorella and Spirilina. Hope this info can help. Remember when you work for Humanity you are working for God. God is on our side and we are going to fight like champions to overcome Satan and his ilk. Fear Not. God Bless You All.
In Purpose
Christopher L. Calkins RN

Unknown said...

Human-led utopian world belongs to satan, not the True God. Lucifer's time as ruler of our world will last for a short while, only b/c God lets him do it. Then God will show everyone who believes in darkness will join satan in the lake of burning sulfur. God will separate the wheat from the tares.

john said...

Autopsies have highlighted the prevalence of a bacteria (Chlamydia Pneumoniae) that is normally dormant in the body. Something is activating it, and it's effect on the body is a type of thrombosis.
No doubting that different blood-types also have a role to play.
This is a global exercise in mass crowd control, and it's gone very well !

Yasmin said...

We have been following the covid story since early this year, reading about it for sometimes hours a day. We've tapered off now but still like to stay up on what is going on. We can't help wondering how many of the deaths were from the ventilators, not so much from the virus itself. Maybe a small percentage would have died without the ventilator, even with other treatment like oxygen, but our guess is that many, many people died from inadequate or damaging treatments, the ventilators being the worst. Of course, no one knew what to do with this new virus, and ventilators must have seemed like the best idea.

We would also love to hear a lot more than the mainstream media prints from people who used alternative treatments for their covid symptoms. I'd love to know how things like vitamin C, colloidal silver, quercetin, and so on worked from people who actually tried them. We do our best to stay out of hospitals, and we'd really appreciate knowing what works and what doesn't. We could all use that kind of information!

Peggy L said...


Unknown said... has many resources for you to research, with documented proof. This so called virus has been proven to be manipulated in the BSL4 lab in Wuhan, with gain of function inserts of HIV delivery and SARS 2....all tied in financially with everyone's friend and heroes Dr. Anthony Fauci and Bill "the eugenicist" Gates. The UN and their beloved one world order that they have dreamed of is coming into view by way of the hyped up hoax, and they are tightening their noose around our necks by the day. Don't believe me, just go to, and see for yourselves, as there are many other linked sites and people who are as fed up with this made up madness to bankrupt our countries and lives as we in the US are! The time is now to stand, or lose your freedom and way of life forever!

Anonymous said...

Great resource with many good articles

If you don't trust a link go to Jon Rappoport blog no more fake news you will learn a lot from his work


Larry said...

Think of it this way, (outside your box.): If you don't know anyone with Covid19, go to a hospital and ask the ICU staff who are overwhelmed.

It is just a testimony of how organized we are as a people. When your body gets sick, an alarm goes off early, well before it reaches anything bad. That early alarm system is built into you. Like a nerve center. The powers that be are using ICU numbers as their "alarm".

Well, we all care about your little world in your head, but believe me, outside of it a couple subgroups of people are having severe problems and dying from covid19. You may not see them, but you are not God, so your not seeing them means nothing unless you get off your ass and actually do something other than spreading paranoid fantasies that you can do nothing about except spread them like a virus, which many of you do. Go to a hospital and interview the nurses leaving work. Ooops, that calls for actually doing something other than typing.

I can't imagine why the media and government considers the hospital numbers important, other than we know we have limited ICU spaces, and if they get overwhelmed then the emergency systems in the hospital break down, and more of the first responders get sick. I can't imagine why that is considered important by people in positions of responsibility who will be blamed if they fail.

I guess we will all find out, because it has begun in Texas.

Will it matter? Will it matter when the hospitals can't handle the influx? (Its already happening but it doesn't affect your particular life, and we know how all-important that is to you.) I'm sorry, did you actually say you were a Christian?

If it is a conspiracy, well, then, God is, so who cares? He calls the shots in the end. All you'll do about it is type, anyway.

What am I doing about it? Nothing. Using a mask to be polite, knowing that this too, will pass. Living my life in a positive way. Studying 3D animation in my retirement. Occasionally confronting the sick on the internet.

Ray said...

Hi Gary, I live in Utah here in the State and I travel to Southern California to visit Family every two months and have yet to know of anyone who has caught anything other than the flu. The same with my family in CA. I also work for a very large Company that builds aircraft with many hundreds of people and other than the flu that made it's rounds in Jan it has been business as usual. We are all at loss to understand the fear mongering that that the media is putting out. We call it the COVID charade.

Unknown said...

United States & allies weakened, had to happen to complete prophecy. War is coming, every country that has resources will try to keep them & fight to the death at the cost of human lives. Do not give in to the hate, find a bible & pray to God to help you understand the His words. will help you. A blessed bible teacher website that will give all answered questions from people like us since 2001. God Bless. Amen. Melly watchman.