Friday 24 July 2020

A letter from Alaska: After surviving a magnitude 7.8 earthquake earlier in the week Bill has been working hard for The Big Wobble and promised me some interesting material that will be coming my way soon.

Bill Laughing Bear

Today I received an email from our old friend Bill Laughing Bear, as many of you know a massive magnitude 7.8 quake, rocked Alaska earlier this week. Even though the epicentre was 672 miles from Bill, his cabin shook including the hanging oil lamps in the house, the spice basket that hangs from the ceiling in the kitchen and his stained glass crucifix that hangs in a window. It pushed him forward - bouncing him as he sat on his couch and caused the wall pictures to turn crooked. The bench swing in the yard was swinging and the trees were creaking. Bill has been working hard for The Big Wobble and promised me some interesting material that will be coming my way soon.

Greetings, Gary, from Alaska! LAND OF EARTHQUAKES!!!!
I’ve been working on a couple of projects off and on but as you know, with Mom being gone and then her getting a new computer, it’s been a while since you’ve heard my rhetoric. 
I finished yesterday putting together one that is off my ‘normal’ track. I am meeting with a woman tomorrow who is taking my work and sending it to Mom’s computer by email and you should have it as soon as Mom has time. I dug it out of my Archives and expanded on it. I have all the documentation to back my article. I call it “Population Control by Genocide?” This is the abstract: Population Control by Genocide has been a favourite tool used throughout time, as history has shown, for the powers that be to remove populations that were deemed in the way. It is my belief that in these enlightened times we now live that just as AIDS was created for such a purpose and is starting to control populations, might Covid-19 be such a tool? I won’t be offended if you do not want to run it because even though I have plenty of documentation, it will be extremely controversial and you may not think it will fit. You may appreciate it for your own knowledge. 
I have also been working on an article on EMF and Covid-19. And, a few weeks ago I got together with two volunteers and we tested ElectroSmog coming from Vaping. I will meet with them this coming Saturday to finish testing. Scary stuff I found. 
I do not know how this testing for radiation for salmon will work out since I am avoiding the masses due to Covid-19 and am not dip netting in the boat I usually do to examine the salmon. Also, I am getting a roommate in the next 2-3 months who have computer skills and has agreed to help with my projects for The Big Wobble. We are going to work at getting the cabin set up for safe computer use for me. So, we will be able to communicate! 
I want you to know I pray for you and yours and The Big Wobble daily. I love you my brother, the Watchman-on-the-Wall.
That’s it from Alaska for now.
Stay safe up there in Alaska old friend.

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