Wednesday 10 June 2020

The madness continues: The system, our establishment is broken, our Royalty our Presidents, Prime Ministers, governments, politicians, scientists, captains of industries, banks, media and Police have lost the plot

Showboating or do they really care? Democrats bowing to the devil himself for almost 9 minutes.

The raging insanity continues, yesterday the second-highest number of cases yesterday of Covid-19 in one day since the pandemic began was a massive 130,000 new cases. That number was just 2,000 cases behind the record which was achieved 5 days ago. More than 7 million people have been struck with the virus since it was first reported on the 31st of December 2019. While the world is busy gettin' its folks back to work, the WHO warned us yesterday of a Covid-19 rebound risk claiming the pandemic is ‘WORSENING’ globally, it surely is. All the data is here at Johns Hopkins University (unless 200 counties are lying why shouldn't we believe them?)

The US had its best day yesterday since early May with 18,000 new cases compared to its record of 30,000 five days ago, however, new Coronavirus cases are accelerating in more than a dozen states, California remains on an upward trajectory, hospitalizations are surging in the South and Texas reports its second day of a record number of cases. Incredibly American people are emailing me, or leaving very nasty comments on my blog or Facebook page claiming the whole, "Coronavirus thing is a hoax." An example below of what someone wrote on my Facebook page the other day because I dared to disagree with her view, the pandemic was a hoax... 
"Lol. I always thought you were smart.... had your eyes open. Boy, was I wrong. Do some investigating!"
I have been investigating, for the last 20 years and I can honestly say I have never witnessed the raging insanity which has gripped the world this last couple of weeks. While the whole world is bending its knees, Chicago suffered its deadliest day in 60 years with 18 murders. 21 unfortunate people were shot over the weekend in St. Louis and another 7 people were shot within 10 minutes in separate Brooklyn incidents. Meanwhile, a group of white men have been filmed mocking George Floyd's death as Black Lives Matter protesters passed by which included a corrections officer in South Jersey, officials confirmed to NBC10.

Queen Victoria's monument damaged this weekend in Leeds by BLM protesters.
The irony here is Queen Victoria and her husband Albert were champions of reform in education, industry and particularly welfare at the time.

Statue hate

Statues and monuments have emerged as the new hate target. Yesterday, a monument celebrating an 18th Century slave dealer has been removed from the docks he helped to construct as pressure from the Black Lives Matter protests to remove racist statues has forced councils across the country into action. It comes after the statue of a slave trader was lynched during an anti-racism protest in Bristol this weekend and thrown in the dock and Winston Churchill's monument in London was damaged.

Crackpot leaders

Meanwhile, US Democrats in Congress took a knee for almost 9 minutes yesterday before they proposed new legislation to reform the police following weeks of protests over the death of American citizen, George Floyd, no these rich, loonie left wanna'-be-do gooders are not kneeling for Mr Floyd, they are show-ponies, they sell their souls to be seen doing the, "politically correct" thing, they are not takin' the knee against racism, they are bowing to the devil himself.

On the other side of the "democratic political system," President Donald Trump has suggested a 75-year-old man pushed over by police during protests in the US city of Buffalo last week was trying to "scan police communications in order to blackout the equipment and was a member of Antifa". Oh really, Mr Trump, should you be using words like, "blackout" in such sensitive times? In a statement to the Washington Post, a lawyer for Mr Gugino, the man pushed to the ground, said his family was at a loss as to why Mr Trump had made "a dark, dangerous and untrue accusation" against him. Doesn't Mr Guigino's family have a Twitter account? If they did they would know Mr Trump makes dark, dangerous and untrue accusation on a daily basis!

Orwellian times

According to the Washington Post, scores of armed, helmeted men in blue and olive drab shirts took up positions around the nation’s capital last week, many without uniforms, badges or formal markings. They seemed to be police — but were they really? And if they were law enforcement, why were they being so cagey? Against the backdrop of widespread protests against systemic racism and police brutality, the anonymous cops seemed to be sending their own message: We’re unaccountable and untraceable. Meanwhile, Democrats on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform want answers from the Homeland Security Department regarding the use of a Predator B drone to surveil protesters in Minneapolis on May 29.

More madness

Mayor Bill de Blasio, another "left-wing wanna'-be-do-gooder," announced Tuesday that New York City will paint “Black Lives Matter” on prominent streets in all five boroughs. The message will be painted first on a street near City Hall, and then other locations in other boroughs in the days to come, the mayor said. Mr Mayor, you are just another show pony, black people need to be treated equally, BLM signs don't alter anything, it's up to you to teach your police force to stop bullying black people and white people and teach them to protect and to serve instead of bustin' heads at any given opportunity.

As someone commented on my blog yesterday. Gary's answer in red ink...
Gary, stay calm, (I am calm). I lean with suspicion (over Covid-19) as these others do also, BECAUSE there are many whistleblowers! (they sure are, most of them warning us the virus is much worse that the leaders are telling us and some of these brave people are now dead) The majority are doctors too! (Dead ones) We even have TWO countries now that say otherwise regarding this planned demic (planned demic?), Italy and German health officials via medical experts!!! (I have searched the net for evidence of this and can find nothing, be kind enough to send us a link please)
You guys who deny every single abnormal crisis that comes our way every single damn day since 911, (I have infact been questioning 9/11 for 19 years and I have often written about it) you always say where are the whistleblowers, (Not true, nice try, I always ask where are the facts?) why isn't someone coming forward etc and they are there Gary. (Oh I know) They are in the news getting defunded, deleted, fired, jailed, and some even end up in coffins. Try not to judge and consider the information that contradicts the official narratives is all I am saying. (Which I do, however, if the narrative would like to hoodwink me into believing the death of more than 400,000 people is a hoax, I will throw it out). You can not walk in the light if you have not opened your mind. (I can't argue with that!) God Bless.
Of course, the real, sad moral of this post is we cannot believe the official narrative anymore because most of it is lies, the system, our establishment is broken, our Royalty, our Presidents, Prime Minister, governments, politicians, scientists, captains of industries, banks, police media and other institutions are all Godless and corrupt. they are being played by powers of this dark world and the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms and as we close in on the Great Tribulation it will escalate just as it has in 2020 in spectacular fashion. The madness continues, we are in for a rough ride.

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Larry said...

Thanks for the accurate synopsis, Gary. I read about a couple of towns/cities that fired their whole police department, and started a new one. In one case, the crime rate DROPPED BY 50%!

The cops were the corruption. I know a cop that quit because of the overt racism of his fellow cops.

Fire them all, hire new ones. A national database of the a**holes so they don't get hired again. (Gonna need to find a new job as a bully. Maybe the mafia?" That is the answer for me.

Anonymous said...

Crime drop by 50%. Yeah right maybe you need to pick up animal farm comrade and breeze through again The silent majority doesn't believe in this election year ploy PS make a contribution to Black lives matter It goes straight to the DNC

Larry said...

"At the Constitutional Convention in 1787, James Madison, a proponent of a strong, centralized government, spoke out against maintaining a permanent army. “A standing military force, with an overgrown Executive will not long be safe companions to liberty,” he argued. “The means of defense against foreign danger, have been always the instruments of tyranny at home…”"

Gary Walton said...

We dare only say tyranny is a foreign thing but it is here in the West, now, we got caught, unguarded, we have been talking about it for 25 years or so, maybe longer but it has arrived and we are too late to do anything about it, the foreign danger is our own establishment.

Unknown said...

I am starting to believe that the Holy Spirit of the True God is pulling away more and more each day. People do not respect each other as in the past. Many are going to the darkness & refusing the light. The true believers in God & Christ are represented by Galatians 5:22-23 in the Bible. The Lord our God does not waiver on his promise of salvation and neither should we. Melly Watchman.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gary, remember all governments lie,they lie through their teeth. Six giant co-oporations own the mainstream media. They all lie. They can prop up any figure they want. Remember government and msm work together. I Have been self employed for many years and I know many people, hundreds in fact, I asked them if they knew of anybody having the covid 19 virus, they all said they knew of nobody. They in turn must know at least twenty people each, so out of all these people someone must have had covid 19. get the picture? None of them did. My daughter in-law had two friends who were nurses in a big hospital in New York city, she phoned them up and asked them if they were busy, because she had heard there were many cases where they worked, they both said the hospital was empty, nobody coming in or going out. So whats going on? Remember Gary, when this virus came out they said it would greatly effect the old people.Why did they say this? do you think maybe it's because millions of old people around the world die of the flu every year anyway and this would be a perfect way to put a new name " covid 19 " on a ordinary flu virus, scare the hell out of everyone, bring in the road blocks, don't congregate with people and all of a sudden the whole world is in sort of prison planet. I got news for you , this is going to be a short summer, so enjoy it.

Gary Walton said...

DerHundIstLos, agreed, they are allas abad as each other

Peter Riden said...

As unpleasant to some, most of the observations are describing what is taking place in great USA save the interpretation given to President Donald Trump in regard of Martin Gugino. When you watch the video of the whole situation you see Martin taunting the police with his phone and they just keep walking and he suddenly falls back as if pushed by an army truck. Is he that weak to suddenly falls back that way for merely being pushed. Once exploring his YouTube channel it is easily perceived he is an anti-Trump leftist who plays the victim and instigate what comes to him. So it's hard to feel pity for such.
Besides that, all else presented is very accurate as the current state of affair of the world. We know who is behind all this and it is not Donald Trump but his arch enemies.

Gary Walton said...

If you say so, personally I invest my hopes elsewhere, stay safe.