Wednesday 5 February 2020

Weather Madness! Insane temperatures as many parts of Europe enjoy summer heat during mid-winter: Records broken in Spain, Italy, France and Switzerland


Many parts of Europe have been enjoying summer temps in mid-winter in the last week with Puerto De La Cruz topping the list with a mighty, 30 deg C, (86 deg F) and Valencia hitting 29.4 deg C, (85 deg F) almost double the average temperatures for the time of the year, smashing the old record of 27 deg C, (80 deg F).

Extreme warmth across the southern half of Europe brought exceptional temperatures across Spain, southern France, and NW Italy. Dry Foehn winds have resulted in extremely high early February values with locally 26-28 °C peak afternoon temperatures. Turin and Cuneo in NW Italy reached almost +27 °C – the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Piedmont region (NW Italy) during winter! Southern Switzerland stopped at +24 °C while Valencia reported +28.4 °C! That is *exceptional* for this period. There will be the final day of extreme warmth tomorrow before colder air mass spreads from the north and brings back winter with snow cold into the Balkans through mid-week.

Over the Iberian peninsula the temperatures locally climbed even higher than in the previous two days, Valencia hit +28.4 °C! Santander / Parayas reported +27.8 °C, Huercal Overa, and Zumaya – faro hit +27.3 °C. The Italian station Capo Bellavista (on the eastern part of Sardinia island) hit +27.0 °C and Torino / Caselle reported +26.7 °C! Also, southern France was exceptional – Biarritz hit +26.6 °C! Foehn winds also brought a remarkable +23.9 °C to Grono and Magadino / Cadenazzo in southern Switzerland. It was also very warm all over the Mediterranean and most of the Balkans again, except some of the lowlands/valleys where thermal inversion was holding temperatures lower – many stations reported 18-22 °C. Severe Weather Europe

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Hawkeye said...

Its really not weather madness, its geoengineering madness!!!!!! When its abnormally hot like this report in winter, or when its abnormally cold in "some" places in summer (snow in summer Australia/85 at noon then snow next morning Colorado last week...etc etc every year for many years,), its NOT weather by nature its geoengineering deployed.
Many days now, as the warming esculates, in SWFL you can see multiple jets spraying white shit simultaneously in our skies. And people are just walking around like nothing is ocuuring right above their heads! Its ugly and I can not shut up anymore! When you're awake and quite aware of the madness that continues like a plague you get a bit irritated.
Everything is fake! GMO moths released in SWFL a couple days ago because man never stops trying to control nature and with every manipulated intervention he makes the situation worse. I do not know how most people are not bothered by all of this madness, yes Gary it is sheer madness on extremely high levels! So why do we allow lunatics to continue to kill our earth?! That to me is THE greatest sin out there and God have mercy on those souls because it is the reason we are going down. Its like the parable Jesus told of when a man had been beaten and lay on the street injured unable to help himself and people just stepped over him-walked around him-didnt reach out to help him up, Jesus told us that was a sin. I see no difference in attitudes today regarding the life that is similarly being beaten to death on purpose by man FOR MONEY! Its really bad karma. Make your voice heard then and be what Jesus wants us to be! Amen and thank you.

Anonymous said...

Cpmpleteley agree with Hawkeye and understand his frustration (and similar emotions and thoughts).

This is a telltale message of climate engineering coverup:

"There will be the final day of extreme warmth tomorrow before colder air mass spreads from the north and brings back winter with snow cold into the Balkans through mid-week." Hot cold cycles like this we continuously see all over the continental US.

To understand how this is achieved, watch for example this 2:51min video and it all will make sense to anybody willing to look at the facts and clear evidence.

Hawkeye, what GM moths did they release over FL? They already releases GE mosquitoes before?

Hawkeye said...

Anonymous, Just this past week my local nbc-2 online news reported the release of GMO moths. Not sure what exact moth species it was but that report tells you and the reason for the release was this moth is devasting crops. So, the GMO moths are males and said to be unable to reproduce when male mates with female. Google SWFL GMO moths released Feb.2020.
Yes, also GMO mosquito's and bees have been reportedly released over the past year or so! Every time I see one now I think it is a robot bug or real? Lol...I know that GMO is not robotic per say, but it is a fake lab recreated insect by mans hands. Can't be good!
Thanks for the agreement too Anonymous! Good to know there are others like myself because some days I wonder why doesn't anyone notice these things or complain as I do. Makes me disgusted with my fellow humans. If we do not act righteously in an attempt to stop all this madness by the out of control lunatic leaders they are going to kill everything. God made us "Steward's" of this miraculously gorgeous earth and I do not ever see stewardship behavior going on whatsoever. Time to change that!
I wrote my local county commissioners an email with about a dozen attached pictures of the sky being sprayed in various locations of my local area. I made phone calls too. They spoke to me, they know but won't admit it and promised me a report would be filed questioning answers to my photos and I would be called back. Never heard from any of them again! I refuse to vote for that, so I stopped voting in all elections. That is my way of sending a disgusted message and an example of a way to begin to reject/stop the lunatics but I am one person! Need numbers! Spread the word! No revolution, no fights, just don't vote, don't buy their poison, make your voice heard! Resist!!!!!! God is with us. No fear my friend!(BTW, Hawkeye is a female! :) no worries common error.)