Tuesday 11 February 2020

Here comes the next one: After storm Ciara blows its way across Eastern Europe after devastating the UK and Ireland, Storm Dennis is developing in the North Atlantic and will impact the UK on Saturday

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As storm Ciara blows its way across Eastern Europe today Ireland and the UK are left to pick up the pieces, however, the next storm, Storm Dennis is developing in the North Atlantic and is barreling Eastwood and will impacting Ireland and the UK on Saturday. The rains and storms started in late September when Storm Lorenzo battered the British Isles, the storms and floods have been hitting the Brits hard since then.

Storm Ciara left the UK already flood weary people drenched with 6 weeks of rain in 24 hours.15-meter / 50-feet waves across smashed into Ireland and the UK while Network Rail claimed thousands of engineers had "battled horrendous conditions" after storm Ciara blew trees, sheds, roofs and even trampolines onto the tracks. The Mediterranean island of Corsica saw winds as high as 200 kph (124 mph) and up to 500,000 people were without power throughout Europe.
The new system will develop in the North Atlantic before tracking eastwards towards the UK and Ireland over the coming days, passing to the north of Scotland on Saturday. A National Severe Weather Warning for wind has been issued for much of England and Wales, further warnings are likely to be issued in the coming days. 
Steve Ramsdale, Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office said: “Another spell of very wet and windy ​weather is expected for Saturday, although Storm Dennis is currently not expected to be as severe as Ciara disruption is still likely. Our confidence in the forecast means we have been able to issue severe weather warnings well in advance, giving people time to prepare for potential impacts of the storm.
“With further warnings possible over the next few days people should keep up to date with the Met Office forecast using our website, app or by following us on social media.”
Over the weekend wind gusts will widely reach in excess of 50mph, even across some inland areas, with gusts of over 60mph possible over hills, coastal areas and exposed locations. While these winds have the potential to bring impacts they are not as strong as the gusts we saw last weekend with Storm Ciara when a gust of 97mph was recorded on the Isle of Wight.
Heavy rain is also expected with the storm and with the already saturated ground, there is a risk of further flooding. Storm Dennis is expected to bring a range of impacts, including delays and cancellations to transport services, damage to power supplies and large coastal waves.
The weather this week, ahead of Storm Dennis, remains unsettled. Northwesterly winds are bringing cold air across the UK and the north of England and Scotland will continue to see some snow, mainly on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. Winds remain strong with sunny, dry spells expected in places especially in the east.

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