Friday 7 February 2020

Dear readers, visitors to my site are being warned by not to click on my site because of a web attack: This warning is a lie: The only danger on The Big Wobble is the news items I publish! (Thank You)

Dear readers, many visitors to my site are telling me they have been warned of a "web attack" if they click on my site. Ladies and Gentlemen, I have a freely available blog from Google, the same Google Blog shared by billions of people around the world, there is nothing dangerous on The Big Wobble except the news I report!

In just two days, the traffic to my site has dropped by more than 50%. These warnings first began two weeks ago but suddenly stopped when I complained on The Big Wobble. Hopefully, this post may stop the latest threats. I would like to take this chance to thank you for your wonderful support.


Bob said...

Hey Gary,
It's a war out there !!! This will help you . Please read Isaiah 41 verses 11 - 13

Gary Walton said...

Hahaha nice one Bob