Monday 3 February 2020

'Australia should be ashamed' After a plantation was logged in December, reports of hundreds of starving dead or dying koalas: "People witnessed the bulldozing of many dead koalas into slash piles,"

Pic credit, World Atlas

After the loss of more than a billion animals during the unprecedented bushfires in January with tens of thousands of vulnerable numbered koalas among then. Australia then shocked many people by euthanising 10,000 camels to save water in drought infested areas. Now dozens of koalas have been found dead or injured at a timber plantation in the Australian state of Victoria, sparking an investigation by officials. 

According to the BBC, bluegum trees - an important koala habitat - were harvested from a plantation in December, leaving only a few isolated stands of trees. Some koalas had starved to death in the remaining trees. Others were apparently killed by bulldozers. About 80 surviving koalas have been removed and are being cared for. The marsupial is listed as "vulnerable" by Australia's Environment Ministry. 'Australia should be ashamed' After the plantation was logged in December, reports of hundreds of starving koalas came in, environmental group Friends of the Earth Australia said.

"People apparently witnessed the bulldozing of many dead koalas into slash piles," it said. The Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning said it was prepared to prosecute over the incident. Local resident Helen Oakley, who first raised the alarm on Wednesday, posted a video to Facebook, saying she had seen dead koalas at the site. "There are koalas lying there dead," she said. "Mothers killed and their little babies. Australia should be ashamed of this. We need help."

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Unknown said...

This is terrible but I take comfort knowing Jesus words that the Father sees every sparrow that falls. Mens hearts are incredibly evil and Jesus is the only one who can give us a new heart and help us to see things as they truly are. Things are going to get much worse than this Jesus is the only answer! Get woke people!

Anonymous said...

people in Australia a sick of having there land use taken of them for these koalas. They do not do anything only devalue your land and because of the trees that have to be left for them increase the fire danger on your land. Look at what has happened in NSW. Because of the protected bush people have been killed and lost their homes. These koalas are a pest too a lot of people. And the only good one is a dead one.

Gary Walton said...

Wow, who is the pest here?

Unknown said...

Bless his little ole heart

Peter said...

Seems to me the issue with Koalas is very simple, who was there first ?

Anonymous said...

While this comment is off the side it might be helpful to the habitat of Koalas has been decimated in some areas of Australia and this is saddening. On the other hand does anyone here understand that Koalas are marsupials. They breed at about the same rate as kangaroos when they have sufficient food. Which is very, very quickly!

The recent wide spread east coast fires and rain will generate huge quantities of fresh eucalyptus leaves for the surviving Koalas to eat, not to mention an explosion of insects for the bird life to feed on etc. This is the ecology of our country and it is driven by fire.

The media here seem to have forgotten this with all their hype and dramatization of our recent fires and animal losses.

Sure starving Koalas are not a pleasant site but on every island around Australia where we have stupidly introduced Koalas, Koalas have bred themselves out of existence, that is, they keep breeding and literally consume all the edible resources to the point of mass starvation, Kangaroo Island, French Island, Raymond are real world examples of how this happens. And as a result they also kill off all the trees they feed on unless the Koalas are religiously culled by fire or us.