Friday 17 January 2020

The insane Atlantic continues its angry broil! Atlantic waves smashed train windows in the UK: 200 flood alerts in place across the UK: Another explosive cyclogenesis over the Northwest Atlantic today

Screengrab Dawlish webcam showing Atlantic waves smashing train windows yesterday.

The insane Atlantic continues its angry broil! Hurricane strength winds on both sides of the Atlantic with worse to come over the weekend.

Shocking moment huge wave smashes train window on Dawlish rail line as dozens of flood alerts are issued across the UK and forecasters warn that temperatures are set to PLUMMET

A second storm smashed the UK yesterday just a day after Storm Brendan battered parts of the country with 78mph (126 km/h) winds in many places, leaving almost 200 flood alerts in place across the UK.

Huge wave smashes train windows. Here's the earlier train that had the windows smashed by a huge wave. As you can see it stops for a few minutes so they can help the injured passengers.
Credit Reuters: Large waves hit the sea wall as high winds and heavy rain hit Britain as a train passes through Dawlish in Devon today

The North Atlantic has been incredibly active this winter, producing numerous intense extra-tropical cyclones in the past few weeks. While on the other hand, the European continent has been more or less trapped under strong ridging pattern and high-pressure systems. There have been at least 6 large cyclones, most of them were going through rapid intensification phases. 

Another explosive cyclogenesis will take place over the Northwest Atlantic today, will push severe windstorm and major waves towards Greenland and Iceland over the weekend. A positive NAO pattern continues – meaning above normal activity of the Atlantic storms. An upper wave is currently ejecting southeast Canada and expected to develop yet another rapidly intensifying extra-tropical cyclone today. Models are forecasting a violent windstorm again. Thankfully, the system will stay over the open waters of Northwest Atlantic during its peak strength (hurricane-force winds) tonight and will not pose any significant threats to land areas until Sunday when high swell pushes towards southwest Iceland. 18 UTC analysis on Jan 16th indicated a developing cyclone just off the northeast US coast, with a rapidly intensifying process expected to begin within the next 24 hours. Hurricane-force winds will develop while the system will be moving along far eastern Canada into the open waters of the Northwest Atlantic ocean. Severe Weather Europe

The Icelandic Met Office warns of continuing storms around the country this afternoon and through the evening. Until then, conditions are not favourable to travelling. The Met expects another low-pressure storm to move through Iceland on Sunday. Iceland Review

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