Saturday 25 January 2020

Hundreds of thousands of dead fish (as far as the eye can see) wash up on Spanish beaches after the breakage of facilities in a fish farm during this week's incredible Storm Gloria

Dead fish on the beach of Xeraco after the storm of the sea / Ajuntament de Xeraco

The beach of Xeraco and part of the l'Auir in Gandia have woken up to the gruesome site of hundreds of thousands of dead fish. Everything seems to indicate that the fish have reached the coast of the Safor after the breakage of the facilities of a fish farm in Sagunto. The first effects of this break were noted a few days ago in Perellonet Beach, and now we have the same image in Xeraco. The fish that have appeared dead in Xeraco belong to several commercial species such as sea bass, sea bass or sea bream, and even a dolphin calf. SE12

Floods and hail have worsened the damage in the Region of Valencia with Storm Gloria translating into a series of extremely severe climatic accidents that are having a huge impact on the farming industry, seasonal vegetables and agricultural infrastructure, as reported by the Valencian Association of Agricultural Producers.

Nine people died after Storm Gloria continued to batter eastern Spain with high winds, heavy rain, snowfall and huge waves. The storm, which had left 220,000 people in the Tarragona region without electricity on earlier this week began to shift away on Wednesday and went on to batter southern France, however, some north-eastern and Balearic areas remained on orange alert after heavy rainfall.

A man died of hypothermia in Carcaixent, Valencia on Wednesday, while a woman was killed in Alicante province when her home collapsed. A farmer in Almería died after becoming trapped in a greenhouse during a hailstorm and another man was found dead in a flooded area a few miles inland from Benidorm. Gloria had claimed five other lives between Sunday and Tuesday with winds of up to 90 mph (144kmh) and waves up to 13.5 metres (44 feet) high. Full Story

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