Monday 20 January 2020

After months of fire, heat and droughts Eastern Australia hit with floods (Three months rain in a few hours), dust storms and devastating hail storms, smashing cars and buildings

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Record rainfall on the Gold Coast Three months rain in a few hours

The Gold Coast has copped a soaking over the weekend - with over 300 mm falling in some suburbs. Roads were closed, cars and homes inundated, and more than 370 calls were made to the SES for help - but it still hasn't been enough to ease the drought in the South East. Most of the rain has soaked up into the ground rather than running off into our dams. The Seaway received another 60 mills between 2 and 3 o'clock this morning. Surf lifesavers are warning beachgoers to be mindful of submerged logs and debris that's been flushed out of our creeks and rivers.

Meanwhile, at least two people have been treated for minor injuries in Canberra after a 15-minute hail storm wrecked cars, buildings and left people running for cover. The storm is now heading to large swathes of NSW, Victoria and southeast Queensland, according to forecasters. Car windows were shattered in the storm and the ferocity of the downpour ripped branches from trees throughout the state. The ACT Emergency Services Agency responded to more than 1,200 calls for assistance during and immediately after the storm. Daily Mail

Hail and torrential rain have hit areas of New South Wales and southern Australia as extreme weather caused damage to the roof of a Melbourne supermarket. Australia’s months-long bushfire crisis is still ongoing, but an unpredictable mix of fire and rain hit NSW and Victoria on Sunday

Australia’s bush fires have had a devastating impact on the country’s agricultural output.

No official figures on livestock losses have been released, but Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) have estimated nine per cent of the national cattle herd were in regions which have been significantly impacted by the fires, with a further 11 per cent in partially affected areas. The national beef herd is 28 million head. In the first five months of Australia’s dairy year (beginning in July 2019) national milk production was 5.3 per cent lower than the same period in 2018, at 4.014 billion litres, according to Government estimates. Production is expected to be impacted heavily in December, especially as two-thirds of production is in the fire-hit state of Victoria. Sheep farmers have also been hit hard, with 13 per cent of the 66 million-strong national flock in significantly impacted regions and a further 17 per cent in partially impacted areas, according to MLA. Farmers Guardian

Massive dust storm sweeps through NSW turning day into night

Residents of western New South Wales hoping for rain after a promising forecast from the Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) were instead hit by a fast-moving dust storm that blocked out the sun. Wind gusts peaked at 107 kilometres per hour as the wall of dust swept through. Residents were left in complete darkness and some towns were left without power for hours The dust storm spread from Broken Hill across to Nyngan, Parkes and Dubbo on Sunday, leaving many residents in complete darkness. Towns including Nevertire and Narromine were also left without power "for hours". "2020 — the year of dust! The worst dust storm we have had to date," Nevertire Hotel publican Harriet Gilmore said. "Complete darkness, no power for hours. "And this is the fourth one this week." ABC

Australia's iconic platypus is on the brink of extinction, according to a new study by the University of New South Wales.

A conservation group says platypuses in north-east NSW seem to have disappeared due to the drought and the impact of feral pests and livestock. The authors of the UNSW study say climate change is also a factor, and that urgent action is needed to save the platypus Platypuses have been found dead in dried up creeks in NSW due to drought and human activity such as damming and water harvesting, threats from feral species in national parks, and the impacts of livestock. The lead author of the UNSW study, Gilad Bino, said action must be taken now to prevent the platypus from disappearing from our waterways. "There is an urgent need for a national risk assessment for the platypus to assess its conservation status," Dr Bino said. ABC

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Kevin Hester said...

Imagine the effect on the insurance industry;

Gary Walton said...

I know, talk about inflation! All the burnt-out buildings, and fire damage, flood damage, wrecked cars, on and on and on!

Anonymous said...

These weather patterns are so clearly man-made (i.e., climate engineered)...

Ice nucleation has long be used and described in several patents. Flooding after droughts are so often the consequence of intentional climate engineering. There is so much obvious evidence that I keep being stunned that people don't recognizing this. Most just buy the stories served to them by gagged weather reporters (NOAA, weather services) and official media.

There will be a rough awakening when people realize what has been going on (if they ever get it with all the mental destruction and distractions they're exposed to); what otherwise avoidable climate engineering toxins they were exposed to; and what intentional man-made weather catastrophes they were living through. provides a vast body of information on these programs incl. government documents, NASA satellite footage, patents, videos, expert interviews with former military personnel/commercial pilots/government scientists, etc.

My guess is that weather insurance is probably one way for wealthy individuals, mega companies (foreign and domestic) and agencies to profit from weather events they may well be aware of ahead of time.

Unknown said...

Yes ABRUPT CLIMATE CHANGE! The effects of constant geo engineering and technology to control the weather. LBJ stated "he who controls the weather, controls the world". This has been in the works for decades.
Forget about the money scam, a propped up system to enslave mankind is
also controlled by the Central banksters.
The collapse of world economy is contingent on the collapse of our biosphere, imminent. Depopulation is the agenda along with AI,Cyborg, IOT and a sundry of evil creations. If that's the case I'll gladly move to a better dimension in my Father's house.