Monday 9 December 2019

The first named storm "Atiyah" is set to impact Ireland, the UK, Western Europe and especially Iceland with hurricane-force winds and more rain

Credit, Earthwindmap

The first named storm is set to impact Ireland, the UK, Western Europe and especially Iceland who will suffer a life-threatening situation with a significant amount of snow (100-200 cm) and hurricane-force winds across the northern half of the country tomorrow.

The Icelandic Met Office has issued an orange alert for most of the island with a warning of severe gales. Transport disturbances are likely during the weather and delay in air traffic. Damages due to flying debris are likely and construction workers are encouraged to secure construction sites. Higher sea levels are anticipated due to storm surge with the possibility of small boats being damaged or detached from the dock. People are advised to secure their neighbourhood, fasten loose items and show caution. Travelling is not advised while the weather warning is in effect. Icelandic Met Office

The UK Met Office has also issued a yellow weather warning, for wind and rain to most of the country on Tuesday and the Irish Met Office have also issued wind and rain warnings.

It is just over two weeks since ex-tropical storm Sebastien transitioned and re-organized into a massive storm bringing more flooding to an already saturated UK and Western Europe.

October and November have been a disaster for the UK after persistent torrential rain. The rain started in late September when Storm Lorenzo which brought strong winds to the west of Ireland before crossing the UK on 3rd October. Lorenzo was a mid-Atlantic hurricane but weakened rapidly as it tracked north-east past the Azores toward the west coast of Ireland. The storm followed a spell of unsettled wet weather across England and Wales during late-September causing disruption and flooding. Torrential downpours across parts of Wales, the Midlands and southern England on the 1st of October also brought localised flooding and disruption, it has continued to rain in some areas since then with hardly a pause.

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