Dutch MP Gideon van Meijeren confronts PM Rutte ("SQUIRMS") on his connections w/ Klaus Schwab

Watch the Dutch Prime Minister "SQUIRM" over questions about "THE GREAT RESET!" (Watch the lady behind him having a big problem controlling her amusement!)

Tuesday, 3 December 2019

A busy quake begin to December: A shallow, magnitude 6.0 - 37km WSW of Arica, Chile is the 2nd major quake of December and the 133rd of 2019

A shallow, magnitude 6.0 - 37km WSW of Arica, Chile according to the USGS. It is the second major quake of December after the magnitude 6.0 Earthquake rocked the Aleutian Islands,.

The number of people living near areas that could have produced landslides in this earthquake is low, but landslide damage or fatalities are still possible in highly susceptible areas.

The quake struck in the sea, 34 km (20 miles) west southwest of the port city of Arica at 0846 GMT, at a depth of 32 km, the USGS said.

Today's quake was the 133rd major quake of 2019, with most of them striking The Pacific Ring Of Fire, see map below.

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