Sunday 29 September 2019

The major quakes keep on coming 6 in 5 days: A magnitude 6.2 rocks the Philippines as geomagnetic storms impacting earth's magnetosphere are now subsiding.

Credit: NOAA/Ovation. Aurora forecast Northern lights, or aurora borealis, put on an incredible show in September over several states, including Minnesota and Wisconsin.

The major quakes keep on coming, a magnitude 6.2 - 84km SSE of Pondaguitan, Philippines is the 6th major quake in just 5 days. Coronal activity and geomagnetic storms which have coincided with a burst of seismic and volcanic activity this week concluding in G1-class storms impacting the earth's magnetosphere, these storms are now subsiding. The coronal activity on the Sun and the geomagnetic storms have coincided with a flurry of major quakes and volcanic activity to impact our planet in the last few days

Last nights quake was the 9th major quake (mag 6+) of September and the 109th of 2019, which is only two less than the entire year total of 2017.

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