Wednesday, 6 March 2019

A game of two halves: Extreme cold in the US against record warm in Western Europe: Paradox caused by a stuck jet stream across the Atlantic

Credit, NOAA, a fixed jet stream above the Atlantic is causing record cold in the US and record warm in Western Europe.

Here on the West Coast of Holland, we are still waiting for winter to arrive and it still could but as we move into the first week of March the temperature is still way above the norm for this time of the year.
I live just north of Amsterdam and spring has arrived very early, some trees are in bloom, and the spring bulbs have burst into flower, weeks early.
The unusually high temperatures have prompted hedgehogs to come out of hibernation, butterflies to emerge and migrating birds such as swallows and house martins to arrive more than a month early.

The RSPB said birds, insects and other wildlife could face "a real crisis" if the weather turns colder, as forecasts predict.

It may still be winter, but in western and central Europe, February has ended on an unusually warm and springlike note. 
A strong high-pressure system parked over the continent has caused temperatures to soar, setting new winter temperature records from England to Sweden.
On Feb. 26, southwest London reached 70.1 degrees (21.2°C), marking the United Kingdom's warmest winter day on record, according to the U.K. Met Office
The new record occurred just days after Scotland set a new February record of 65 degrees (18.3°C) on Feb. 21. 
Record-breaking February warmth was also reported in the Netherlands and Sweden. The Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute said temperatures in De Bilt, the country's main weather observing station, reached 66 degrees (18.9°C), the warmest reading there since records began more than a century ago. 
Farther east, Sweden saw its warmest February day on record, as temperatures hit 62 degrees (16.7°C) in the southern part of the country. 
The warm, dry weather pattern can be seen in recent satellite imagery of Western Europe. 
The image above – captured Feb. 25, 2019, by the VIIRS instrument on the NOAA/NASA Suomi NPP satellite – shows mostly clear skies in France, Germany, England, and Belgium and the Netherlands. 
The lack of cloud cover offers a rare winter view of the snow-covered Alps in southeast France, northern Italy, Switzerland and Austria. 

Hot and cold US having record cold while Europe basks in record winter warmth Credit Climate

While Europe has been breaking winter warm records the US has been suffering extreme cold and is according to the Weather Channel is the most-below-average-temperatures anywhere on Earth.

The map above from the Climate Change Institute at the University of Maine shows the departure from average temperature – that is, how far the temperature is above or below average – around the globe on Tuesday.

Below-average temperatures are depicted by the blue and purple shadings, while above-average temperatures are depicted by the orange and red shadings.

This record cold against record warmth is a paradox for our friends who promote geoengineering, the two extremes are being caused by a blocked jet-stream pattern in the Arctic, see map below.

Namely, a nose of high pressure aloft from the Gulf of Alaska to the Canadian Arctic has forced bitterly cold air southward into the U.S.

This arctic block has also been responsible for abnormally mild weather in parts of Alaska, including record warmth at America's northernmost city, Utqiaġvik, formerly known as Barrow. 

Earthwindmap showing a stuck-jet stream dragging cold from the Arctic into the US and dragging tropical air into Western Europe.

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  1. Look at the emf clouds in top photo, right side of the aerial! That stuck jet stream/nose of high pressure is microwave transmissions used for geoengineering weather modification. Nothing normal or natural about it. Just look at the infra red climate maps! Alaska is red and only 2/3 of USA is blue (cold). Not just Alaska either but the whole north pole is orange. How can orange heat throw super cold temps down below it and swirl around Alaska and the west coast of USA landing only on the right half of the country!!!!??? This is so fake and so irritating. I am so tired of hearing this bull shit fake weather news!!!!! If you believe this is natural or normal then I have a bridge here in FL I really need to sell you.
    Europe probably can't get this fake shit because methane emissions are pouring out of the Bering Sea. Their geoengineering can not withstand mother nature and because they keep f' ing with her she is going to fire back like nothing they have ever experienced before. Frankly I am routing for mother earth this time!

    1. Hi, Hawkeye, I believe the clouds you mentioned on the top right of the top picture are Cirrostratus clouds which are constant with a warm weather front. The orange in Siberia and Alaska is an indication the Arctic circle is warmer than average, check this out from the earthwindmap, Siberia and Alaska are still very cold...,76.09,414 I informed you of the stuck jet stream weeks ago, here it is, Gary Walton18 February 2019 at 19:48
      Well thank you too Hawkeye but...We have been having mild winters here since 2012, which was the last time it really got cold, since then just mild winters, we are in fact having having more and more high pressure systems which get stuck, just like the one we are having now and the jet stream is sucking up warm air from North Africa bringing warmer settled weather here in Holland and the UK I believe. If the military, or corporate companies are doing this show me some proof not just claims and counter claims, I told you before, I have no agenda, if you give me some proof then, I will believe.

    2. Mother Earth is on life support. On Sunday, from western MA to Connecticut, there were planes and tons and tons of chem trails

    3. Hi Gary, Cirrostratus clouds? Lol...haven't you noticed how all of a sudden last eight or so years we have all these new names for weirdo clouds? So what!? Doesn't mean they are natural. Just because they named new cloud formations doesn't mean God made them! And so what, you pointed out the stuck jet stream weeks ago? Geoengineering is responsible for that, that's why it is stuck. I am not denying Holland is warm, I am pointing out the cold stuff is fake because WARM is all around it, warm is from global warming, so cold is abnormal. Holland is warmer then FL USA! Not normal! To modify weather you have to take from one place and put it in another place. Rob moisture and reposition it.
      You see the chemtrails, you posted them? But you don't think it is geoengineering/weather modification? Then nothing I tell you will matter. If you decide to learn how it all operates Dane Wigington at geoengineering watch dot org is very knowledgeable and credible to go understand this subject better. I walk in faith of God, so when I see man killing Gods creations on purpose I get upset and tell on man! I do not want to breath this sh#%! Nor do I want to drink it or eat it or look at it removing our natural cobalt blue skies and puffy white clouds.

      I give you proof. Weather modification dot com. Did you read that site? Then there is Danes site. He has for over ten years compiled thousands of pages of proof. Go read his info! There are patents for the chemical dispersements, lawsuits against it, gag orders, radar images, lab tests, etc.
      Maybe you are misunderstanding me. The orange and red on radar is the warming. The blue is in the center of all that heat. Not possible naturally is my point. Where did it come from, if no geoengineering? There is too much I know to try to write you proof in this small comment space. Please go learn the science of it. Why? So maybe if all people wake up and complain we can stop the lunatics from spraying us with toxic poison!
      I have some secrets as well. I will risk it and tell you that God has told me personally our skies are poison, yes! How? Photographs. Years ago when I first began to notice the planes spraying our atmosphere I was so horrified in disbelief and concern, questioning my own eyes, that I began taking pictures like crazy. To prove to myself if the camara shows it then yes my eyes are not lying to me.
      After uploading dozens of photos to view them on my PC, something amazing showed up that my eyes did not see but the camara lens did! Several of the photos had what some people describe as an 'orb'. One photo I took was of a big X chemtrail, upon viewing on my PC, there was a skull behind the X, the skull was the orb, formed by a cloud like figure depicting a skull and cross bones! That was not present to my naked eye, only saw the X and took a pic of it. But that pic showed the skull behind the X. Then another photo was of two big sprayed lines in a zoom close up shot. Again, on the PC those lines became serpants! I kid you not it is amazing, unexplainable and so I concluded it was God intervening to tell me those lines are poison and evil!
      I will try to show you those pics if I can get a PC one day soon. All I have is this tablet that is not working well enough to download pics from my camera and upload online to show you. But I promise you this is true and an actual sign from Our Lord God! Has to be, there is no other explanation for it. If you ask Him He will show you truth too! He wants us to turn to Him as time is very short now and we must save souls.
      Thank you Heidi for your comment. Heidi gets it! Thanks be to God always and forever!!!! I like your site Gary and you too. Trying to help and wake you and as many others as possible is my agenda. Please don't take any offence by my words. Just saying, your reply makes no sense and in fact backs up my points but you don't see that yet. Keep up the good work and the good fight my friend! I enjoy all discussions in here very much!!! Thank you.

    4. Firstly, I am not offended by your comments, on the contrary, I enjoy the banter and I like you too, as I said I have no agenda, why are people geo engineering our weather? Is it used to try and cool the planet down, because if it is, it's not working, or is it part of Satan's plan to bring down mankind, why? Please, give me a reason Hawkeye.

  2. Hawkeye, I get your point completely.

    I see those 'cirrostratus clouds' form almost every (cold or warm) day after stratospheric aerosol dispersion aka 'contrails' first form an amorphous layer of diffuse 'cloud' cover that then gets broken up into these layered parallel cloud fragments. Sometimes, the fragmentation of the 'contrail' occurs before the 'contrail' has fully dissociated and makes it clear that the resulting clouds are man-made.
    Fragmentation always occurs at the same locations above our city.

    It took my eyes, an inquiring mind, and some background info for me to make the connection. It also took persistence to sift through the prevalent notions enforced by 'reality check sites' like Snopes and official media, to further explore and explain things that I previously didn't understand, in a new light.

    Unfortunately, the increasing censorship of information which people aren't supposed to know about or to discuss, will make it harder for people to inform themselves. This way, ongoing climate engineering programs, problems with vaccinations, radio frequencies, 5G, September 11, etc. will get covered up in an even thicker protective shroud of ‘conspiracy theory’ which deters people from associating themselves with any of these 'controversial' issues.

    Open discussions are crucial not only for a living democracy and free society, but also a living planet. We can lose both easily if we continue to bow our heads to the preformed messages authorities are relentlessly regurgitating into our brains. Repeating lies and untruths don't make them true...

    Thank you Gary, for your interesting reporting and for providing room for a civilized exchange of thoughts.

    1. I saw thick clouds that had rows of dark lines in them on Sunday - never in my life have I seen clouds like that!

  3. Aw mate you live north of Amsterdam! nice. I grow plum trees, now 7 years old and they have all bloomed. Im in N.E. England, we have not seen any snow this year, cold winds, but in the sun I'm getting sun burnt! I'm a gardener, so out all day. it's not right. seen loads of honey bees about. thousands of native ladybirds. wildlife is all over considering populations are down. hardly any butterfly's last year, but seen loads of caterpillars dropping out of plants I'm pulling up. If winter hits late, its gonna f**k up a lot od things here.

    1. Oh I agree, M Slater, I have a garden full of tropical plants which have no reason to be this far north but I have left them out all winter and they are thriving, no real snow or cold here for years, when I first moved here in the late 90's we used to skate on the canals every winter, for years now the temperature does not drop anywhere near enough to freeze the canals but, let me just say, if the weather is being manipulated, why carry on if, for example geo engineering is killing all all wildlife, agriculture and finally mankind as well, it doesn't stack up

    2. And, if I may continue, If geo engineering is a recent attempt to save our planet, well, it is obviously not working, I agree, it is known they are spraying the sky to reflect the sun rays back into space, cloud seeding is being used to provide rain to drought ridden areas and the powers that be are even contemplating exploding a volcano to cool the planet (what could possibly go wrong?) but these are all efforts to combat climate change, surely