Sunday, 27 January 2019

Polar Vortex is coming and will bring bone crunching cold to the US and Canada with temperatures colder than the Arctic circle by Tuesday


While Australia broils at temperatures reaching just shy of 50 deg C (122 deg F) the U.S. and Canada are about to be hit with lowest temperatures for many years as the mercury is set to drop to temperatures colder than the Arctic circle in and around the Great Lakes.
The Chicago area can expect temperatures of -44 deg C (-49 deg F) and with the wind chill factor, it will feel even colder.
According to AccuWeather, while the midwestern United States has been dealing with bitter cold, an even harsher and more dangerous stretch of cold is expected in the final days of January as the polar vortex plunges south.
Map AccuWeather.
 "Through late next week, it will be a very cold stretch with high energy draw from the Plains to the East Coast," according to AccuWeather Lead Long-Range Meteorologist Paul Pastelok.
 Sunday will bring another day of highs being held to the single digits and teens from Fargo, North Dakota, to Chicago and Detroit, but even harsher conditions can put more people and animals at risk for frostbite and hypothermia during the final days of January.
The polar vortex is expected to become displaced from the Arctic Circle and plunge down to near the upper Great Lakes.
That will occur in the wake of the winter storm that may lay a swath of disruptive snow from the Midwest to a part of the Northeast early this week.
 "Temperatures can be held 20 to 40 degrees Fahrenheit below normal across most of the Midwest around midweek.

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  1. Chemical ice nucleation to divide and confuse the population as to the true state of meltdown of the global climate.

    1. Correct! That is part of geoengineering. Clues in this report:..."the mercury is set to drop temperatures colder then the arctic circle in and around the great lakes." This is a common example each time. Temps at the poles are warmer then temps in regions south of it. Naturally impossible! Test your snow. Flick your bid under a snowball and watch the snowball turn black with almost no melt, because chemical snow sublimates! It also causes leg pain. So glad to see your comment Cielos!!

    2. We tried to burn afew snowballs after watching an example from a viewer in YouTube, and they never melted, not even a little. Its Geo-engineering which is causing serous health issues like cancer.

  2. What I believe is that there is geo-engineering, I believe man is using knowledge to do it with the help from demonic influence. I believe those involved have been promised with monetary rewards or the promise of living a very long time. I also believe God is allowing it because He gave man free will to choose between good and evil. I believe what we see happening now is nothing to what will happen later. I don;t think we have to wait long. The demonic spirits are showing themselves now more than ever. I do not know if the are all reptilian shapshifters but I do believe they are evil and that some people have been changed by them, Possibly by demonic possession. I am not totally sure but it is not my imagination. I have seen people who appear to have reptilian eyes and then others whose eyes look normal and then change to like reptile slits and then back again. I have seen a UFO with my own eyes and so has some of my children. Some people are asleep to whats happening and then others like myself are awake to whats happening. I think some of the 10 plagues that happened to Egypt have again happened and that if it is the the same that happened in the time of Moses, then we will soon see more of them happening. Yes, there are trolls for the government. I do not know who all of them are but I believe in the end there will be a judgement for anyone who sells themselves out to evil for a reward in this life. The prince of "this" world is very evil and he is already judged and doomed and wants to take as many humans to face the same judgement that he will face. It is up to everyone of us to choose their paths while here. We can only choose our own path, We cannot choose the path for our children or our parents or spouses or family. We should all choose wisely. and PRAY for wisdom and strength to face all that is coming in the years ahead. Our time here on this planet may not be very long now, No one knows just how long we have so we should use our time wisely. We should warn as many people as we can.
    I respect that other's may not agree with me and I respect your right to have a different opinion. Please respect my right to believe what i do if you choose to respond. Thank you and may God bless and protect you all.
    (about the cancer, I just had an abnormal screening and went in for a biopsy, they decide to do 2 biopsies from other places and an ultrasound is scheduled later this month. If it is cancer, I will refuse their poisonous chemo or radiation and will opt for alternative remedies and prayer instead. Many people now have cancer because of all the geo-engineering and poisons in our water and food