Saturday 19 January 2019

Brutally cold weather much colder than a deep freeze refrigerator will hit most of Canada and the US this weekend after a winter storm

Brutally cold weather is set to follow a blockbuster weekend snowstorm as temperatures much colder than a deep freezer will hit most of Canada and the US.
Following the impacts of a major winter storm in the Midwest and Northeast this weekend, a blast of frigid, windy weather will complicate travel and cleanup efforts across the region.
This storm is expected to deliver ice, feet of snow, blizzard conditions and flooding downpours to an enormous swath of the eastern United States through Sunday morning.
"Behind this heavy snowstorm, an Arctic blast will grip much of the eastern U.S.," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Edwards.

"This cold air from the Arctic will dive down into the central Plains on Saturday and shift through the Northeast on Sunday."
Chicago and Philidelphia could see feel-like temperatures hit -20 deg F or around -30 deg C on Sunday evening.
Toronto could see temperatures fall to -30 deg F around -35 deg C and spare a thought for the city of Montreal which could reach -40 deg F -40 deg C.
The colder air is anticipated to penetrate the length of the East Coast.
The temperature could fall to 20 F (-7 deg C) in Raleigh and 30 F (-1 deg C) in Atlanta, with subfreezing conditions expected as far south as northern Florida.
The temperature of a deep freezer should be set at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 deg C).

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