Saturday, 19 January 2019

Brutally cold weather much colder than a deep freeze refrigerator will hit most of Canada and the US this weekend after a winter storm

Brutally cold weather is set to follow a blockbuster weekend snowstorm as temperatures much colder than a deep freezer will hit most of Canada and the US.
Following the impacts of a major winter storm in the Midwest and Northeast this weekend, a blast of frigid, windy weather will complicate travel and cleanup efforts across the region.
This storm is expected to deliver ice, feet of snow, blizzard conditions and flooding downpours to an enormous swath of the eastern United States through Sunday morning.
"Behind this heavy snowstorm, an Arctic blast will grip much of the eastern U.S.," said AccuWeather Meteorologist Brett Edwards.

"This cold air from the Arctic will dive down into the central Plains on Saturday and shift through the Northeast on Sunday."
Chicago and Philidelphia could see feel-like temperatures hit -20 deg F or around -30 deg C on Sunday evening.
Toronto could see temperatures fall to -30 deg F around -35 deg C and spare a thought for the city of Montreal which could reach -40 deg F -40 deg C.
The colder air is anticipated to penetrate the length of the East Coast.
The temperature could fall to 20 F (-7 deg C) in Raleigh and 30 F (-1 deg C) in Atlanta, with subfreezing conditions expected as far south as northern Florida.
The temperature of a deep freezer should be set at 0 degrees Fahrenheit (-18 deg C).

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  1. Isn't it amazing how the "arctic blast" blue area on the map is only over the land and none of it is off the coasts!!??!! In fact by the color comparisons it looks to be quite a temp difference! Geoengineering anyone!!? Isn't it so obvious this is impossible to be natural?

  2. That is nonsense, I live in Holland on the coast along the same longitude as the Hudson Bay in Canada and I have a garden full of palm trees and tropical plants, kept warm by the gulf stream, further in land it does become very cold, it's the same along the western and eastern coast of the US and was like this thousands of years before the term "Geoengineering" was even thought of.

    1. Not nonsense! Unfortunately it is reality. Natural does not perform exactly the same and happen exactly every six or seven days to exactly the same areas over and over again! The only thing that does is man made weather via geoengineering operations. Besides that, there are your eyes and very visibly seen were the aerosol dispersement trails heavy the day before the front rolled in as well as almost everyday in general in Florida. The temps warm back up pretty quick and then lo and behold another "front" comes in on schedule to knock temps back down again. Face it, geoengineering is doing it all now. Test your snow. One way is make a snowball then flick your bic under it and watch the snow turn black with hardly any melting. Or test the snow to see what it is containing. All you need are your eyes though. We can see the atmospheric spraying very clearly. Geoengineering

    2. Its been happening six or seven thousand years mate

  3. Water is a fabulous heat sink and those currents pull heat up from the south. We are seeing major destablization of the jet stream and excessive cloud nucleation. This may have a lot more to do with the weakening magnetosphere.
    I don't see geoengineering here. However, look up Harvard's calcium carbonate aerosol experiment to block the sun's rays. It is partially financed by Bill gates and okayed by the IPCC. Don't read a conspiracy site. Legitimate stories on this can be found in MSM.