Wednesday 29 August 2018

Earthquakes in divers places: Two more major quakes this morning makes August the 3rd highest count this century with 24

  • August 2018 has now officially the highest count of major quakes since April 2014 with 24 according to USGS
  • August is the 3rd highest this century behind April 2014 with 26 and March 2011 (Fukushima) with 73
Two more major quakes were recorded last night, a powerful mag 7.1 rocked southeast of the Loyalty Islands, following a mag 6.4 strike at the Anatahan region, Northern Mariana Islands.
A tsunami wave was observed following the M7.1 earthquake in 22.1 south and 169.9 east.
The earthquake hypocenter was 10 km / 6 miles depth.
The observed tsunami wave height was 27 cm (not dangerous level).
There is currently no information on damage or injuries.
Today's major quakes bring the total in August to 24, easily the most in one month this year with the annual total to 74 so far.


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