Sunday, 18 March 2018

Tiny Beetle Devastating Forests In Worst Outbreak Ever! 100,000 trees falling across the US every DAY and a billion dead in Colorado alone

Extensive mountain pine beetle infestation and mortality of lodgepole pine in northern Colorado along the Continental Divide - (seen from the summit of Cascade Mountain in 2011) Credit Wikipedia

It's a worrying situation with almost 50 million falling every year across the US.
As California suffered the biggest wildfire in its history last year a new report claimed 30 million trees died in the last 13 months bringing the total to a staggering 129 million since 2014.
In Colorada, it's worse nearly one in every 14 standing trees is dead with an astonishing estimated 834 million dead trees.
Despite being smaller than a grain of rice, mountain pine beetles are causing big problems for pine forests across North America.
Bark beetle colonies feed and reproduce on the inner bark of ponderosa and limber pines, wreaking deadly havoc on the tree's ability to circulate nutrients and absorb water.
Due to changes in climate and other factors, the recent outbreak of these destructive insects has reached proportions never before seen in recorded history.
Alarming estimates from the U.S. Forest Service state that 100,000 beetle-infested trees fall daily across the United States.

To combat this epidemic, Professor Diana Six has made it her mission to crack the genetic code of the pine tree. She hopes that studying the relationship between the mountain pine beetle and the trees they kill will provide us with valuable insight into the future of our forests. In this short film made at the International Wildlife Film Festival Filmmaker Labs, Professor Six walks among the trees and shares her thoughts on why humans can do more to counteract the effects of climate change.


National Geographic


  1. Yup, get used to death. Nano aluminum sprayed for geoengineering for dimming to slow climate meltdown is shutting down the immune systems of all trees. All dorment because their immune systems attacted. This is causing dementia and Alzheimer's to explode in humans. Get ready to retire without knowing you lived or who you are and where you are.
    So sad people so ignorant to their world.

  2. Climate change supposedly driven by co2, and the solution is dimming via nano ally in atmosphere, which kills co2 absorbers which when decompose release methane?


  3. Agreed- nano aluminum is a desiccant that destroys all life. Geoengineering os the greatest threat to humanity. Combined with the higher UV from a depleted ozone; welcome to the sixth great mass extinction.

  4. If Geo Engineering is suppose to save us from global warming, I mean climate change why is all the spraying done only over populated areas? Those nano particles aren't just for the trees they are for culling the population!These people think that they can get away with their nefarious plans will have a rude awaking. The Bible says that they will cry out for the rocks to fall upon them because God's judgment will be even more severe!

  5. Larry, please educate yourself on geoengineering. I live in rural n Wisconsin, i have counted 40+ planes a day spraying on an exact path that has been used for over 20+ years. They spray rural America MORE than over any city, commercial air traffic is the reason. Geoengineering is the last ditch to slow down the inevitable. We would be far further along to exctintion than you could ever guess as this program does slow our exctintion, but at a very Heavy cost. Geoengineeringwatchorg has all the facts on nano aluminum and all other toxic crap they spray. Alzhimers, floral and fauna death, animal and insect death, human immune breakdown, the destruction of the ozone layer and UVC rays now reaching ground with ozone layer gone by 2026. Death of all by then.
    Nano aluminum is the most destructive. Biblically the bible is clear that those that destroy the earth will be destroyed, that God comes at the tipping point to SAVE THE EARTH, HIS CREATION BEFORE WE DESTROY it totally. Not a square inch will not have been polluted. He IS acting,now, you are in the last days, plainly seen..
    We did not ask to be born at this time, life is forever, not fair. God is not a man on a throne, GOD IS LIFE,all living life is a piece of GOD, abrupt climate change has started, GOD IS fixing the cancer as you would trim a toe nail.
    Whether you believe in a matrix of GOD, OR THE SIMPLE EVOLUTION OF LIFE, it is ending.

    1. Dear Anonymous, first let me educate you. Geoengineering has nothing to do with weather control it has it has to do with people control and the NWO UN eugenics plan to cull the population. I lived in a city in Northern Colorado for 28 years and can not remember a day that the skies were not Tic Tac Toed with Chem trails. I now live in Southern Colorado in a sparsely populated rural area and yes we are still being inundated with chem trails. Point being they are spraying the areas where the population resides. Traveling north or south from Wyoming to New Mexico in places where there is no habitation I have yet to see spraying. If the spaying was for geoengineering puroses and weather is obviously everywhere, spraying would be taking place in non populated areas. When citizens finally recognized their nefarious design they were declared conspiracy theorists. When to many people began to inquire what the hell was going on they were then told we are protecting you from bogus global warming. The chemical make up of the trails is Aluminum oxide, Barium oxide, and strontium and when examined was found to effects the immune system leaving humans open to every disease available. Again weather control is people control. Educate yourself and look up "Georgia Guide Stones" on the Internet.