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Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Space Weather link? Scientists baffled after 49 dolphins wash up DEAD on beach in Argentina one week after 150 whales died in Australia

Photo CEN.
It is a theory The Big Wobble has been banding around for almost two years now, Solar storms may trigger whale strandings as well as dolphins, birds and bees and other animals who rely upon our magnetic field to navigate.
Last week 150 whales beached and died while migrating off Western Australia in one of the largest mass strandings of whales in WA.
Yesterday scientists were left baffled after 61 short-beaked dolphins were found washed ashore on a beach resort in Argentina.
According to the Daily Express, the aquatic mammals were found stranded in Puerto Medryn, an Argentinian city in northern Patagonia.
According to local authorities, 49 died on the coast of the El Doradillo Protected Natural Area, while the remaining 12 were saved and returned to the sea alive.
They were discovered by a couple walking around the coastal area who noticed a higher than normal number of birds on the beach.
When they realised they were pecking at scores of dolphins, they immediately alerted the coastal authorities.

It is important to mention at this point the stranding occurred yesterday as our planet moved deeper into a stream of solar wind from a coronal hole on our Sun where it was experiencing fast-moving rivulets of solar wind faster than 600 km/s (1.3 million mph).
Regular Big Wobble readers will be aware solar storms may trigger whale strandings as well as dolphins, birds and bees and other animals who rely on our magnetic field to navigate.
The 150 beached whales in Western Australia last week died during similar circumstances when our planet moved deeper into a solar stream when it experienced fast-moving rivulets of solar wind from a coronal hole on the Sun.

A new study by the International Journal of Astrobiology appears to agree with The Big Wobble, releasing a report claiming; "Solar storms may trigger sperm whale strandings: explanation approaches for multiple strandings in the North Sea in 2016."
The report by the International Journal of Astrobiology claims large solar storms, may have played a role in the strandings of 29 sperm whales in the North Sea early in 2016.
The study says these geomagnetic disruptions may have confused the whales' ability to navigate, diverting them into the shallow waters.
Trapped and lost, the whales died on European beaches, attempting to escape.
The International Journal of Astrobiology claims large solar storms, may have played a role.

Every year an untold number of whales and dolphins wash up on beaches around the world and die, baffling experts.
Birds and even bees are also known to show up dead hundreds of miles away from where they should be.
Domestic animals and people are also known to be affected by Solar storms.
The Big Wobble has received reports from Alaska from friends who suffer from migraines and other side effects, such as seizures, when Solar storms hit earth.
They have also noted that dogs are having seizures at the same time as people are.
Jenna White and Bill Laughing-Bear have written a report for The Clarion Peninsula: Voices of the Peninsula: A connection between planetary alignment, solar activity, and TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) explaining space weather caused people with TBI to suffer "Bad Brain Days," some ending up with seizures and others taken to the hospital.
Surely with all the technology and data available to the experts it is time to delve deeper into space weather and the effects it has on Earth, it has long been thought by some experts that not only does Coronal holes and CME's affect our species here on Earth but they also influence major quakes and volcanic activity.


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