Wednesday 7 March 2018

Bill Laughing Bear's new post from Alaska: Electrosmog and Hospitals and it's effects on pregnant women


More from our friend in Alaska, Bill Laughing Bear, unfortunately, finds himself once again in a hospital after watching a monitor without his protective Zeiss Z1 Blue lenses which inspired him to write another post on the effects of Electrosmog.
Electrosmog and Hospitals
This weekend after being exposed to a monitor screen without my protective glasses, I landed in a hospital bed. While laying there, I had more realizations of how far sideways the Wi-fi and Electrosmog world has gone. When they unloaded my gurney from the ambulance and started rolling me into the emergency room, the florescent lights brought instant nausea into my already dizzy and confused brain. It made me vomit immediately. When the top rated medical staff realized that I suffer from photosenstive elipesy, they immediately tried to shut down all lights they could and turned the monitor screens away from me. They then put my Zeiss Z1 Blue lenses on me to help protect me. Then they went into action putting all kinds of equipment on me that transmitted in Wi-fi, including turning on a monitor in the room. The Wi-fi hit me like a sledge hammer and I went into migraine hell immediately. A few hours into their testing and monitoring me, my mind clicked on to the next research paper for The Big Wobble. As much as I was in a facility that was concerned about my safety and health, their technology was harming me, including that of the strobes on the ambulance that had delivered me to the hospital. It is a proven fact that Electrosmog harms the human body.
It brought back memories of some of my research that covers the topics of new born babies being hooked up to Wi-fi monitors and pregnant women being given ultrasounds. Baby monitors, at least in the U.S. - which are banned in some countries - put out so much Wi-fi they bombard a child in their crib much like their mother when using a cell phone. The baby monitors in North America are constantly emitting microwave radiation much like the monitor that was monitoring me in the hospital. These children who can’t speak for themselves are totally vulnerable. 
It is a known fact the Autism rate has sky rocketed since the medical profession started using some of these technologies. 
Dr. Robert Cane, PhD, stated in 2004, “Radio frequency radiation is the only known toxin, exposure to which is wholly correlated with repeatedly documented increased incidence of autism.”
Autistic-Child Syndrome was first noticed in 1943 by Dr. Leo Kanner. It has had a 6,000% increase in recent years. This parallels the staggering increase in these silent and invisible fields. At least in the U.S., autism is referred to as the fastest growing developmental disability.
It is thought that EMF from Dopler ultrasound could be harming the unborn. 
This weekend, I heard over a radio station that one (1) out of 68 babies in the U.S. will suffer from Autism. I do not know if this fact is true or not, but I have read research that stated in 1997 that Autism rose one (1) in 500; by 2007, one (1) in 150; and in 2009 the numbers had grown to one (1) in 91. 
In 2007 Dr. Andrew Goldsworthy from the Imperial College in London wrote there was a possible link between the 6,000% increase in Autism with a proliferation of mobile telecommunications and Wi-fi. Pulsed electromagnetic radiation removes structurally - important calcium ions from cell membranes and increases their tendency to leak. As this happens to the neurons, they generate spurious action potentials which create a mental fog. This reduces a persons ability to perform complex functions such as operating equipment. If this is happening to adults, what is it doing to infants, especially to those in the womb?
There is also a direct correlation to SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) and there are studies that show higher rates of infants being born with Autism when their mothers were sleeping in locations of high levels of RF Electromagnetic Radiation such as from a smart meter or Wi-fi system, and even their cell phones which should not be in the room.
The scientific community generally accepts that radio frequency radiation is a biologically active substance. And few pregnant women take proper precautions at their places of employment while working at computers with the contact current from the keyboard which flows into their stomachs, affecting their unborn. The same affect is brought on by women working as checkout operators at retail stores where they often stand for long periods of time before high magnetic fields, and dirty electrical fields next to the scanning equipment. One of the well known affects of this is miscarriage. 
This is the tip of the iceberg, Gary. I will be expanding much more shortly but that’s it from Alaska this time around!

Thanks for bringing your informative work to The Big Wobble Bill.


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