Monday 26 February 2018

Week 8 NOAA claim warm Jan after cooking the books mag 7.5 rocks PNG with big aftershocks Mount Sinabung blows again

Credit YouTube
Week 8 reports on the Indonesian colossus Mount Sinabung with it's most recent eruption, New Zealand receives a battering from storm Gita, NOAA announcing a warm January after Breitbart claims they cooked the books.
Yellowstone supervolcano shook by a swarm of over 200 earthquakes and shellfish contaminated with Hepatitis E found in Scottish supermarkets.
A canyon-like hole opens up in the Sun's atmosphere ejecting high-speed solar wind and a massive mag quake hits Papua New Guinea with almost 100,000 homeless eight dead thousands of homes destroyed sparked by the La Nina weather phenomenon in La Paz Bolivia.


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