Saturday 10 February 2018

'The first real winter we’ve had in several years'! Nearly 15 inches of snow, 35cm dumped on Chicago killing two with temps below 0 deg F (-18 C)

'The first real winter we’ve had in several years'
Nearly 15 inches of snow, 35cm and killing at least two people hit the US Midwest on Friday bringing chaos and snarling hundreds of flights as it rolled east to threaten New York state and New England.
The Chicago area had its heaviest snowfall since 2016 as the storm put an icy grip on much of Wisconsin, northern Illinois and Michigan.
According to Reuters, Weather forecasters in Detroit warned that snowfall there could surpass one inch (2.5 cm) an hour as the system headed east.
”This is the first real winter we’ve had in several years.” claimed a Chicago resident.
Wind chill temperatures were expected to drop below 0 Fahrenheit (minus 18 C) in many areas across the upper Midwest.
The central and northern Rockies also will see heavy snow, the National Weather Service said.
National Weather Service meteorologist Brian Hurley said on Friday that the system was likely to drop another four or five inches (10 or 12.5 cm) of snow on the Midwest as it headed east toward New England.
The storm could dump up to a foot (30 cm) of snow in New York state as it picks up moisture off the Great Lakes, he added.


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