Sunday 7 January 2018

Frigid hemisphere! Nepal is the latest cold-hell with 11 dead and hundreds in hospital as temperatures hit -31.5 C (-25 F)

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It has undoubtedly been the most incredible start to 2018, record warm for Holland and Alaska, record cold for much of the eastern and mid-planes in the US.
Record snowfall for Erie in the US and Florida, the massive snowstorm 'Bombogenesis' Grayson along with two massive named storms Eleanor and Dylan which both battered the UK and western Europe.
Throw in a rare heatwave to attack Kenya all this month and two volcano eruptions.
We now have a bushfire approaching a major city and a heatwave in Australia strong enough to melt roads, if this is a glance how the rest of the year will be then we are in for a rough ride!

The spell of a cold wave has claimed at least eleven lives in southern Nepal's districts of Terai region bordering India in the past two days, media reports said on Saturday.
Hundreds of locals have been taking to hospital suffering from hyperthermia.
Six people died of freezing cold in Saptari district and three in Rautahat district, mostly children and elderly people, Republica Newspaper reported referring local authorities.
"The unbearable cold could be the most probable reason for all of these deaths," Ranjit Kumar Jha, senior consultant at Gajendra Narayan Singh Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital, said.
Cold wave in Terai districts of the southern plains of Nepal has badly affected daily lives, halting regular activities including a closure of the academic institutions.
With the mercury dipping, the number of patients suffering from diarrhoea, fever and respiratory problems has gone up in the district.
Dhaneswor Sah, in-charge at the emergency department of Gajendra Narayan Singh Sagarmatha Zonal Hospital said children and the elderly were worst-hit by the cold.
Owing to the inclement weather, as many as 412 public schools were forced to shut down on Sunday and Monday.


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