Wednesday 31 January 2018

A magnitude 6.1 - 35km S of Jarm, Afghanistan is the 12th major quake of January 2018

A deep magnitude 6.1 rocked Afghanistan early this morning which shook the Afghan capital Kabul, there are no immediate reports of any damage or casualties.
The quake which was also felt in neighbouring Pakistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan struck 270 km (167 miles) northeast of Kabul in the Hindu Kush mountains according to USGS.
Structure Information Summary
Overall, the population in this region resides in structures that are vulnerable to earthquake shaking, though resistant structures exist. The predominant vulnerable building types are adobe block and unreinforced brick with mud and timber post construction.
Today's quake is the 12th major quake of January and of course 2018.
And with reporting no coronal holes now facing Earth the mag 6.1 is the first major quake this year to happen when no solar wind and or a coronal hole is influencing the Earth's magnetosphere, see pic below, 11 of the12 major earthquakes this year have occurred during solar wind and or a coronal hole influencing the Earth's magnetosphere.

There are no equatorial coronal holes on the sun. Credit: SDO/AIA


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