Saturday, 23 December 2017

It's been blazing away for the best part of a month the Thomas fire is now officially the biggest fire ever in California and it's not over yet

It's been blazing now for 19 days and yesterday the Thomas wildfire officially became the largest on record in California.
The Thomas fire has gobbled up 273,400 acres (110,641 hectares) which surpasses the previous record of the 2003 Cedar fire in San Diego County that scorched 273,246 acres and killed 15 people, according to Reuters.
According to Cal Fire, the biggest fire in the state's history is now 65% contained.
The fire area has not received any rainfall over .10 inches since February when a series of massive rain and snow storms relieved the area from a devastating 5-year drought.
A persistent offshore wind will bring low relative humidity and above average temperatures to the fire area for several days.
Fire behaviour will increase over the next few days with the lowering relative humidity.

So far Cal Fire has used.
Total Fire Personnel:    2,841
Total Fire Engines:    171
Total Fire crews:    63
Total Helicopters:    26
Total Dozers:    21
Total Water Tenders:    38

With winds gusting to 50 miles per hour in the south The Thomas fire isn't over anytime soon.



  1. This is part of the NWO plan for us, They are using DEW'S (Directed Energy Weapons) research it and you will see it is true

  2. You have that correct... Governor moonbeam has along set to destroy CA and then ride off into a dumb underground... Fortunately for us Prs. Trump is slowing all this activity down... can't wait for these tyrants to be locked up... the bad news: geo-engineering has destroyed our atmosphere big time... along with a radioactive Pacific there will be tremendous cleaning up to be done... first coral the pedos and corrupt politicians .... May God bless you and yours..........................