Saturday 18 November 2017

ONE TO WATCH! A massive caldera measuring one kilometre in diameter has formed on a volcano in Iceland which hasn't erupted since 1727

Photo Wikipedia
A new caldera, measuring a diameter of one kilometre has been formed in this last week in Orafajokull glacier, a caldera spotted via satellite images of the glacier.
According to the Iceland Met Office, this caldera shows increased activity in Orafajokull which is located in Vatnajokull, Iceland's largest glacier.
A great sulphuric stench has eminated from the river Kvia last week.
It says that the boiler reflects a recent increase in geothermal power in the Orafajokull caldera. Increased seismic activity has occurred in the area in recent months, activity which has subsided in recent days.
The volcano hasn't erupted since 1727.
There are still no signs of an imminent eruption states an announcement from the Met Office. However, the safety code has been put up to yellow.