Monday 17 July 2017

Our darkest hour? Teen Vogue teaching kids anal sex: 8 year old drag queen superstar: Vatican leaders in homosexual orgy's: World wide Pedophile Network exposed

Photo Teen Vogue
Our kids being taught how to have anal sex by US MAGAZINE TEEN VOGUE
How the dark-side has reached a new depth of sickness and is now is teaching our kids to have and enjoy anal sex!
Teen Vogue is a US magazine which was launched in 2004 as a sister publication to Vogue, targeting teenage girls.
This month it brought out a "A guide to anal sex" a step by step tutorial to help our teenage girls (and boys) to enjoy sexual perversion.

8 year old drag queen superstar.
And if you think the above is shocking what about MONTREAL’S 8 YEAR OLD DRAG QUEEN SUPERSTAR LACTATIA

Homosexual orgy's, seemingly endless parade of high-ranking, Vatican officials who are known as " the legion!"
It's long been known child abuse and homosexual behaviour is at epidemic levels among Catholic Priests, but when we read Vatican officials who are actively homosexual or involved in child abuse is so high a seemingly endless parade of high-ranking Vatican officials who are actively homosexual at head office, came as a shock even to me
Luigi Capozzi is an Italian Catholic monsignor and the former secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio
He came to international media attention in this month during the pontificate of Pope Francis, after a sex scandal which revealed that he had been caught engaging in a cocaine-fueled homosexual orgy in the Vatican City with men arriving at the apartment throughout the night.

When news broke in Rome last week of a drug-fueled, homosexual orgy held by Msgr. Luigi Capozzi in the apartment of his boss Cdl. Francesco Coccopalmerio, it seemed almost too insidious to believe.
Sources of The Vortex in Rome, when asked about all this, this being the seemingly endless parade of high-ranking, Vatican officials who are actively homosexual or involved in child abuse are at the very least part of the so-called gay mafia in Rome their response was "they are legion." Luigi Capozzi

Earlier this year the popular Australian TV show, 60 minutes exposed a Worldwide Satanic Pedophile Network

This article is based on police investigatory reports… personal documented testimony of enraged policemen and women.
The story itself has major credibility; and the facts presented here have been corroborated by hundreds of investigators, in the USA, UK and other nations.VT Today

Editors note, it is well documented that more than a million children go missing every year in the US and UK, most go home or are traced by the authorities but not all.

Antibiotic-resistant gonorrhea on the rise: More than 72 million people affected world wide with a disease becoming incurable (WHO report)

  • Each year, an estimated 35.2 million people are infected in the Western Pacific Region.
  • 11.4 million people in the South-East Asian Region.
  • 11.4 million in the African Region
  • 11.0 million in the Region of the Americas
  • 4.7 million in the European Region.
  • 4.5 million in the Eastern Mediterranean Region.

 Data from 77 countries show that antibiotic resistance is making gonorrhoea – a common sexually-transmitted infection – much harder, and sometimes impossible, to treat.
"The bacteria that cause gonorrhoea are particularly smart. Every time we use a new class of antibiotics to treat the infection, the bacteria evolve to resist them," said Dr Teodora Wi, Medical Officer, Human Reproduction, at WHO.
WHO reports widespread resistance to older and cheaper antibiotics. Some countries – particularly high-income ones, where surveillance is best – are finding cases of the infection that are untreatable by all known antibiotics.
"These cases may just be the tip of the iceberg, since systems to diagnose and report untreatable infections are lacking in lower-income countries where gonorrhoea is actually more common," adds Dr Wi.
Each year, an estimated 78 million people are infected with gonorrhoea*. Gonorrhoea can infect the genitals, rectum, and throat. Complications of gonorrhoea disproportionally affect women, including pelvic inflammatory disease, ectopic pregnancy and infertility, as well as an increased risk of HIV.
Decreasing condom use, increased urbanization and travel, poor infection detection rates, and inadequate or failed treatment all contribute to this increase.

The full WHO report here