Thursday 13 July 2017

13th of July: World weather extremes past 24 hours: Hottest, coldest, wettest and windiest places on our wonderful planet

A new look at 24 hour weather extremes every day on The Big Wobble to help us track and keep an eye on what the 'experts' are telling us.
For the third day in a row Kuwait has recorded the world hottest temperature but for the firs time in the three day's it is under 50 C, or 122 F.
Mitribah (Kuwait) recorded a temperature of  49.3°C 121 deg F.

The coldest place on the planet is of course once again Antarctica but in a new area
Concordia (Antarctica) in the last 24 hours recorded a temperature of  -75.7 deg C or -104.2 deg F.
It comes on the back of a TRILLION-ton iceberg which is the equivalent of a 64-storey tall building which has broken free of the Larson C ice shelf Antarctica but will NOT raise the world's sea levels, see below.

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The wettest place on the planet in the last 24 hours belongs to Chungmu (Korea, South) with a total of 546 mm which is an incredible 21.49606 Inches, see below.
Surprisingly Miami, Fl (United States) was in second place with 140.3 mm or 5 and a half inches.


World temperature map