Tuesday 7 February 2017

Unsustainable! Humans could become extinct by 2026! Arctic Ocean 54F higher than it was between the years 1979 and 2000.

  • At the end of 2016 temperatures at The North Pole were 8 times higher than average temperature increases across the globe
  • Humans could become extinct by 2026!
  • This week The North Pole will be once again warmer than many parts of the Mediterranean even though it has had no sunshine foor three months

The North Pole will later this week enjoy temperatures of 21C (70F) above its historic average.
It should be witnessing temperatures of around -25C to -50C (-13F -58F) however at a temperature of around -4C (+24.8) later in the week The North Pole will be once again warmer than many parts of the Mediterranean
The Arctic Ocean is heating up faster than the rest of the Earth, scientists say. Temperatures over parts of it will increase by as much as 54 degrees Fahrenheit this month, in comparison to previous decades. Now, scientists who write for the Arctic News Blog warn humans could become extinct by 2026 if climate initiatives are ignored across the globe
So what is causing these staggering temperatures in the Arctic region?
For example when there is a lot of snow and ice what happens is sun light reflects back into the atmosphere and as the ice and snow begin to melt we see the sea increasing in temperature because it’s absorbing more sun light and what this does is cause the temperatures to get closer to the Arctic and the Equator.
As a result winds and storm patterns change as can the direction of sea currents which only works to pull warmer air into the Arctic, which further heats up temperatures.
The most dangerous part of all of this is that it actually causes Methane to escape from the Arctic sea floor into the atmosphere and that is because carbon is usually absorbed and stored in frozen soil.
But as that soil melts methane is able to escape.
And because Carbon Dioxide emissions don’t reach their greatest impact for 10 years after they are released we really have to see this effect.
And all of this feedback could raise the global temperature 18F above pre industrial levels all by the year 2026 and without climate action scientists are now warning that within just one decade the combined impact of the extreme weather falls in soil and air quality habitat loss shortage of food and water, shelter and just about all the basic things needed to sustain life and threaten most, if not all life on Earth.
At the end of 2016 temperatures at The North Pole were 8 times higher than average temperatures increases across the globe and this month in February the forecast shows that parts of the Arctic Ocean will be 54F higher than it was between the years 1979 and 2000.

And this is shocking for an area of the World which doesn’t get any form of sunlight this time of the year.
Much more here Arctic News Blogspot



Unknown said...

This makes no sense whatsoever. Greenhouse gases work by trapping the heat coming from the sun, if there is no sun ,what are they trapping? When did water vapur become a greenhouse gas? And since when does extensive cloud cover make it warmer down below? I have been arround for 50plus years and that has never been my experience.

Gary Walton said...

You are right but... no sun there for 3 months but still warmer than most of Europe

Unknown said...

They are trying to proof Donald Trump wrong -- by showing that there is global warming. They should just all sit down-- it would really help cooling the planet...apparently they cannot decide which it is... and ice age, a serious heat wave next, or just nothing at all...

Gary Walton said...


Unknown said...

You deniers should remember the Maldives, totally submerged in 2013. Ask Mr Gore and don't forget to pay him a Tribute or carbon credit ka'ching.

Martin C said...

That is a filthy demonic lie from the pits of libtard hell. Here is the truth from the worlds foremost sea level expert. There is no sea level rising in he Maldives or elsewhere. It's a scam http://www.telegraph.co.uk/comment/columnists/christopherbooker/5067351/Rise-of-sea-levels-is-the-greatest-lie-ever-told.html

Anonymous said...

"Global warming" is created by all of the hot air coming from NWO Liberals, it is all a lie. Three months without sunlight and the North Pole is 8 times warmer than normal ? HARP is heating up the Arctic !!

Unknown said...

Climate change is an undeniable fact. The climate changes everywhere, all the time. However, it has been doing it throughout the earths entire history. It is pure leftist bullshit that it is man's doing. The dems want laws so they can tax more. If you want an education on the matter, check out Suspicious Observers website. It's free and they use real science to explain what's really going on and in have even developed a disaster prediction app that includes earthquakes, using that science. Wake up people, don't be an ignorant libtard and believe the mainstream. They are wrong.

Skip said...

it's all garbage,there trying to pivot away from the petro dollar and into carbon credits system. complete horse*hit. everyone pushing this crap should be put in prison next to their buddies the banksters.

Anonymous said...


You were bitten by a famous math bug that I was taught in grade school (the 60s). Relative C to F conversions do not add or subtract 32. Relative C to F is a simple 9/5 multi. Thus 21C higher than normal is 38F higher than normal, but 21C air temp is 70F air temp.

I believe in global weather variances.

john said...

The Sun is going through a cyclical change in it's magnetic balance. This results in a change in it's radiation emissions. Tests have proven that uvB reaching the Earth's surface now makes up 70% of the uv spectrum. The official figure is less than 5%. This is what is causing the unusual extreme weather.

Gary Walton said...

Thank you for that!

Anonymous said...

Global Warming? Or Global Cooling? One thing is for sure! The stakes could not be higher or our collective reality any more dire. This being the case, many are willing to lie about reality for a long list of reasons. Many others are all too quick to believe the lies

mike ferrigan said...

Just Google water vapour greenhouse gas. Maybe you should do some checking before blurting out a comment like this.