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Marching On Together I have had a romance with a lady since my childhood just like thousands of other people around the world who are also in love with her. I have remained in love with her through the many bad times and the few good times, my love for her has never faltered and never will. My lady's name is Leeds United and she is just five games away from returning to the English Football Premiership, after sixteen years in the football wilderness. In the sixties, seventies and early nineties my lady was known as "Super Leeds," however in 2003, my love was relegated from the English Football Premiership due to financial miss-handling by her owners. "Super Leeds," dropped down to the third tier of English football. If Leeds United can grab ten points from their last five games my lady will be back where she belongs in the higher echelons of English football and I can once more embrace my love with happiness.

Leeds 5 v 0 Stoke, 7 points needed from 4 games... Swansea City 0 v 1 Leeds United, 4 points needed from 3 games...

Friday, 17 February 2017

Another massive Coronal hole turns to face the Earth ejecting solar wind at speeds of more than 500 km/sec: Expect major quakes in the coming days

Photo SDO
Another massive long and sinuous coronal hole is cutting across almost the entire face of the southern hemisphere of the sun and is facing Earth.
Major quakes may well feature in the coming days or we could have a run on volcano eruptions which is what happened at the end of last month when another massive coronal hole faced Earth.

Solar wind speed which is hitting the Earth's magnetospher at an astonishing 507.3 km/sec shown below

Credit NOAA
THE SOLAR WIND HAS ARRIVED: As predicted, today Earth is entering a stream of high-speed solar wind. Flowing from a canyon-shaped hole in the sun's atmosphere, the stream could affect our planet for at least the next two days, reports


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