Wednesday 18 January 2017

The Sun hasn't risen over its horizon for more than two months yet the North Pole was warmer than South of France, Italy, Greece Turkey and Syria yesterday!

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The Sun hasn't risen over its horizon for more than two months yet at a balmy -6C +21F the North Pole was yesterday warmer than parts of the South of France, Italy, Greece Turkey and Syria.
The North Pole was actually yesterday 34C or 93F warmer than the average temperature for the time of the year and it's been like that for most of the winter which is incredible when you realize parts of Greenland and Russia have had regular temperatures as low as -57C or -71F.

Today most of Europe is witnessing sub-zero temperatures as the big freeze continues.

Here in Holland we witnessed a winter wonderland after a reasonably mild winter so far and a mild spring.

As the whole of Europe slips into below freezing temperatures, Holland's water ways begin to freeze over,

The cold snap is expected to warm up a little later in the day here in North Holland.

Even parts of Spain is a winter wonderland!

Photo Arnoud Brand


Unknown said...

The Lord explained several years ago that the Revelation 12 Manchild is heating up the poles.

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Anonymous said...

You need to correct your conversion. -6C = 21.2F

Gary Walton said...


Anonymous said...

what does all this mean?

Unknown said...

The Geoengineering insanity has to play a big part in these weather events happening all over the Globe.In Michigan this weekend it is to get into the 50's.Really in the middle of January.And the tragedy is that most people are clueless to the reality happening all around them,or above them.Too busy looking down at their smart phones.

Gary Walton said...

Nobody, I mean nobody really know!

Unknown said...

Revelation 12 hasn't happened yet. We are only at the 3rd seal. The Book of Revelation happens in sequence. 7 seals, 7 trumpets, 7 bowls. You can't jump around like that. Nothing past the 3rd seal has happened yet. Timeline at

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