Tuesday 6 December 2016

Bird flu the silent killer is on the rise with millions of birds killed just in the last few days

Above, recent outbreaks of bird flu in Europe

It lurks in the background and never seems to go away; it is quietly increasing but is never mentioned on the MSM.
Bird flu, the silent deadly killer is back in Europe this winter with outbreaks throughout the continent, and Asia, see below.

Yesterday the Korean Herald reported 3.4 million poultry have been culled nationwide as bird flu spreads.
Radio Poland reported an outbreak of avian flu at a goose farm in Lubuskie province, western Poland, where around 700 birds were found dead.
FRANCE - A duck farm in France has culled 5,000 birds, the latest casualty of the outbreaks of H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza that have been spreading around Europe and beyond in recent weeks.
On Sunday, Japanese firm Niigata culled 540,000 chickens to combat bird flu at two infected farms.
Holland, nearly 200,000 birds had to be slaughtered following bird flu outbreak on a farm in Biddinghuizen
In the last week of November 200,000 chickens killed by bird flu on a farm in Sweden.
The same day in Milan Italy San Siro hundred birds were found dead in the street, massacre of starlings, bird flu thought to be the cause.
In the same week Iran Reported outbreaks of contagious Bird Flu. 283,000 birds killed due to avian flu in Tehran
10,000 geese had to be culled in Germany due to bird flu a week after 30 000 chickens were destroyed in Schleswig-Holstein after H5N8 was detected in their enclosure.

I could go on and on but I think you get the picture


Unknown said...

Maybe domesticated birds could be supplemented with the flavonol quercetin which is found mainly in onions and apples. Last winter I found that quercetin dihydrate keeps me from taking chest colds and flu. Mornings I take a 400 mg capsule of the NOW "Quercetin with Bromelain".
Quercetin gives me energy and protects the lungs and sinuses. I think the birds would be protected as well.

laura ann said...

Agree on taking Q, I also take Lysine capsules (other than one daily) when cold or flu symptoms start: four a day spaced 4-5 hrs apart, also use Zicam oral mist, take one zinc tablet w/meal and use pro-biotics. Beats vaccines!

Gary Walton said...

How could you feed millions of birds with that stuff?

sculptercon said...

You should check out chlorine dioxide solution. Inexpensive, will kill any virus. Can make it at home for pennies.

Gary Walton said...

Thanks, I will look into it